'Argo,' the Cleveland connection

Tom Jackson
Nov 1, 2012


If you are a movie buff, it's likely you've been to see "Argo," the new Ben Affleck picture about how the CIA used a fake science fiction movie to smuggle out six U.S. diplomats from Iran during the hostage crisis. But you may not know there's a Cleveland connection to the plot.
The late, great science fiction writer Roger Zelazny, a Cleveland native, won the Hugo Award in 1968 for a novel called "Lord of Light." 
As this article from "Wired" magazine explains, a would-be film producer named Barry Geller raised several million dollars and tried to make a movie based on "Lord of Light." The movie fell through, but the script for the movie and concept drawings by Jack Kirby, the famous comic book artist, were used for "Argo," the fake movie being produced by the fake Hollywood production company.
Zelazny died in 1995. My article on his how his "lost" mystery novel was rediscovered and published in 2009 is here.



CIA used fake science fiction? The CIA uses lies to promote their agendas.


Your reporting on the 89th district run for State Representine has been very disapointing. Mr. Janik is a young man with great potintial & he deserves fair reporting. When young poeple in our community "step up" it's a good thing!