Man's best friend

Mar 3, 2013

The unfortunate incident in which a Sandusky police officer shot an killed a dog in a Sandusky neighborhood last month has certainly stirred many among us. 

At last count, there were more than 1,500 comments from readers at on various stories about the incident posted at the newspaper's website. That comment count dwarfs the number of comments left by readers below stories about the March 2, 2012, killing of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios. The fact that a video of the dog killing was available probably has a lot to do with the enormous response from readers. 

Click here to read past articles about the killing of Jacob Limberios.

It seems readily apparent there might have been a better way to respond to the loose dog complaint. It's a good thing when readers express their opinions on any matter, regardless of how uncomfortable that might make city officials, or anyone else. It also seems the Sandusky Police Department is attempting to address the concerns by being pro-active in reviewing what happened and developing better response protocols for loose dog complaints.

But when it comes to the killing of Jacob Limberios, it seems Sandusky County officials, and special prosecutor Dean Henry, only know one way to investigate: Stonewall.

The Limberios family contracted to have an autopsy done after county officials refused to conduct their own. Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist, concluded there was no way Limberios was holding the gun that killed him. In a phone interview with Henry and Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer during a "Between the Lines" program Feb.7, we asked Henry about Wecht's autopsy. (Click here to watch the program. The interviews with Overmyer and Henry begin at about the 20-minute mark in the program.)

Question: Have you reviewed Dr. Wecht's autopsy?
Henry: I have.
Question: Did you have any thoughts on the autopsy report?
Henry: I have lots of thoughts on his autopsy report.
Question: Could you share any of those with us?
Henry: Do you have a specific question?
Question: Could you share any of your thoughts with us on the autopsy report?
Henry: No.

A year and a day after he was killed, Henry does not appear anywhere close to wrapping up the probe and filing a report. The Limberios family has been asking for 12 months, "Who killed our son?" The best answer from Henry, so far, has been, "We may never know exactly what happened."

But Sandusky County sheriff's investigators seemed to know within two hours after Jacob was killed. They appear to have wrapped up that initial investigation before midnight on March 2, 2012, determining that Jacob committed suicide but it might have been accidental. There was no need for the coroner at the crime scene, and there was no need to preserve evidence, apparently, because the investigators decided an autopsy was not necessary and it was OK, apparently, to throw away clothing and blood-spattered shoes worn by witnesses to the killing.

Family pets are beloved. They're dependable.  It's understandable why the killing of "Lucy" the dog has stirred so much emotion in the community. 

It's more difficult, however, to understand why the killing of Jacob Limberios has not stirred a similar level of concern. 




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Off topic? But yet the SR can use the stirred emotions from Lucy’s death to lure readers to an unrelated article? How hypocritical.


Keep stirring the pot so you can sell those newspapers!!!

Kottage Kat



Matt why not print the photo of the dog next to the logo on the rag? Screen it real light to make a watermark and it could be your new mascot for the next few months! Better yet you could freeze dry the body and put it by the front door as the register guardian!!!

Father of 1

I agree. Justice for JAKE! A human who lost his life. R.I.P Jake. Prayers to all his family and friends.




As a long time runner who has been chased and threatened by unleashed and uncontrolled dogs on numerous occasions, I say: Nice shot Officer Wilson.


Run on a treadmill in your house if dogs have been chasing you on numerous occasions. If it had been a child chasing you, would you say the same thing? Idiot!


In what neighborhood do you live where you have growling, snapping and threatening minors?


Well isn't that all of Sandusky?


what a maroon. is like everybody in sandusky scared of dogs?

join the military. they'll grow you some balls and they run every morning at 5 am. this way you and the rest of the little girls can learn how to punch a dog in the nose instead of shooting it.


there was soooo many other things that could have been done before he shot that dog, THEN LEFT IT SUFFERING while we all watched it. What is a PA system on a crusier for, what about the sirene to get the owner to come out, officer knew who the owner was, they had been there before. Does the dog warden have a tranq. gun, if not that should be done asap. Crusiers should have tranq. guns also for this very reason. I understand that problems with vicious dogs, but this dog was running away from his killer, NOT running to the vidieo is clear on that Chief Lang ison right track, training is a must. This should never happen again.


Lets start with the people that were in that house at the time of his death.

Mime Bloggling's picture
Mime Bloggling

As tragic as the Limberios killing is it's a bit unfair to compare comments left with the killing of the dog story. You are essentially saying to the people of Sandusky and your Register readers "you're idiots for placing importance on a dog rather than a human being". Well of course, but as you said the dog story came replete with video which stirs the emotions and the dog story happened in our own back yard. I have to wonder how many comments were registered for the Officer Dunn murder? That comparison might have been a little bit more fair. I would wager to say had the killing of the young man been in our area where he was well-known it might have evoked the same response but papers must be sold. I wish these same newspaper folk had the same pathos and indignation when it comes to the killing of the unborn. Last report over 55 million dead.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment, Mime Blogging, but that's not what I stated, nor is it what I meant. 


Careful Mime.

Selflessly advocating for support of the unborn, while thousands are killed daily. – Not OK.

Shamelessly capitalizing on the killing of a single dog to garner readership and hit counts - OK

Moderators should remove this comment because it exposes media manipulation techniques.


" comments are dwarfed ".... meaning what? Is there more revenue according to the number of comments posted?


@ Mr. Westerhold:

When (not if), in the future a child is mauled by a vicious dog, will you pursue that incident with a similar vehemence as you have this shooting story?

Matt Westerhold



@ Mr. Westerhold:

So we should expect webcasts, online and print interviews, videos etc.? Good to read.


Nothing like beating a dead dog , umm ,I mean horse . ; ))))

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Would they put it on their YOUTUBE site that they haven't touched in over a year ?
To bad other news stations took that video and cut it down to 1.4 mins
not getting the truth out .


Give it a rest for crying out loud! Go to church or something!


Well put Paul.

Swamp Fox

How many articles, videos did the Register do on the dog story, and why?
The why because it goes to their anti SPD bias. Now they wonder why there was so many comments, sort of like the pyromaniac asking why there was a fire.

Julie R.

I have to agree. Not to take away from the unjustifiable cruel shooting of a dog, but where's the outrage over the stonewalling of the killing of Jake Limberios? That stonewalling is also cruel --- MORE than cruel.

Edwin Ison

Ok, here is a question Matt.

If Sandusky residents must buy a county dog tag yearly, and subsidize the dog wardens department through taxes, why do the Sandusky police routinely answer loose/nuisance dog calls without assistance from the county dog warden?

If in fact the city officers are untrained in how to handle such calls, the blame should be remanded to the top....the chief is at fault here for a faulty policy. Why doesn't the city tag dogs themselves, collect the money and hire back a trained, qualified dog control officer so as to eliminate senseless killings of animals?


Why would you ask Matt that ? That question should be raised at an Erie county or city of Sandusky commission meeting .

Edwin Ison

Yeah, politicians are so forthcoming with information when asked by Joe Average :)