Between the Lines from Hopper's mobile home park

Matt Westerhold
Jun 21, 2013


Many residents voiced their concerns as we walked throughout the mobile home park on Friday afternoon.

Watch our coverage in the player below



Thanks Matt. I hope some good will come out of this.


The city has got one big problem that will costs the city to clean it all up when these people walk away from their trailers.


Ok now.. lets see the city do the right thing and keep these people in there homes.. take the bill for the water and devide it between how many are there and be thanksfull for the bills these people pay. when there is nothing there then they will not be gertting anything like thay are now...the money not paid is money lost.. so be it. DO THE RIGHT THING SANDUSKY....


Who is making the scumbag that owns the property responsible? Yost should be in jail for fraud!!!

Kottage Kat

Why is all the siding gone?

God Of Thunder

People are stripping the scrap metal off the trailers to cash for scrap. There is no hope for this trailer park.. I t has been in disrepair for years, garbage piled up all around.. It is time..

Hopefully the residents will pull themselves together and find a better place to live, since the scumbag property owner let it go for so long.

Maybe he should be forced to live here for a while and see what he put the people through..

Concerned For A...

Ok...This whole situation is horrible! But...I'm going to be the first butt head and say if any prospective landlords see these videos, I'm thinking Ed and Lisa are going to have problems finding a place due to his ahh..drinking? You already have people bashing you because of where you live, whyyy on earth would you appear on live tv drunker than a skunk?? LMAO...sorry haha! Looks like they keep their place nice though..


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