Opinion: Dean Henry should step down from Limberios probe

Matt Westerhold
Mar 25, 2013


Special prosecutor Dean Henry's investigation of the March 2012 death of Jacob Limberios is dragging on and Henry's not talking. He refuses to say why the investigation remains incomplete or when it will be finished. 

Henry, and other county officials have suggested that one problem has been the reporting done by the Register. Henry has called it unprofessional, the same word he used to describe the Limberios family attorney. Perhaps he sees himself as some sort of expert in these areas. 

But it's been nearly 13 months since Jacob Limberios was killed, and Sandusky County officials still have not provided a plausible explanation as to how he died. Henry hasn't made any discernable progress in months, and it's simply difficult to fathom what a reasonable and professional explanation would be for the long delay.

Henry and other county officials also have not provided a reasonable reply to questions regarding decisions made by officials to discard evidence, to neglect to collect evidence, the incongruent statements from them and a host of other problems with this investigation. 

The concern is it won't be possible for Henry to issue an independent report that is accurate due to the incredible missteps by Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer, coroner John Wukie and prosecutor Tom Stierwalt. Henry is representing those same men in a civil lawsuit related to Limberios' death, so he has a vested interest in portraying their roles in the initial botched investigation in the most positive light possible in the current criminal investigation he also heads up. 

It makes no sense for Henry to be leading both the defense in the lawsuit and the "independent" criminal investigation. Henry should step down from one, or both roles. It's time to give up the ghost and hand this off to a truly independent and competent agency so that it can be brought to a conclusion. 



He should step down!! But,his ego won't let him!! Why is it taking so long I ask Mr. Henry? Does he feel this is the right thing to do to this family? They have waited long enough for the facts? A little local paper threatens Dean and he this investigation? Really? why? Because you and the good ole boys are covering up a botched investigation! Shame on Sandusky County for doing this to this family!

Kottage Kat

Keep the pressure on
Why no involvement by AG


thank you dean!! take your time and get it right. there is nothing wrong with making sure it is right this time around.

i can imagine it is difficult with this rag-bag newspaper spewing it's venon. apparently, if you don't follow the register's agenda they will continue their ugliness.

mhs parent

Are you serious???? If it weren't for the SR this poor family would probably still not have a voice. Its not about anyone's Agenda, its about finally getting to the truth so Jake's family can finally have closure. Had Sandusky County done their JOB from the beginning non of this would be necessary. But then again I guess I am probably falling on deaf ears since after reading many of your previous posts you just do not seem to get it. Obviously you have never lived in limbo with unanswered questions stopping you from moving forward. And I honestly for your sake I pray that you never do because it is a very dark place to live.

Mr Henry I agree you need to step down, it is completely unethical for you to be lead council in this investigation as well as lead council for the defense.

Kottage Kat

Why did they name your mother Mikel?


It sounds like all three should step down and turn this over to the feds


I have no problem with the time it takes to investigate this matter. This isn't TV where everything is wrapped up in an hour. Doing it right is more important than doing it quick. However, the last paragraph says it all. There is clearly an eithical violation and conflict of interest for an attorney to represent county officials in a civil lawsuit while being the special prosecutor in the same case.

If the Register focused on this aspect of an inappropriate investigation instead of wallowing in the tabloid journalism of rumors and innuendo, their complaints about this case would have substantially more credibilty. Stick to the facts instead of the rumors and innuedo unless you've decided to become the Sandusky "Inquirer".

Matt Westerhold

Thanks jas for the constructive criticism. I'm not clear to what you might referring, however, regarding reporting 'rumors and innuendo.' Perhaps you could expand on those concerns by citing something specific. 


Matt - Take some time to go back and reread your stories on this case. Many have more questions than facts in the typical tabloid style of journalism. Have a look at the headlines used as well. When someones doesn't answer a question, it doesn't mean they have something to hide or agree with your incriminating question. Their demeanor in remaining silent doesn't create a fact other than they are silent in a certain way. Anything else is the tabloid response to silence. If that's the way you want to run your paper, that's fine. But it's still like a tabloid when you have more questions than facts in an alleged news article. Save the questions you raise for the editorial page without making unfounded allegations that can't be backed up by proven facts.

Professor Playdoh's picture
Professor Playdoh

Well Matt...Seeing how the "other people" that were there have had a year to get their story straight..They may never get to the real truth. Maybe they should just charge them all. I bet someone would speak up real fast.


Mr. Daily Register:

Do it now! Contact your Cleveland attorney who is the expert in absorbing all of this crap, and then filing legal action Vs. the "team" identified in this story. This has been going on way beyond any legal definitions of Justice.

Therefore, an assumption of "illigally protecting oneself" could be a reality. What other explanation is there?

Then, do the common newspaper practice of recruiting other local newspapers to join in to upend this disgraceful portrayal of the law.

And believe me, they all are breaking the law.

