Sandusky County has pattern of public abuse

Matt Westerhold
May 6, 2013

History is the teacher. Click the links.

In 2007, inmate Craig Burdine died at the Sandusky County jail after being repeatedly electroshocked by guards, deputies and Fremont police officers using Tasers. 

In early 2011, a 26-year-old sleeping man, Bryan Jones, was killed by Sandusky County deputies who used high-velocity ammunition in high-capacity weapons they weren't even authorized to carry that tore off his arm when they killed him. BCI, the state crime lab, suggested he committed suicide by cop but didn't explain how a sleeping man could do that. 

In early 2012, a schizophrenic inmate at the Sandusky County jail denied her medications was allegedly sexually exploited for hours by jackboot guards who gratified themselves taking advantage of her and were later paid $5,000 each in agreements drawn up by the county prosecutor's office that included secrecy provisions apparently designed to protect others.

Currently, Sandusky County judges Barabara Ansted and John Dewey, court administrator Brock Kimmet, county prosecutor Tom Stierwalt, coroner John Wukie, sheriff Kyle Overmyer, detective Sean O'Connell, special prosecutor and defense counsel for the county Dean Henry and BCI all have seemingly contributed to a credibility gap that exists with regard to the county's multiple investigations of the killing of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios on March 2, 2012. 

History is the teacher and given the pattern — of just the known abuses — public officials from Sandusky County likely should sharpen their rhetoric because another family will be victimized soon by this incompetence and the refusal to acknowledge or address it. 


Today, tomorrow, next week or next month, it will happen this year. 

Another family will call out.  

Another family's legitimate concerns will be ignored, for as long as it takes county officials to craft a legal position that suggests plausibility where none exists, or for as long as it takes and with whatever it takes to wear down that family and quiet their protests.

Every public office — from BCI to the AG's office, the Ohio Supreme Court to the U.S. Attorney for Ohio, the FBI, the Justice Department, and every public agency in between — that looks away from the problem is part of the problem.




The above statement is wrong! There is Sandusky County Officer's doing their job right. May I kindly remind you of the recent story published by SR about the officer who pulled over one of their own dispatcher's, who ultimately resigned! But apparently once the SR realized it was a Sandusky County Officer doing their job correctly they pushed it under the rug. The only news that SR considers news worthy is the negative side of LE!

mhs parent

Were the officer's who reported to the home the night Jacob died doing their job?? Maybe, did they do it Right, NO!! They messed up, and their mess up has cased a lot of additional heartache to some really Great People. You don't find better people than Mike and Shannon! The Register is not attacking unless you call reporting the truth attacking!

Julie R.

"Every public office that looks away from this problem is a part of the problem."

That was excellent.




I believe in law enforcement. I believe they should abide by the laws they have SWORN to uphold.


I agree.. it is crap. But it sells papers.. corruption, ohhhh..the bad police officer..wahh wahh.. it gets old. Nevermind that if it weren't for laws being broken in the first place, the police would not be put in these positions.
It's never the law breaker, it's always the bad cop. You would change how you felt if you children were any of those police officers.




Really, what law did Jake Limberios break?


You must be the wife of a cop. They applied for the job and now they have to properly and legally do the job. Two wrongs don't make a right!


What an excellent article Mr Westerhold. Yesterday, you were accused of always painting Sigsworth in 'a good light'. Today, you're bashing law enforcement. These people are idiots. You certainly wouldn't be stating such strong opinions IF THEY DID THEIR JOBS CORRECTLY! If a professional athlete is not doing his job, the team trades them; if a city worker steals gasoline- they fire him; if a small town in Ohio seems to have a larger than normal number of childhood cancer victims, it needs to be investigated why....and if LE is NOT doing their job- you call them out on it!!!


NOT just in Sandusky County! It's in EVERY county even in Erie!
As far as Bryan Jones goes... study his track record. He would have ended up there anyway.



So it's okay to kill a sleeping man with an unloaded gun in his own home? His family didnt think so. Detective Consolo questioned the actions of Sandusky County on that case. Consolo also apparently wasn't assigned to the Limberios case because he allegedly believed it was a homicide (per O'Connell).


In the audio with Brady, O'Connell says that Consolo wasn't assigned to the case because he wasn't a "team player" if i recall. I interpret that to mean, he wanted to do a proper investigation like he should, rather than just follow orders to do what SanCo thinks will make them look least culpable.


o'connell also says Consolo made remarks that he thought it was a homicide in the audio with Mike and Shannon. If Consolo was just going to do what SanCo wanted him to do, he wouldn't have called it a homicide, right?


I'm tired of reading that argument, His mom and dad are the ones who called the cops in the first place. And I'm pretty sure he still SHOT a gun into a house and barely missed hitting a 5 year old.

My original point is:

An Erie County newspaper should look to Erie county - first.



At the time of this incident, did you know the gun was unloaded? If he wasn't a threat, then answer this. Why did his parents call the cops? If he wasn't a threat they could have just let him sleep it off right? At some point they were in fear. It's easy to point out what you deem as wrongdoings in a job that requires split second decisions, ones that I'll assume you've never had to make. It's easy to point out faults when you get to do your job out from the publics eye. It's also easy to say what they should have done without walking a single step in their shoes.


Who investigated that shooting? Oh yeah BCI&I not the SCSO. The case was then presented to whom? Oh yeah a Grand Jury not the Sheriff's office. The Grand Jury found it justified and "No Billed" the deputies.

