Conflicted special prosecutor should step down; listen to the recording

Matt Westerhold
Apr 8, 2013


If you've been following the articles about the Jacob Limberios death investigation, be sure to take the time to listen to a recording of Sandusky County sheriff's deputy Sean O'Connell "interviewing" a "witness."

O'Connell rambles for about 72 minutes, explaining his findings that Jake Limberios was holding the gun that killed him. O'Connell displays a level of "professionalism" that must include strategies of providing witnesses with false information and contradictory information. His comments about DNA evidence and tissue samples are void of any scientific basis.

Listen to the recording by clicking on the player to the right

He even talks a bit about the game Russian Roulette, and suggests he knows how it is played.

Special prosecutor Dean Henry has offered comment on the professionalism of the lawyer representing the Limberios family, as well as reporters and editors at newspapers actually covering this story.

But he hasn't commented on Sandusky County officials, who appear to have conducted a substandard investigation, destroyed evidence and created other problems in their hasty finding 13 months ago that Jake committed suicide but it might have been an accident.

Listen to the O'Connell in the player to the right and it's not difficult to conclude that nothing has changed. Substandard work might be the only kind of work this agency is capable of performing, 

Henry's oblivious to his own conflicted role as both prosecutor and defense counsel, and it seem he thinks his job is to clear deputies of any wrongdoing and button this up with a nice tidy bow. 

Henry should step down. And any public officials with the power to force him out should acknowledge his conflicted role and ask him to immediately step down as the prosecutor and request an independent criminal investigation. This is a no-brainer.

A protest rally is planned for 9 a.m. Thursday at the Sandusky County Courthouse. For more information go to the Justice for JAKE Facebook page, which offers a map and directions to the courthouse in Fremont. 

The Register will be covering the rally live. 


What: Protest rally against Sandusky County officials involved in the Jacob Limberios investigation
When: 9 a.m. Thursday
Where: Sandusky County Courthouse, 128 N. Park Ave., Fremont
Why: Limberios family and friends want an independent investigation because county officials have failed to produce


Random Thoughts

Matt, Is the Register going to post the full autopsy report, the one you and Emil read from during your interview of Dr. Wecht? From all accounts, this is the key piece of evidence supporting the family's case.

Matt Westerhold

We will seek to do that today. Thanks for your persistence. 


Matt, I suggest only providing the important portions of the report.

Random Thoughts

No, thank YOU for your persistence. Please post the whole report as it should all be important. Of course don't post any autopsy photos taken by Dr. Wecht - but if I heard the detective correctly in the recent Gasser interview, there were no photos taken by Dr. Wecht.


I think it's about time to start filing complaints to the board (the office of disciplinary counsel) about Mr. Henry to have him investigated. He's clearly not abiding by the code of ethics.

Random Thoughts

Hi Krissy, hopefully we'll get to read the full autopsy report, and then if they ever have Dr. Wecht back on BTL, they'll let us ask him the questions.


I missed BTL when he was on :( I would like to see the autopsy though.


Please leave Dr. Wecht out of this mess as much as possible. He has ZERO credibility in the medical community and only seeks publicity for himself. Getting the Attorney General involved is the most important thing to do to get to the truth. Wecht will just make this sad tragedy even more of a circus. Do a little research before relying too much on anything Dr. Wecht says.