Pledging allegiance -- to President Obama

Tom Jackson
Oct 2, 2012

Barack Obama's more enthusiastic supporters have a new method to display their devotion to the president.

They're being asked to write one of their reasons for voting for Obama on their hand, then upload a photo of them pledging allegiance to Obama
None of the people who have uploaded pledge photos so far seem to regard this as creepy or inappropriate, more suited to a monarchy or dictatorship than a free country.
The Roman Empire used to build temples to its emperors and encourage a divine cult. Let's hope the Democratic National Committee hasn't started wondering if Obama would look good in a toga.



no different than pledging to a flag!


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Taxed Enough Already

You are absolutely right! Nazi's all said a pledge to Hitler. That's some scary stuff.

swiss cheese kat

Looking at the photos, some of them don't even know where their hand is.


@ Mr. Jackson:

"Heil" is shorter.

Too bad that the Obama flag is gone. It was on the campaign website for $35.00 and almost as soon as it was reported they took it off.

'Officially' they said that it was "sold out." Yea right.

I've got my eye on the Obama grill spatula. Seems a little steep at $40.00. I figure maybe they'll discount it after the election.


I would rather purchase the Obama toilet paper.



That's about all our currency will be good for after it collapses due to debt and deficits.

Debt ceiling will need to be raised around Dec. We'll have blown past $16.394 trillion.

Credit rating agencies will downgrade the U.S. AGAIN!

Our foreign and domestic creditors will want higher interest payments.


No worries, I have been buying gold since I was 18, I'm 43 now. I'm pretty sure I can weather storm for awhile :) I feel sorry for all those who are pretty much leaving their livelihood up the gov't. When the gov't goes under, they will be left out in the cold. Hope you also invested in gold, along with plenty of guns and ammo, it's gonna get rough.


@ KnuckleDragger:

My assets are highly diversified: Gold, silver, real estate, stocks and bonds.

Bill Gross scared the snot outa me today. When ya see the bright guys sound the alarm, ya gotta take notice.

Agreed. When the govt. "protection payments" to the inner cities stop, it's gonna make the race riots of the 1960s look like a Sunday picnic.


I will NOT Pledge Allegiance to that flag
Of the United Socialist States of America
Nor to the narcissist for which it stands
One Nation, With Obama praised as a God
Without Liberty nor Justice for anyone


Great idea Pete, we need to submit our anti-Obama pledges. Here’s mine.

I will NOT pledge allegiance to the teat
Of Obama’s nanny state of America,
Nor to the autocracy for which he stands,
One nation under Obama,
devolving, with moral relativism for all.


This is sorta creepy!! Not a big Obama fan anyway....but even if I were...I'm not sure we should be pledging allegiance to a man!! SCARY!!

the office cat

lor70... a pledge of allegiance began as a pledge to a man - to your liege lord to be specific. And the 'allegiance' referred to is a pledge to vote for the President


yet we can't say the pledge of allegiance in public schools. disturbing.


What school can't say the pledge of allegiance? Check your facts.


many, many , many schools. i have my facts. my youngest graduated in 2005 from hs and they were not allowed to do the pledge because some kids (parents) were offended.

the office cat

MIKEL How do you force someone to pledge his/her life to defend a piece of cloth and the republic (NOT democracy) it represents?

When you 'pledge' do you really mean "liberty and justice for ALL"? REALLY? ALL? How socialist of you (you DO know it was written by a SOCIALIST, right?)

Darwin's choice

Their using the wrong appendage, they should be using their azzes.


I hope you gold buyers have the actual metal and not just a piece of paper.


Paper everything will be worthless with 4 more years.



Since I own the ETFs (GLD) and (SLV) we'll see. I prefer liquidity.

If not, I still own a nice chunk of real estate.

Diversification, diversification, diversification.


Only an idiot buys gold and only has a piece of paper to back it up. Boullion baby Boullion.


@ KD:

Your opinion. The ETFs are backed by physical gold and silver.

Good luck with liquidity.

If you expect the "worst," canned food would be better as barter. Ya can't eat gold.


@Contango, LOL. Funny you should mention canned food. Being a Mormon and all, I have the food storage thing covered. Got plenty for my family plus extras. No offense meant on the gold thing, to each his own. I prefer having it in my possession because you never know what someone will do with the gold you own if things hit the fan. The only person I trust in a crisis is myself.


i prefer to buy lead.


Ha Ha !

the office cat

Knuckle... got a good supply of underarmor too?


I thought that Barry refused to honor our pledge of allegiance? I refuse to honor his. I like the Obama toilet paper idea though, where do I sign up?

Swamp Fox

Must they turn towards Mecca when making their pledge?


No. You are issued a directive by the White House as to which golf course Obama is on. Then you are to face that direction as you bow and pray to the Progressive Messiah