VIDEO: Stahl, Nickles on BTL

Matt Westerhold
Oct 11, 2013


Former Sandusky ex officio Mayor Craig Stahl and the city’s finance committee chairman, Allen Nickles, are the guests at noon Friday on “Between the Lines Live” here at

Stahl and Nickles will represent the Erie County Business Political Action Committee (PAC), the area’s only nonpartisan organization whose mission is to champion local pro-business political candidates. The PAC carefully evaluates candidates and supports those the committee believes will best serve and help grow the community through economic development, job creation and retention.

“Since its inception, the PAC has supported an equal number of Democrat and Republican candidates,” said Stahl, who like Nickles is a local business owner.

Stahl and Nickles will announce the PAC’s endorsements for Sandusky city commission during the program. They’ll also take questions from the audience in the interactive chatroom.

Watch the program in the player below



This aught to be good. Wonder if Stahl and company will support Scott Schell for Commission---- one of the left overs from the Marina District Project. Schell was the Economic Development Director for the City and was fired for his part in the famous attempt to give the $100,000 in earnest money back to the MD developer.


I hope the voters do not have a short memory when it comes to what Schell was up to when he worked for the city and then got fired. If Nickels and Stahl pick Schell, shame on them big time. It doesn't say too much for them to make an endorsement of Schell. We don't need city commissioners that will try to pull any funny stuff. If he did that while on staff what will he do if elected as city commissioner?


Just watched the show. This PAC should scare every voter and citizen in Sandusky. They appear to be self serving and endorse candidates for City Commission that were either fired from City Government (Scott Schell) or were involved in unethical public contracts via their private business while on City Commission (Dick Brady). If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck it must be a duck.

Stahl, as Mayor of the City Commission, was in the middle of the Marina District Project charade when Schell got fired.

The Good Ole' Boy network is what got Sandusky in trouble in the first place and this PAC wants to continue down that road.

What is Nickels, the PAC's and their candidates definition of "developing the waterfront properly" as Nickels eluded to during this program---condos, a nuclear power plant? We'll never know it's a secret.


The reason they used to justify why they won't share the candidate responses to their questionaire.... because we wanted them to answer honestly....doesn't make sense at all.

I am disappointed in this PAC.


I want to see individual thinkers on the commission who are not willing to run with the PAC.

T. A. Schwanger


As a reminder and discussion for folks in Blogville, two of the candidates endorsed by this PAC are not strangers to Sandusky political controversy.

Schell: From Sandusky Register reports--Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010---SANDUSKY ""The city fired economic development specialist Scott Schell on Tuesday morning. Schell and Kline appear to discuss ways to get $100,000 from the city back to Eymann (Marina District at Battery Park). Kline also remarks about “having to hire so many crippled black Jewish people,” after which Schell laughs"".

Brady: from Sandusky Register reports-- Andy Ouriel Sandusky Jun 20, 2012---""A city department head approached a worker in Brady’s company in fall 2011 (while Brady was a City Commissioner) to brainstorm ideas for the sign (violation of Ohio revised code 2921.42 public official having an unlawful interest in a public contract) But city officials ultimately rejected Brady’s design work, opting to go with another firm. City commissioner (Brady) contends area government officials stole his drawings and installed a copyrighted sign without consent. After several discussions in May(2012), city officials agreed to compensate Brady $7,000 for the sign during a public meeting""... after Brady threatens to sue.


CITY MANAGER’S REPORT: Nicole Ard "asked the commission to consider making payment to Brady Electric in the amount of $6,900 for design work for the Cedar Point waterways/navigational sign. Dick Brady was involved with the navigational sign while he was a city commissioner in 2011 and Nicole Ard said this occurred in June, 2011. Dick Brady was not the direct contact person; Scott Miller said Dick Brady was involved in the process to obtain the plans for the sign".


And don't forget Brady's teary eyed speech when he decided not to run for City Commission after his one year stint filling in for Nuesse sighting "spending more time with family." Weeks later he announces a run for County Commissioner and comes in 2nd to last. Now he wants another shot at City Commission?