VIDEO: Between the Lines with Limberios Family

Matt Westerhold
Apr 9, 2013


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Mike and Shannon Limberios with their son Michael were the guests at 2 p.m. today on "Between the Lines Live" at, reacting to the decision by Sandusky County special prosecutor and defense counsel Dean Henry's decision to seek a second exhumation of Jacob Limberios' body. 

Henry and attorney general Mike DeWine have been invited to join the program, which will be available later today for demand viewing.

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Get information on the planned rally at 9 a.m Thursday at the Sandusky County Courthouse in Fremont at the Justice for Jake Facebook page.

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Random Thoughts

Matt, you indicated you were going to post the full autopsy report yesterday. I can't find it. Please don't "pull a Dean Henry" on us and withhold important evidence from your readers. (remember - you thanked me for my persistence)

Matt Westerhold

It's a time thing, here. I'll get with reporter Emil Whitis today and find out where that information is and why it hasn't been posted. 


Betcha if it was an internal police report, or a CCW carrier it would have been posted quicker.

Random Thoughts

I will, for the time being, give Mr. Westerhold the benefit of the doubt. However, it was last Friday when the Register first told me that the autopsy report would be posted. . . So I'm not sure what he meant when he said: "It's a time thing, here."


It may be wise for them not to publish the autopsy report provided by Dr. Wecht. If they are going to exhume the body again, it would be better if an independent autopsy were done, rather than Wukie and co. being able to try and "disprove" what Dr. Wecht found.


I'm sure Wukie and co has seen a copy of the autopsy already. I'm pretty sure whoever Sandusky County gets to do the autopsy will be considered Henry's puppet, unless they agree with Wecht's findings. That's generally how expert witnesses work, sadly... I think the only way this case will ever be resolved is to take Sandusky County out of it completely!

Random Thoughts

They (Sandusky County) must have seen it. The Detective talked about it in the Gasser interview, saying something about discrepancies or contradictions in it, which is another reason it should be posted like everything else has been in this case. While all the bickering back and forth between the Register and Dean Henry makes for fun reading (and listening on BTL) it adds nothing to the ultimate question in this case. . . what happened on the night Jake died. The autopsy report is the key piece of evidence supporting the family's case as to what happened that night.


Yes I figured they did see it as it is evidence in this case. O'connell wouldn't know a contradiction if it smacked him in their face. This is the same man who said stippling can be washed away and formaldehyde ruined the tissue sample...

Random Thoughts

In all fairness, I think he said that he was told by BCI that formaldehyde destroyed the DNA which was the original purpose of getting the sample - to compare with DNA from the gun (I haven't read or heard anything that he said it destroyed ALL evidentiary value - the Register just mis-interpreted it that way). As for washing away, it did sound like he also said stippling, however, it is true that gunshot residue such as soot can be washed away very easily, and likely occurred during funeral preparation. Again, lending more importance to what the autopsy report says was found INSIDE the entrance wound.

Luke Eddy

It is not necessary for the full autopsy report to be released unless you were concerned on how much Jake's heart weighed, or how healthy his lungs were, I have not even been exposed to the full autopsy report and I have been with the family since the day this happened. Jake's own mother has not even seen the full autopsy report... This is information that is irrelivent to the cause of his death. Matt has not released this information because he also knows this, and out of respect for Jake's family.If you have any concerns about the contents of the report you can contact me directly and I will do my best to get you an answer. or you can contact me through the Justice for Jake page.

Random Thoughts

If the family doesn't want to release the autopsy report, I fully respect and understand that, but it was obviously released to the Register by someone, and it's been almost a week since the Register said it would post it. Do you agree that it is the single most important piece of evidence in the case supporting the family's belief that Jake did not shoot himself? If so, then it is very relevant, especially if there are iconsistencies or discrepancies in it as alleged by the Detective in the Gasser interview. If the Register is not going to post it (for whatever reason) then Mr. Westerhold please tell your readers that instead of playing games like you accuse Dean Henry of doing.


The full autopsy report isn't really necessary but people probably want to see the part related to the gunshot wound. For instance, usually an autopsy report will have a diagram with where the wounds were located on the body and there is usually more detail regarding the wounds like if it was a circle or stellate shape, any lacerations or discoloration around or inside of the wound, etc. I don't think most readers understand where the bullet entered and how difficult of placement it would be to shoot himself at that angle from any distance other than very close contact because of the angle... I think if there is a diagram on the autopsy that will give people a more clear understanding of the doubts you (and I) have that it was self inflicted...