Between the Lines with Dick Brady

Matt Westerhold
Sep 7, 2013


Dick Brady was our guest this week on Between the Lines to talk about his campaign to be a commissioner for the second time for the city of Sandusky. Sandusky Register reporter Alissa Widman was also our guest to talk about what to expect with the upcoming school board candidates.

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Does Brady understand at the 53:08 mark the City does not receive money from Cedar Point's parking fee. Does he also understand Cedar Point does not pay the Admissions Tax? The tax is passed on to park patrons. When we eat at a restaurant, does the establishment pay the sales tax--it's added to your bill.

With that said, what is his definition of "being creative" with revenue generation when he vehemently opposes raising the income tax?
Higher water rate, charging for police calls?


Be creative? How about stop taking out loans and start paying off our debt? Just stop spending and getting ourselves over extended.