The richness of classical music

Tom Jackson
Oct 15, 2012



I've always liked all kinds of music. I often listen to rock as I'm driving around, but most of the time when I'm listening at home or in my car, I have classical music on.

Thanks to the Internet, we live in a golden age for classical music listeners. A great deal of fine music is available free online. Some examples:

The Open Goldberg Variations by Kimiko Ishizaka is a free download of Bach's classic keyboard piece. Tyler Cowen says, "superb listening, first-rate performance."

Similarly, free (and legal) recordings of Bach's organ music are available here, recorded by James Kibbie, professor of organ at the University of Michigan.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston often features concerts of classical chamber music, as many museums do. What makes the Gardner special is that the music is then released as free downloads on the museum's Web site. Go here for music by just about every composer you might think of.

Thanks to Internet radio, everyone can listen to classical music radio stations at home, 24 hours a day. Cleveland's WCLV broadcasts on the Internet. I am also a big fan of WQXR, which has an excellent classical music station and also a wonderful Q2 channel devoted to modern classical music.



Moonlight Sonata..ahh. The American Night/Jim Morrison.


Itzhak Perlman is great. You have to sit back and relax and listen with your heart and not just your ears.


I love most all music, but Classical music is, by far, more intellectually and emotionally stimulating. The more you know about music, the more you would tend to appreciate Classical music as a complex art form.


I prefer Opera myself. The wife and I attend 3-4 Opera's per year, and I agree it is intellectually and emotionally stimulating.


I concur. If you don't know classical you're defrauding yourself. But the best way to get a taste for it is not deliberate, it's by being exposed to it early in life.


I should have added that classical music is not a single entity; there are many kinds. You don't have to like all equally. That's impossible. You don't have the same "favorite" all the time. But there are some things that would appeal to anyone who can listen.


As a music lover of little means i truly enjoy classical Baroque.
{See what i did there, Im broke so i listen to Baroque} AHAHAHA!