VIDEO: Between the Lines with Edison Schools and Jon Husted

Matt Westerhold
Apr 17, 2013


Guests include Edison Local Schools treasurer Anne Arnold and Superintendent Tom Roth joined talking about the school levy and secretary of State Jon Husted in the second half of the show on elections.

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voting NO!

Truth or Fiction

You can't even vote in the district!

Truth or Fiction

It's refreshing to hear from administrators who practice transparency.

Kottage Kat

I can
And I did

Truth or Fiction

That's unfortunate for the children that live in your district.

Kottage Kat

I have products of the BM school system living next door. The investment is not paying off. I would like to see statistics re: graduates attending college, and how they intend to educate those who do not have parental support in their childrens education. The student next door has no intrest in education, she wants to just get a man and have babies, just like Mom.
Need to know where this money is going and the children are suffering because of lack of parental involvement, not my tax $$$
Thank you


I applaud Mr Roth doing all he can to reach out to the voters, but as I asked during the interview what is being done with local politicians to bring better paying jobs to the area so that the children in school will be able to graduate, go to college and come back to the area and be the next generation of tax payers. With such a small percentage coming back home to work and live, our best and brightest go to bigger cities to seek employment. This is a county wide issue as a lot of schools have levies on the ballot this year and next year. We need good paying jobs or our schools are doomed as our community grows older and our kids leave the area in search of work.


Kottage Kat, your post can not be serious. Are you singling out one person that attended the Edison School system? Don't try to make an example out of one bad apple to make it sound like Edison is a trashy school. Also, each household is different in regards to the parents involvement in their child's education...the school can't control what happens when the child comes home.

Truth or Fiction

Kottage Kat have you looked into the Homestead Act to reduce your property tax and payments?

Kottage Kat

Not old enough
Thanks for the info

Kottage Kat

One would hope this not indicative of the system asking for your tax$$
Just my opinion


Truth or Fiction

Kottage Kat -
It's just not age 65. There are other options available. You may want to check it and see if it fits your situation.

Mr Bean

7.9 mils--you must be kidding---
They have spent thousands for signs, brochures, handouts, mailings, mailings, mailings, absentee ballots, all laced with half truths and outright lies. Sure, they agreed to pay their fair share of STRS and got a raise to cover it. Of course, it couldn`t be because the state will require them to pay same.
There has been no reduction in state funding, there has been a reduction in FEDERAL funds, but they were told that that was temporary. Repeat, THERE HAS NOT BEEN A REDUCTION IN STATE FUNDING!
It doesn`t matter how much they need, the taxpayer is tapped out---he is paying more that his share---it`s time for the teachers to take a look at what their services cost and make some concessions.
Voters are tired of being played like a fiddle, and not receiving truthful information.
I say, vote NO---7.9 mils---You are kidding!!!