Truth or Dare

Isn't the County Prosecutor the one responsible for asking/inviting the OAG into investigating such a situation? Chances are he (Stierwalt) is not going to ask for himself to be investigated. Now you have a visiting Prosecutor representing the officials? The same asked to investigate? WTyouknowhat! Clear conflict here, so much so it jumps off the page and slaps everyone in the face!

Take this Nationial anyway you can! As they say, actions speak louder than words! Start by mailing copies of this to any national civil rights orgs./groups/agencies, then News Stations and T.V. shows that could step up to help! I would guaranfreakintee they've heard of, if don't know the professionally educated, overly qualified, ethical individual involved with this case, who'se personal reputation has been attacked, not to mention what this has done to Jake's family! This makes me sick!

Again, please take the time, anyone, to watch Frontline's Documentary: Post Mortum. Only an hour out of your day will open your eyes to what's taking place all across our country.


I'm not a lawyer. I'm am a down to earth type of person who looks at this case and can see clear ethical violations. What are those people trying to hide?

Edit: PS. There has to be a be chunk of money involved somewhere. Follow the money.


For all positive bloggers we would love to have your support on our new "Justice for JAKE" Facebook page! Please join us on the page as we will be setting up a petition to get this case turned over to Mike DeWine.
Thank you for your continuous thoughts, we appreciate it!!!
-kayleigh bowers!


I think that if theres going to be an end put to this and justice for the family , then , maybe they should suspend the three and convene a grand jury to go through this mess and finally put to bed any speculation and rumors and innuendo and let the people involved finally have justice once and for all


This entire matter needs to go to a new team altogether. It shouldn't go to the AG either, remember, he has ties to the sheriff. No, let this one go to a whole new investigative team: FBI or if you HAVE to, the AG. I would prefer to see the FBI. You guys need a whole new set of eyes on this, a new investigative team and a new set of ears. Do it quickly. Time is wasting. Get this family it's answers and then let the chips fall where they may.


If the FBI gets involved, the FBI agents need to come from another state besides Ohio. Those FBI agents who raided Cuyahoga County, Ohio came from out of state.

I don't trust Ohio's FBI agents because many of them are friends with the powers that be in Ohio. Do you remember this FBI boss who headed the Toledo, Ohio FBI?

"Toledo Ohio FBI Special Agent Carl Spicocchi armed abduction"

"Carl L. Spicocchi, 54, a former head of the FBI's Toledo office who was on a temporary assignment in Washington, is being held without bond at the Arlington jail on two felony counts -- abduction with intent to defile and a firearms charge, police said."

"An Arlington County Circuit Court judge sentenced Spicocchi to 13 years and suspended seven of them.

In a courtroom crowded with his friends from law enforcement, a former FBI official was sentenced yesterday to six years in prison for torturing his girlfriend at knifepoint and gunpoint during a six-hour ordeal in her Crystal City high-rise apartment."

"But Bergman said that Spicocchi confessed only after he realized that police had enough evidence to convict him, and that he had asked the police officer to let him go, as a favor, "cop to cop."

Spicocchi's former FBI colleagues declined to comment at the sentencing, but more than a dozen sent letters to the judge telling him that they believed this act was an aberration in an otherwise upstanding life.

"Carl was not only a premier law enforcement agent but a fine and conscientious gentleman," wrote Lou J. Ronca, a supervisory special agent with the FBI."

Look at all of the FBI agents and law enforcement friends of this crook FBI boss who sent letters to the judge telling what a swell guy this FBI crook was. Please note in the news story above "Spicocchi's former FBI colleagues declined to comment at the sentencing, but more than a dozen sent letters to the judge"

I certainly could not trust any FBI agent who tried to get the judge to go easy on a crook FBI boss. I say give OAG DeWine a chance first. I do agree that certain areas of Ohio need to be raided by out of state FBI agents.



Hoss McGee

After listening to the audio on Justice for Jake on facebook. I would start questioning the hell out of Brittany. I'm sorry for saying that Kayleigh, she knows more then what's be said I believe. That's my own opinion.


Once this all settles down and they prove that the young man didnt inflict this wound to himself and they prosecute the one(s) that did, then those in charge of this investigation should be charged with neglect of duty and removed from public service and prosecuted as well. What a shame this has all come to this. Protect and Serve..so many has forgotten what that means.


Why didn't the county at least charge them for under age drinking that night?


and firing a firearm while intoxicated, and Lewis for purchasing alcohol for minors...

John Harville

MATT. Your focus should be on the Overmyer County inbred law enforcement structure... Sheriff, Clerk of Courts (sister), deputies (father, brother-in-law, brother [?], Lindsey Village officers.
How does a Sheriff/deputies go to a shooting scene and not even recover bullets, do residue checks...
Let's not forget the mentally ill woman 'encouraged' to touch her naked body.
Let's not forget the guy sitting in his living room asleep with a gun on his lap when deputies tossed a bomb into the house and he awoke shooting - 'justifying' dozens of shots fired into the home and him.
I'm no fan of Henry.... after all he represented former Clyde-Green Springs Supt. Todd Helms who STILL hasn't released his pension or made any restitution.
The Overmyer County legal system has long been questionable.