The alternative presidential debate

Tom Jackson
Oct 22, 2012



The last Obama-Romney debate will take place tonight. But I'm looking forward to the Tuesday night alternative debate, one that seems likely to feature ideas you haven't already heard in a TV ad.

The Free & Equal debate, scheduled for 9 p.m. Eastern time, will feature four presidential candidates: Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, Green Party nominee Jill Stein, Justice Party leader Rocky Anderson and Constitution Party nominee Virgil Goode. The debate, moderated by Larry King, will be streamed at various Web sites, including the Free & Equal site, and Ora.TV,  the TV on demand site where King now works.

The debate will feature two genuine progressives, Stein and Anderson, a genuine conservative, Goode,  and a libertarian, Johnson, who has struggled to get his views into the national discussion. I am hoping the event will be interesting. Johnson, Stein, and Goode are all on the ballot in Ohio.



@ Mr. Jackson:

Thanks for the heads-up!

I've seen these before on C-SPAN yrs. ago.

If you're a political junkie they can be fun.

Ms. Stein advocates the adoption of FDR's Second Bill of Rights - Socialism personified!

Mr. Obama has also expressed some support for the idea.


Seems by "genuine"
he means wingnuts, the extremes.
Why do they matter?


@ Unabasho:

You've obviously entirely missed the historical transformation of the Democrat party toward socialism.


Hey, Register, where'd the OTHER comments go?


@Tom Jackson, Thanks for posting this news story.

"Chicago. In what some are calling an obvious sign that America’s election system is broken, Qatar-based broadcasting company Al Jazeera announced it will be airing the US opposition Presidential debate. In contrast, the alliance of US media outlets continues to enlist a strict media black-out of independent and opposition party candidates and will not air the otherwise widely-viewed event.

While America tunes in to watch the Republican and Democratic Parties debate each other over America’s corporate-owned airwaves, the 42% of voters who identify themselves as ‘independents’ will instead be tuning in to Al Jazeera. The upcoming first, and possibly only, opposition Presidential debate is being blacked-out by US media outlets nationwide."

This blacking out of news and presidential debates reminds me of how it was behind the Iron Curtain. Radio Free Europe gave those citizens the truth. I have to turn to outside sources like Al-Jazeera and other news sources to get to the truth.

"October 2, 2012. Denver. They’re not on anyone’s side or in any candidate’s corner. But they’re dropping like flies to protest the exclusion of former Governor Gary Johnson from the nationally televised Presidential debates beginning tomorrow. They’re the debate sponsors – household names like Philips Electronics and the YWCA. And apparently things like ethics, fairness and democracy still mean something to them. They, and one other, have officially pulled their sponsorship of the Presidential debates."


Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, let them arrest Obama and Romney in the parking lot for trespassing.


@SamAdams, I thank you for noticing the missing comments at 11:13 PM. I do follow your comments and most of the time, I do agree with you.

My comment at 7:58 PM disappeared as if I never even posted. That included my screen name and time that I posted. My entire comments have been erased before as if I never even posted and no reason was given for the removal. Perhaps the moderator(s) cannot handle the truth?

I didn't watch the entire online third party debate. But I did see and hear what each candidate wanted to accomplish without attacking each other like Romney and Obama. I saw Gary Johnson applauding one of the candidates.

With Obama and Romney, the two never did say what they planned for a better America. They chose to sling mud at each other.

Did anyone notice that young lady next to Larry King? That was Christina Tobin. She has run for public office in the past.


As far as I'm concerned, it's not a REAL debate unless all sides are represented. Oh, I completely understand that you can't invite anybody and everybody who says, "Yo! I think I'll run for President!" But there's got to be SOME reasonable criteria. Maybe anyone who can get on the ballot in the majority of states. I'm pretty sure that means several of these "alternative" party candidates would thus be qualified, and even though I'm just as sure I disagree with Stein and agree with Johnson, don't we all deserve to HEAR those views?

I'm always complaining that so many voters are so ignorant. It's a shame that even those of us who VALUE being informed have to jump through extra hoops just to be FULLY informed. Without broad-based media exposure, none of them have a snowball's chance. As a result, we're probably going to miss out on electing the next Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln. For all I know, we already have...

Greatest democracy in the world? Only in our own minds, folks, only in our own minds. We're as cowed by the authorities and as blinded by the media as people in countries we love to hate. Sure, we're still much better off than some of them, but I don't think we can pretend we're not just as "controlled," can we?


I agree with Sam Adams that all sides should be represented. What then, to do about Bob Latta, since he refuses to take part in a public debate with his opponent?

See, I'm trying really, really hard not to judge Latta from his past record - that is, to not label him as the quintessential oily politician he has proven himself to be. Unfortunately, when he refuses to have a public discussion as to why he would be the better candidate, I'm left wondering why he feels Angela Zimmann is such a threat that he refuses to do so.

At best, he appears to just want to let the Latta name speak for him (which is actually a reason to NOT vote for him). At worst, it looks as if he has something to hide, or actually believes that she would get the best of him in a debate.


Coasterfan, at least Latta was INVITED! Nobody can be (or should be) forced into a debate. It's to be denied participation at ALL that grates on me! Meanwhile, though, you're right: Why would Latta decline??? There's got to be SOME reason, and I'd love to know what it is!


It has been announced that this will air on C-Span!

Phil Packer

When is the 4th Party debate~I didn't like any of them dudes either.


lol.... Phil for president.

I do not agree with this canidate at all BUT she should have the option as a presidential canidate to be there. Instead she was arrested in the parking lot.