Pledging allegiance -- to President Obama

Tom Jackson
Oct 2, 2012

Barack Obama's more enthusiastic supporters have a new method to display their devotion to the president.

They're being asked to write one of their reasons for voting for Obama on their hand, then upload a photo of them pledging allegiance to Obama
None of the people who have uploaded pledge photos so far seem to regard this as creepy or inappropriate, more suited to a monarchy or dictatorship than a free country.
The Roman Empire used to build temples to its emperors and encourage a divine cult. Let's hope the Democratic National Committee hasn't started wondering if Obama would look good in a toga.


The Big Dog's back

Fascists gone wild on here today.


"They're being asked to write one of their reasons for voting for Obama on their hand, then upload a photo of them pledging allegiance to Obama."
Who is the fascist? How many pic did you upload Dog?


You got that right Dog!


For real

The Big Dog's back

Gee tom, you sunk to an all time low getting your info from right wing/fascists web sites like briethbart, dennis miller, washington examiner.


@ brutus:

Wrongo. Fascists would be the central command and control Progressives.

Lovers of personal responsibilty and freedom are the exact opposite.

In your world freedom is slavery.

The Big Dog's back

What next tom, the drudge report?


Aren't you the one that copy and pastes from Media Matters and other Progressive websites?


Randy_Marsh Why not follow the links and see where it goes or is that too hard for you to figure out? Funny, It doesnt say drudge or Brietbart on the adress? whats next will you start burning books that you dont like or just stick to trying to shut down websites?

The Big Dog's back

Nice spoof rand.


I will help you. Go above to the article, See the blue writing, Click said writing, It will take you to the link i posted above. See, I knew you didnt know how to do it so i actually pasted the link itself. I'm trying to help you here DOG. Try it i assure you it works.


Brutus, you need to get back on your meds. You are so delusional that you don't even realize that the site posted is Obama's official website. I think you may need another trip to the funny farm for a medication tuneup. When Obama loses in November, will you become suicidal?


One can only hope....


@ brutus:

"Tom"? Mr. Jackson only linked the Obama/Biden sites.

So have you pledged your life to your Messiah?

Darwin's choice

here you are Big Dog........
What could possibly go wrong?


Anybody notice one of the people pledging allegiance to Obama is a muslim woman? Irony?


There is only ONE thing that I pledge my allegiance too and that is MY COUNTRY!! I would rather pledge my allegiance to a piece of dog crap stuck to the bottom of my shoe before I pledge ANY allegiance to ANY gov't official ESPECIALLY a president who already THINKS he is god and should be worshipped just like Hitler! Osama needs to go bye bye in November and give America a chance that it's not going to have under his leadership!


Beware, soon obummer will want all of us to put 666 on our foreheads!

The New World Czar

Stay tuned, Hannity is going to blow the lid off with a new Obama video tonight.

The Big Dog's back

Yeah, a 5 year old video where Obama is, get this, talking to BLACK people. Oh the shame.


So stirring up racial and class warfare is alright if he is talking to black folks? Good god man you need help.

Swamp Fox

doggie always quotes accurate non bias sources, like PMSNBC, The Huffington Poops, all good leftie wacko rants......


Don't forget DailyKOS!

But then again, Brutus is a Socialist, so what would one expect?


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Wow...Little KIDS are "enthusiastic" enough to pledge to a president ? I swear, my kid is not normal...


This election is getting scarier and scarier....


With all the bad publicity about polls being fudged for Obozo's benefit,like John Edward's pollster testified I predict the winner will be Romney in a landslide. Remember you heard it here first!!!!


Gotta give it to Mr.Jackson. He WANTS to be punched in the face. That grin and his comments show it all. He enjoys stirring it up.

Swamp Fox

coasterfan, lets admit it you can't afford much of a drop you are already on the Biden level....

10/02/2012 Charlotte N. Car- Joe bumbles Biden " The middle class has been buried the last four years."


Glad to see Biden is finally being honest, that the Obama administration has buried the middle class. There is no better advertisement for a Romney Presidency than a Joe Biden allowed to speak freely on the campaign trail. LOL