VIDEO: Get the Knute Rockne magazine in Sunday's Register

Matt Westerhold
Aug 3, 2013

Get "100 Years Forward," a special insert magazine in Sunday's Register. Sports editor Mark Hazelwood and Sports editor emeritus Butch Wagner talk about how football's forward pass was perfected in Sandusky.

Jason and Brandy Bennett, leaders of the Perkins Schools levy support committee were also on the program answering questions from viewers about Tuesday's election.

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The New World Czar

Confused about cutting fixed costs? Anyone with a competent business sense knows that fixed and variable costs can be cut.

The schools got this great idea to hire more staff to meet the incoming additional open-enrollment students; yes they can cut proportionately if they stopped open enrollment.

Open enrollment has diluted Perkins' quality and looted Sandusky City Schools and is a no-win situation.


This was a great addition that really implemented facts about the levy and the financial outlook of Perkins Local Schools.


LilDab - The taxpayer will pay the entire tab for any ☼NEW taxes approved. The state will continue to pay the tab on ☼existing levies and their ☼renewals but will NO LONGER subsidize ☼NEW levies.


I got the 404 error from the posted link.
"The page you are looking for can't be found."


New Levies being those voted on in or after November of this year. So this levy wouldn't be affected but future levies would. Right? If this levy doesn't pass and they go for another one (which they will..eventually a levy will have to pass)they will have to ask for more just to get the same amount that they are asking for now...right? If this levy passes, then it and every time they renew it, it will be grandfathered in. So voting for this is basically a last chance to get the state of Ohio to pay 12.5% of my levy tax bill and if it doesn't pass, then all future levies will be 100% out of my pocket. Right?


That is the way I understand it.

"Republican lawmakers slipped in a provision in the waning hours of the budget process that will soon cause property taxes to increase for all Ohioans. The provision, the elimination of the property tax rollback, means that property owners will be forced to pay an additional 12.5 percent on all new and replacement levies. Since the 1970’s that 12.5 percent was picked up by the state, but with the signing of the budget the state will no longer cover that cost. [Thus] continuing the transfer of paying for government services from the state level to the local level."


is that just for the state of ohio or all states?


Why should the state pay for local services, Ohio is a "Home Rule State" which local government are for except when it come to paying for their oversized staffing.


Thanks. This should work.

nosey rosey

Good point. New and renewal levies that will be voted on in the future will cost tax payers much more than before. It's time to go back to the old days where parents told their children no and didn't indulge their every whim.


So the point is we should vote for the levy so we don't pay more in the future or we should vote no so we can pay more out of our pocket in the future? What I have read says that this rollback will only affect new levy's passed in or after November, unless I read it wrong. So to be clear when you wrote good point, you think we should vote for the levy because it will save us 12.5% as long as we keep renewing it, right?


Or continue to vote it down.


The Ohio Board of Education has provisions to take over under-performing schools including financially. What I have read about this process includes the state taking over the district and making all decisions regarding the school including levying a tax without a vote. Just to add insult to injury, the school district is still required by law to have a board and superintendent and continue to pay them while they have no responsibilities or duties. Then you get "Obamaschool". I say keep local taxes in the hands of local people and have them make local decisions. If you don't like them, run for office and vote to change the people. Think it out beyond today.


"local taxes in the hands of local people and have them make local decisions"? Are you kidding me? This is what this whole mess is about. The very "local" individuals mishandling the very funds that the taxpayers provided to them.


Renewal levies will not cost more. Any levy passed up to this November will be grandfathered in and the state will continue to pick up the 12.5% as it as done in the past. New and replacement (I think) levies will be affected by the change.


I believe the state cutting the costs on subsidizing levies will take effect with the November election not this one. If I read it right.


I believe, if I read it right, that anything after THIS election will be involved meaning any levy passing in November 2013 will be affected and the public must be notified of same prior to the election. My question is why is it not being told as yet?

This hot mess is just not right.


Why wouldn't Westerhold support it, he won't pay it. Just Vote NO.


My family already early voted and we all voted no.

"The information in the site will answer many of your questions about Ohio's property valuation process, property tax reductions and exemptions, and many of the tasks for which the County Auditor is responsible."
"Sales analysis is a vital component of determining market values during both a Triennial Update and a Revaluation."
"A property owner has three opportunities to appeal their property’s estimated fair market value.
1. The first opportunity is by participating in an Informal Hearing with the County’s appraiser.
2. The second opportunity is through a formal appeal to the County’s Board of Revision.
3. The final opportunity (after the written Board of Revision decision has been received by the property’s owner) is filing a formal appeal to the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals.

The above links have other links within them. You don't need to be an attorney to understand what property should be appraised for.

The Erie County Auditor's records are a big joke. I laugh at some of the "comparables" listed in some of the records.

Julie R.

I laugh, too. You should see the "comparables" the Huron appraiser used prior to that illegal SCAM sheriff sale the Erie County courts pulled off on the Huron property of my deceased mother and stepfather.


you might know that the republicans in the government would begin taxing the middle class ASAP....and they are. Rolling back on subsidizing what little they do now, eliminating homestead exemption for incomes of $30,000 or more, etc. So the elderly should do what? DIE? Give up their homes for taxes? Boy, this country is headed for one big fight if you ask me....and no one did.


gramafun, why not ask the last democrapper administration that left the state with an $8 billion deficient.. Pretty sad when the seniors has become the me, me, group, by the way I am a senior, not willing to force my children and grandchildren to pay fo the entitlements that are given out like candy. If anyone wants the "free" government programs, you have to pay for them.


Why was the name of this Video changed from Perkins Schools to something about Knute Rockne?

Clearly, the majority of the video and all of the comments were about the Perkins Schools financial mismanagement and tax increase.



Why did you move the comments and video of the Perkins Local School levy comments to a story about Knute Rockne?

"VIDEO: Get the Knute Rockne magazine in Sunday's Register"

You have been put on notice. How can the Sandusky Register moderators miss such s mistake? I find it hard to believe that it was a mistake.


Maybe a Sandusky Register employee is also a Perkins School levy supporter?

Matt Westerhold

We're promoting the magazine for Sunday's edition. There was no clean or efficient way to splice the video and the interview with sports editor Mark Hazelwood and sports editor emeritus Charles "Butch" Wagner at the beginning of the program is also pretty interesting. That's the only reason it was shifted. After tomorrow we can shift it back. 


Wouldn't it have made more sense to edit and add "Get the Knute Rockne magazine in Sunday's Register" to the original heading about the Perkins School levy? I can understand promoting the Knute Rockne magazine for Sunday's newspaper. Many potential voters whether pro or non-pro are very busy during the week because of work. The weekend is the only time that they have to catch up on the news.

By changing the headline, all of the 55+ comments would in theory be "off topic" which would violate the guidelines. I have seen many "off topic" comments deleted. But the video did contain the Perkins Schools levy so the comments would NOT be off topics.

Thanks for the reply explaining the change of the title heading. Hopefully the heading will change on Sunday early enough for those who work and are busy during the week.

No need to reply to this comment since your comment explained the change of the video title.