Pledging allegiance -- to President Obama

Tom Jackson
Oct 2, 2012

Barack Obama's more enthusiastic supporters have a new method to display their devotion to the president.

They're being asked to write one of their reasons for voting for Obama on their hand, then upload a photo of them pledging allegiance to Obama
None of the people who have uploaded pledge photos so far seem to regard this as creepy or inappropriate, more suited to a monarchy or dictatorship than a free country.
The Roman Empire used to build temples to its emperors and encourage a divine cult. Let's hope the Democratic National Committee hasn't started wondering if Obama would look good in a toga.



Nor do they care what he does. They all have the mentality of that "Obama give me free cell phone!!!" lady that was hired to protest Romney in Cleveland.


@ Zippy:

Heck, you'd support an economic and fiscal illiterate and an incompetent stammering guy for Pres. if the Dems offered him up.

Oh wait, you already do.


You have to be kidding. This is Nazi Germany at least not yet.


One should sell his cloth and buy a sword.