Republicans targeting Gary Johnson

Tom Jackson
Oct 16, 2012



Republicans have been working hard to try to keep the Libertarian Party's candidate for president, Gary Johnson, off the ballot, although so far they've only succeeded in Michigan and Oklahoma. 

Richard Nixon-style dirty tricks are the order of the day in Pennsylvania, the New York Times reports:

"Republicans in Pennsylvania hired a private detective to investigate his ballot drive in Philadelphia, appearing at the homes of paid canvassers and, in some cases, flashing an F.B.I. badge — he was a retired agent — while asking to review the petitions they gathered at $1 a signature, according to testimony in the case and interviews."

Republicans apparently fear that in a close election, Johnson could take away votes in a crucial state, much as Ralph Nader took votes away from Democrat Al Gore in 2000.

I'm not sure how accurate the analogy is. Johnson draws support from disillusioned Democrats as well as unhappy Republicans. I am a former Democrat who plans to vote for Johnson. There are other such persons. I doubt Nader took away many votes from George W. Bush.

Many of Johnson's issues, in fact, seem aimed at peeling off liberals from Obama's coalition. Here's an excerpt from one of his answers in his recent interview in Salon:

"I would not bomb Iran. I would get out of Afghanistan tomorrow, bring the troops home. I believe that marriage equality is a constitutionally guaranteed right. I would end the drug wars. I would advocate legalizing marijuana now. I would have never signed the Patriot Act. I would have never signed the National Defense Authorization Act allowing for arrests and detainment of you and me as U.S. citizens without being charged."

My February interview with Johnson is here. My colleague Andy Ouriel profiled all of the third party candidates on the ballot in Ohio; you can read his article here.




I just can't believe Republicans would stoop so low as to try dirty tricks to keep a legitimate candidate off the ballot, or eligible voters from going to the polls. Say it ain't so.

The Big Dog's back

Why do Repubs want to deny people's right to vote?


Two words that one never sees in the same sentence: Republican. Ethical.


I was wrong. The Big Dog's back is not the only one who likes to go on and on about how Obama is great and Romney is terrible..but yet is commenting with a timestamp that proves they did not even pay complete attention to the debates.
Coasterfan joins him.

John Harville

When one already has voted, one need not be a debate sheeple. Of course, both have demonstrated great ability to multi-task - unlike you, apparently. you apparently paid complete attention but haven't mentioned Candy Crowley calling Rmoney a liar or the president calling Rmoney's comments on 'politicizing' the Libyan tragedy (which Rmoney did all week) "OFFENSIVE". Some of us even have split-screen capability on our computers so we can take notes on the debate and comment here and other places.


As a Ron Paul supporter who is not excited about either of these two candidates, I paid complete attention to be able to read both of them..not just their words, but their body language as well.

There is nothing credible about voting before the debates, where the candidates have to confront each others claims face to face.

People who did not focus..did not focus. Period.

The Big Dog's back

Good one John.


In the course of dicussions many dis-agree on various points. When that has happened I've heard many times, "Let's be democratic about this." Now insert the word republican in that just does not work........


That is because it has been drummed into people's heads that America is supposed to be a Democracy..even tho our founders looked upon Democracy with disdain. (I am hoping someone comes back with a quote from Thomas Paine so I can quote the rest of what he said and turn that argument on its head..again).

We were founded as a Constitutional Republic whose form of Government was called "The Representative."


Gary who????????????????????


@ Mr. Jackson:

The Republicrats like owning and controlling the election process and the debates.

Last night the Green Party candidates were arrested:


"Those who cannot rember the past are condemned to repeat it" I wonder who put in the actual jim crow laws or stood for actually owning people at one time? Let all the democrats stand up and yell at the same time "We are not the same party" Well neither are the Neo-Nazis but i wouldnt vote for either of them.
Thats what you get when you live in a duopoly, Democracy. and the wolves are deciding whats for dinner.


Do you think it's just the Libertarians? What happened to Ron Paul and the Republican Party. No support from the public? His message was drowned-out by the drone of BS and sex scandels presented by the media.

The reality is that the mainstream media does their very best to present whom they want the American people to elect. Everyone else in shut-down or shut-up.

I all works with "selected" and "edited" sound bites as well as camera angles during debates (we all got to see Joe Biden's cheshire cat smiles and goffaws while Paul Ryan spoke.)

Wake-up America before something worse than Hilter rises to political power.


Rand Paul 2016

John Harville

As ballaots are printed, the candidates names are rotated from bottom to top. Thus on every 7th ballot (?) Gary Johnson is at the top. Republicans are concerned disgruntled Tea Party voters who can't bring themselves to vote for Romney will opt for one of the others - causing great concern that Goode may give Virginia to Obama.

John Harville

Libertarians are such an anomaly - from Ryan on down. They/you want minimal government but can only propose maximum government actions, to wit:
"1. not bomb Iran. 2. get out of Afghanistan tomorrow (another Romney 'first day?), bring the troops home. 3. marriage equality is a constitutionally guaranteed right (cite please?). 4. end the drug wars. 5. advocate legalizing marijuana now (not legalizing it now). 6. I would have never signed the Patriot Act. 7. I would have never signed the National Defense Authorization Act allowing for arrests and detainment of you and me as U.S. citizens without being charged."

Those all are 'maximum government' actions without benefit of legislative action or court directive. No wonder the TP loves him and may swarm to him and others leaving the majority Republicans to flounder.

John Harville

ooops from Ron Paul on down... keep mixing up the 'pauls'.


I think Gary Johnson would be a better president than Romney or Obama. I think Ron Paul is the absolute best person for the job. I firmly believe that Obama is the devil, so I will vote for Romney instead of who is best for the job. The reason for that is that I feel voting for anyone besides Romney or Obama is like giving Obama a extra vote. Obama is set on ruining our country financially. He is off to a great start too.

John Harville

"I am a former Democrat who plans to vote for Johnson." Really? Been reading you for a long time...always knew you were a DINO. "...plans to vote..." so you haven't exercised the early vote option.