You asked and Orzech answered

Mar 15, 2013


Sandusky's new acting police chief John Orzech was our guest at noon today on "Between the Lines Live" at The weekly program is sponsored by Terra State Community College.

Orzech took questions from the audience in the chatroom during the live segment and the program is available in the player below. 


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For Chief Orzech: What do you think of the actions you observed at the "media class" you were at recently.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Cityslicker. Good question. 


Yeah let's see if you actually address that Matt since you were kindly asked to leave. Doubt it.


1. Does the culture of the department need to change, if so, weren't you part of it and how would you go about changing it?

2. How would you go about gaining the respect and support of the community?


What will you do, John, about making someone who does business in Downtown Sandusky feel safe about being in that area after dark? I don't even live in your county, but I know where to be and not to be at which times. I wouldn't even want to go to the cop shop after dusk.


is that noon today?


Maybe the Register's noon is different from everyone else's ?


I guess their noon is 12:20


ya know if you want people to tune in, you should start on time.

Not Yer Pa

Sandusky is on C.P.T.

The Bizness

The story at the end of this about throwing a drunk man out of Dalys was pretty dang stupid.


Your're right Buford. For such a good question, it sure did not much attention. Must have been discussed prior to air time.


There should be more shakedowns at drug flophouses in town. A regular walk through, if drugs or people busted for drug use or selling were found here in the past 3 years, then you get 3 more years of unannouced police visits.