Sandusky budget showdown Monday

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2013


Excerpt: Going out on a limb here, but if Sandusky city commissioners give the city budget the same level of attention they gave it last year, look for a unanimous vote from all seven within 10 minutes after it's presented.

Commissioners meet at 5 p.m. Monday for a public hearing of the 2013 budget and union contracts. Commissioners Wes Poole and Diedre Cole both have raised concerns with the ineffectiveness of commission and its lack of follow through. They are hopelessly ignored, however, by an irresponsible and oblivious majority on commission.

City manager Nicole Ard has yet to present a budget the city's chartered finance committee is willing to approve, and budget crib notes from Ard should not serve as a roadmap to Sandusky's financial future.

Look for members of commission's majority coalition, all five of whom voted blind for the deficit budget of 2012, to fire up the excuse and blame machine and avoid the hard questions about where the cuts are and how they will impact city services.

Want to Go

What: Sandusky city commission
When: 5 p.m. Monday
Where: Commission chambers, City Hall, 222 Meigs St.
Agenda: 2013 budget, budget cuts, union contracts. Click to read the agenda.

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well if they do and it passes , then it will just go to show the trust that the city folks have for the city manager


Has the city commissioners not had the budget for a few days to review it before this coming meeting? have they not had the so called "notes" to review as well? Since the SR has printed it, this budget must have been passed out to the commissioners as well and unless they don't read the paper, they could read it there, so they aren't exactly flying blind now are they?

So how could it be much of a big deal for them on Monday not to have much to bother with having had time to review it already? I don't see that as being as big a problem as is being made out to be. As for the committee, how does the paper know who has what and where are they getting that info? How would they know if the committee has it? Do you know that for sure or is it a guess? As of this printing maybe, but do you know for SURE? I bet if anyone bothered to check right now, they do have it.

What is the real problem here? That the budget balanced and suddenly there isn't a deficit as was the "gossip"? That the "gossip" of raising taxes as was being presented by the unholy quad didn't happen? Is that the problem now? I can just imagine what the problem is. The scare tactics didn't work, so now what?

Just once, I would love to see the truth be told without having all this mishmash of lies and half truths come pouring out of some of the people in this town. It would be so much better for the citizenry instead of this spew of lies and decit. It's no wonder that this place suffers as it does. What a shame the people in town live in a state of confusion.

T. A. Schwanger

I would suggest we read the "hard copy" version of Mr. Westerhold's editorial. It's more in depth than the on-line version.

Other suggested reading is the minutes from the Budget Work Session and the actual budget for each department.

One example is the budget for the Paper District Marina. The information provided has the marina losing money again this year. While the City is working on a new contract with the lessee of the concession stand, much of the negative revenue can be pin pointed to the fact the City is paying all electric at the facility including the concession stand.


I read the "hard copy" version of Mr. Westerhold's editorial. Why did Alan concel his meeting? Why not go through with it? I very clearly states HE cancelled it? Why? I would love a reason on that one. Seems to me the finance committee should be doing THEIR jobs, not cancelling the meeting. What possible reason, knowing this was coming up, would he have to do such a thing?

As for that Paper District Marina, that has been an albatross since day one. I don't know who ever thought that thing up, but it is just one big drain hole and should be privitized. It's worthless and a drain on the city resources.

This city is losing ground fast due to the unsavory elimiate at work behind the scenes and it will be the ruin of this place. Mark my words. It will and we all have a few people to thank for it....its coming fast.


@ wiredmama:

I'm no brain surgeon, but I have to think, based on the Finance Committee's comments in the paper, they cancelled the meeting because Ard was ignoring their recommendations.

What's it going to take for you to acknowledge and admit what you already know--- the turmoil in this City is being caused from within 222 Meigs Street and not by the taxpayers and committees raising legitimate concerns?


The majority rules and the commissioners will continue to protect Ard at all costs including throwing the taxpayer under the bus when this situation gets completely out of control, if it isn't already. Anyone can blance a budget by saying they are eliminating 3 or 4 jobs. What about the union raises, are those raises counted into the budget? What about the wish list of expenses that have to be provided for so the city can function? The problem will not go away on its own and it will have to be addressed. The commissioners need to take their blinders off.


It don't matter what copy of Matt's editorials you read. It is always blatantly obvious who his favorites are.


AMEN....some things never change. Glad I am not the only one who thinks so. Tragic isn't it?