VIDEO: Between the Lines with Dr. Cyril Wecht

Apr 6, 2013

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Dr. Cyril Wecht was the guest on 'Between the Lines Live' at 

Wecht, a forensic pathologist who has served as an expert witness in many high-profile cases, will talk about his work in connection with the killing of Jacob Limberios on March 2, 2012. Wecht conducted an autopsy and found the most likely cause of death was homicide. 

County officials called it a suicide that might have been accidental and have refused to change that ruling.

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Sandusky County Prosecutor Dean Henry also has been unable to complete a criminal investigation after a coroner's inquest was ordered last year. Henry refuses to comment on the investigation or say why there is a delay.

Henry has served as a special prosecutor on at least one high-profile case, locally, himself.

According to a Toledo Blade article, Henry was appointed in 2001 to review a complaint by Elsabeth Baungartner that alleged Benton-Carroll-Salem school members and county law enforcement officials, including county Prosecutor Mark Mulligan, had been involved in cover-ups and corrupt activity. The complaint was never sustained in court and Baumgartner was eventually sent to prison on a charge she attempted to intimidate a judge by posting a parody in an online post.

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I honestly think they were goofing around and the gun went off killing Jake. The 3 remaining people were scared and made the suicide thing up. That being said, I think these silent 3 should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for withholding the truth and causing such agony to the friends and family of Jacob.


i am right-handed but when i use a gun or bow, i shot left-handed. my wife is left-handed and plays all sports right-haned, maybe jake could use either hand, which hand had splatter on it


Jake's family said he would not have used his left hand to fire the gun. As far as I know neither hand had back splatter on it. What I said was IF it was a suicide, according to my forensics textbook there should have been back splatter on the hand that was used as well as inside of the muzzle if it was a contact shot...

Julie R.

Had people listened to Elsebeth Baumgartner back in 2001, this wouldn't be happening. The corrupt clowns ~ including the corrupt clowns in Erie and Cuyahoga County ~ must have been in their glory when they made the sheep believe she was nuts.



Woody Hayes

The flying saucer flies again. Still have the tin foil hat, Juliebeth.


I am having a terrible time getting the player to work. Could someone who watched this please fill me in. What was said? Thanks so much.


Just another hired gun with zero credibility. You can pay an "expert" to say almost anything. Blah.....Blah....Blah....Blah. Get the Attorney General involved. He has no ax to grind in this case. I certainly wouldn't decide anything based on the "opinion" of a hired "expert."


They are trying to get the A.G. Involved Jas. the family tried to get them to do an autopsy when Jake died but they refused so the family HAD to exhume the body and had to pay someone to do the autopsy! If Jake had been sent to Lucas County for an autopsy in the first place as the family requested, this Dr. would not have been necessary. How far behind are you on this?


I have absolutely no problem with what the family is trying to do but they've received some bad advice. Attorney McGookey's strategy of "sueing first and asking questions later" has contributed to delaying this matter. It gives Sandusky County Officials a legitimate excuse not to talk about the case because they're being sued. They wouldn't have this excuse if Attorney McGookey had held off on filing a lawsuit. Secondly, if you need an expert opinion, hire someone with actual credibilty. Dr. Wecht is not well respected in his field and some have even called him a crackpot. Again, Attorney McGookey should have helped the family get a more reliable and respected expert instead of this guy who always seems to be more concerned about media attention than doing his job.


@jas please refer to the Facebook page (Justice for Jake ) and sign the petition so Mr. DeWine can take over the case...That is what the family wants.. Thanks


WANDER IF ANYONE DID ANY RESIDUE TEST ON THE VICTUMS HANDS TO FIND OUT IF HE HAD FIRE A GUN RECENTLY .If there is ,then it would support the suicide and if there was not a test done thats going to show the detectives had not done their job correctly .
And if there was not any found , then it would lead us to believe that he was killed at the hands of another person
As a matter of fact if I would have been the one investigators I would have ask everyone in the house at the time to take a residue test to rule them out as well
That could tell the story , I mean no it dont prove that that person killed someone , but it would get me looking at that person with intrest and that would have lowered the temp done that this investigation was properly done

Luke Eddy

All four of the people at the home fired the gun that night.

Random Thoughts

Matt/Emil - Please post the full autopsy report - the one you read from during the interview with Dr. Wecht, which is the key piece of evidence supporting the family's case