VIDEO: Between the Lines with Tim Schwanger

Matt Westerhold
May 3, 2013


Schwanger, of the Saving Our Shoreline Parks organization, talked with Matt about the parks around Sandusky, the Keller Building, the Paper District Marina and failed Marina District deal. 

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AJ Oliver

Go Tim. You da man!
All the local Marina District backers owe Tim a HUGE apology. The backers hooked us up with a "developer" who had never developed anything, and had NO equity (skin) to put into the game. The backers NEVER did any due diligent research on the E-Man's background. I remember when Tim asked at city commission meetings to see the E-Man's resume, city officials said that E-Man could provide one "if he wanted to". Needles to say, he never did.
Man up, Sandusky Proud, and apologize to Tim !!

T. A. Schwanger

Appreciate the support Skip. Protecting waterfront access is a concerted effort and would not be accomplished without involved citizens such as yourself.

If anyone in blogville wants to discuss these and other waterfront issues, email me at

T. A. Schwanger


No one vetted the developer and no one could look beyond the pie in the sky dollar signs. That is what probably put the city in the red and we are still trying to recoup the expense the city had to lay out in attorney fees and working to get the developer's idea off the ground.