VIDEO: Eda Handly of Ask Eda on Between the Lines

Matt Westerhold
Mar 29, 2013

You never know what Matt and Eda are going to talk about or what our online audience is going to ask about.

Eda Handly, the Register's love and relationship blogger, was our guest and took questions from the audience.

The Register's education reporter, Alissa Widman, was also a guest to talk about the battle for public schools and tax measures coming up on the May election ballot.

The program was live at noon and available for demand viewing in the player below.

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Truth or Dare

Eda, my name is Vicki. You need the last name for whatever reason, just ask @ the SR, they can provide it. I've never believed expressing an opinion as I have in person w/your Editor, let alone blogging anything here remains anonymous. That's a foolish thought. Did I hear wrong, or didn't you state that you, yourself are willing to listen to "anonymous" individuals?

I apologize for missing your point. I would like to see those stats that support such a theory, what countries they come out of and if they were acquired through subsequant experiance. It could be another article.

Sex sells. Seems that what was being discussed, leading to a discussion of legalizing Prostitution may stem from some having an issue w/tax dollars being spent to set up a Prostitution sting, one county over? Many believe this to be a victimless crime. Not all those seeking out a prostitute are single, and in all honesty, if it were something my spouse decided to do because he felt I wasn't adequatley pleasing him in the manner he desired at home, well, he wouldn't be my spouse anymore. That's a guarantee! Don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't be willing to run the risk of whatever it is they may bring home w/them, such as AIDS or any other incurable STD. Also, I think health insurance would be an issue for prostitutes. Would hate to see their monthly premium for healthcare coverage, their med. bills, what it would cost for a slew of tests on a regular basis to be sure they are clean and haven't been infected w/anything. I also have no desire for my private ins. premium to go up to help cover such costs!

There were a few things discussed that we agree upon; Gay marriage and the fact that DOMA has already been declared unconstitutional. My guess, the Supreme Court will kick it to the curb. They'll leave it up to the Fed. govt. and do-nothing Congress. I could be wrong. Won't be the first time. Listening to this debate, it was interesting to learn that the marriage contract was implemented here within the states aftr the Civil War, during Reconstruction. It was illegal for slaves to even marry. After they gained their freedom, the government found it necessary to protect their rights to marriage, and at the same time producing revenue from all that chose to marry. Imagine that! It's one of the reasons the Supreme Court may do what I said. They don't believe it's fair for the Feds. to implement bills/laws that protects them from paying out benefits. That came out of the mouth of a Supreme Court Judge during this debate.

Eda M. Handly

I'm not really sure why everyone is zeroing in on my opinion about prostitution so much. I believe that was only a very small portion of the show. And frankly, Vicki, if your husband was having certain desires and he felt he couldn't come to YOU with them, then that may lead him to another. And that would mean something is wrong with your relationship as a whole (ie. lack of communication, understanding, and trust). If you were not pleasing him, I would hope he could come to you with the issue. Committed men who turn to prostitution (or stray in any manner) are not happy in their current relationship and they don't feel they can discuss it and compromise with their partner to find a solution, period. You should really get a copy of my eBook when it's available. I discuss this in detail...


Maybe some married men and women are just whores who like to have a variety of sex partners but don't have the balls to divorce their spouse.


I like Chris Rock's comments about who are the biggest liars - men or women.