Julie R.

That was horrendous what those deputies did to Bryan Jones. That was flat-out murder.


I agree. It's okay though because starryeyes thinks he would have ended up dead anyway. Won't we all?


Well, krissy, look at his track record ,, He sure as hell didn't give a damn if he killed a 5 year who was sleeping in their own house .. let's see, why was that again.. oh yeah a bad drug deal.

And if we are all gonna end up there anyway, why worry about the way he went out, better him than a little child.


Voice of Fremont they may have been found not guilty by grand jury but that does not mean they did no wrong cause they did but nohody gave enough evidence to prove they did wrong. You defend them for doing wrong but we will not.

Pastor Ron

Overmyer makes McClung look like cop of the year.

voice of fremont

I will continue to stand up for what is right. I will not attack law enforcment officials for no reason. I will support them for fighting to keep us safe. I also continue my support for Jake and his family. This constant attacking of law enforcment will do nothing to help Jakes family. Pray for Jake and his family. Lets stop the attacks and hate especially against cases that have nothing to do with the present.


The frequency of these questionable acts involving the same people make them relevant to the present situation. We are here voicing our opinion because we also stand up for "what is right". That being the family and friends of Jake deserving the truth and answers. What is wrong is that county deliberately not doing their jobs. I don't pray because I don't believe in your god. I am not attacking law enforcement with hate, i am voicing my concern over whether or not they are doing the job they were hired to do. I will continue to stand for what is right. I will not attack law enforcement for no reason. I will have legitimate reason, that has been more than made apparent in this case. I advise you hug and kiss your loved law enforcement family member, and ask them to be safe and do their job. Ask them to not play politics or protect people who have done their jobs inadequately.

Darwin's choice

"Voice".....Your first three sentences are the sign of a well trained citizen.....beware! When you turn a blind eye to whats happening around you, how long before you become a victim?

voice of fremont

Darwins, there are too many people on this forum who believe everything they read in the media!!


No one would be attacking sandusky county if they would have done their jobs. Even now they have the ability to admit they made a mistake and refuse to.

Fact: suicide requires intent. It is the deliberate act of killing oneself
Fact: Jacob did not intend to kill himself
Fact: all of the witnesses said the night of his death that it was an accident which means the death SHOULD have been ruled accidental from the beginning since he based his ruling on the witness statements
Fact: a forensic pathologist is trained specifically in forensic autopsies to determine cause of death when a crime was committed based on forensic evidence. Coroners are elected officials and most are NOT trained to do forensic autopsies
Fact: Dr. Wukie does not perform autopsies and didnt even see Jakes body before ruling it a suicide, yet he insisted on upholding his psychic oxymoronic ruling despite a qualified individual performing an actual autopsy conflicting with his own ruling
Fact: Sandusky county has had the tissue sample from the above mentioned autopsy for about 6 months and didnt bother to test it
Fact: detective O'connell said in February that he KNEW what happened and there was nothing else for them to do. So why, almost 3 months later are they digging him back up?
Fact: Sandusky county failed to preserve forensic evidence necessary to properly investigate this case.
Fact: there are only two options in this case; either Jake accidentally shot himself or he was accidentally shot by someone else
Fact: all of the witnesses claimed that jake put the gun to his head (indicating direct contact) they didn't say that he had his arm outstretched or that he was just pointing it in the general direction of his head. They said it was put TO his head
Fact: the gunshot wound is not consistent with a direct contact wound which is VERY distinct in a head wound
Fact: a suicide must be within the reach of an arm length. An average arm is 23-25 inches, pit to fingertip. A distant gunshot wound is over 24 inches. It's not probable that a distant shot could be inflicted on oneself.

Opinion: if they cannot determine with absolute certainty it was a suicide but cannot determine it was a homicide since they did not preserve the evidence, at the very least it should be ruled inconclusive. The Sandusky County Sheriffs department is not the victim in this case yet they continue to ignore the mistakes they made out of arrogance and clear lack of ethics.
Perhaps someone should explain to Wukie that an accident is not a suicide to avoid future issues.


Here's another fact, if this turns out to be a homicide the second autopsy is an absolute necessity. Any defense attorney would attack the fact that the family paid for autopsy, which could be viewed as a bought outcome. In a criminal case if reasonable doubt is brought into play, you could get a hung jury or worse a full acquittal. Then those responsible for his death would walk away. It's a necessary evil to hopefully write a wrong.


I think you're missing the point. Wukie based his cause of death on witness statements. The witnesses all stated it was an accident. If they all said it was an accident it should have been listed as an accidental death instead of a suicide. If that had been done the lawsuit likely would have never even started.
They have never wanted the witnesses to be prosecuted even if one of them were holding the gun. They have always believed it was an accident.
Since you keep bringing up the necessity for Sandusky County to do this recent autopsy, I must mention that they should have done it at the time of death instead of waiting over a year after they have lost valuable evidence during the embalming process. The family never should have had to pay to have an autopsy done!


It doesn't matter if they wanted anyone to be prosecuted. If a crime was committed then someone HAS to be charged. You may not like the way it's being done now, but like I said it a necessary evil. I completely agree with you that it should have been done at the time of the incident. I don't know if I should leave this here or not, but I'm going to try. Why hasn't the SR interviewed the witnesses to get their side of the story? Might get a lot more from them instead of waiting for an answer from " corrupt " officials. Just wondering