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Mar 3, 2013

The unfortunate incident in which a Sandusky police officer shot an killed a dog in a Sandusky neighborhood last month has certainly stirred many among us. 

At last count, there were more than 1,500 comments from readers at on various stories about the incident posted at the newspaper's website. That comment count dwarfs the number of comments left by readers below stories about the March 2, 2012, killing of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios. The fact that a video of the dog killing was available probably has a lot to do with the enormous response from readers. 

Click here to read past articles about the killing of Jacob Limberios.

It seems readily apparent there might have been a better way to respond to the loose dog complaint. It's a good thing when readers express their opinions on any matter, regardless of how uncomfortable that might make city officials, or anyone else. It also seems the Sandusky Police Department is attempting to address the concerns by being pro-active in reviewing what happened and developing better response protocols for loose dog complaints.

But when it comes to the killing of Jacob Limberios, it seems Sandusky County officials, and special prosecutor Dean Henry, only know one way to investigate: Stonewall.

The Limberios family contracted to have an autopsy done after county officials refused to conduct their own. Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist, concluded there was no way Limberios was holding the gun that killed him. In a phone interview with Henry and Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer during a "Between the Lines" program Feb.7, we asked Henry about Wecht's autopsy. (Click here to watch the program. The interviews with Overmyer and Henry begin at about the 20-minute mark in the program.)

Question: Have you reviewed Dr. Wecht's autopsy?
Henry: I have.
Question: Did you have any thoughts on the autopsy report?
Henry: I have lots of thoughts on his autopsy report.
Question: Could you share any of those with us?
Henry: Do you have a specific question?
Question: Could you share any of your thoughts with us on the autopsy report?
Henry: No.

A year and a day after he was killed, Henry does not appear anywhere close to wrapping up the probe and filing a report. The Limberios family has been asking for 12 months, "Who killed our son?" The best answer from Henry, so far, has been, "We may never know exactly what happened."

But Sandusky County sheriff's investigators seemed to know within two hours after Jacob was killed. They appear to have wrapped up that initial investigation before midnight on March 2, 2012, determining that Jacob committed suicide but it might have been accidental. There was no need for the coroner at the crime scene, and there was no need to preserve evidence, apparently, because the investigators decided an autopsy was not necessary and it was OK, apparently, to throw away clothing and blood-spattered shoes worn by witnesses to the killing.

Family pets are beloved. They're dependable.  It's understandable why the killing of "Lucy" the dog has stirred so much emotion in the community. 

It's more difficult, however, to understand why the killing of Jacob Limberios has not stirred a similar level of concern. 




The video made it very much more dramatic for the dog. Not to mention, the SR hadn't put posts up as well as numerous others about the dog? You have nothing to tell us about Jacob's case, why should we talk? We can scream to the high heavens, but if the gov't isn't willing to give information, what are we to do? Pitchforks, Knives and Tar and Feather until we get what we want? I don't believe that the SR can compare apples to oranges. How about YOU, THE SR, give the readers addresses to send emails to so we can have some sense of cohesion in Jacob's death ? You seem to enjoy drama. I do as well. Report addresses and get the ball rolling.


Ohio does have some laws that pertain to dogs.
955.28 Dog may be killed for certain acts - owner liable for damages.
Chapter 955: DOGS


Really, who can expect this one man to do all THREE jobs as explained by the SR?! Way the frip out there even for the normal person who watches TV shows.

"Special prosecutor Dean Henry, a Sandusky County attorney appointed to investigate the investigation and also defend Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer, County prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt and the three witness to Jacob's death in a lawsuit filed by his family has not given any indication when he will wrap up the investigation."

Who in the USA can prosecute, investigate and defend everyone involved? May as well let him be the judge and jury as well.


The third witness has never been mentioned by name. Wonder why?

It is also said that the third witness refused a polygraph. Who is HE?


There is someone high up enough in the political spectrum to be able to try and shut this investigation down. Plain and simple.

Next move for the people who want to find out?


IMHO, Sandusky Co. is trying their best to "un-ring" the bell.


This is about Lucy

here's the link - it says 9 minutes till show time:

Ask Sue Online Radio by Ask Sue
Ask Sue Davies


Thank you for posting the YouTube link on the killing of the dog. I can now make a decision. The cop was in the wrong the dog didnt do anything aggressive he was just barking. So it was just another gun happy cop that didnt know how to handle this. I feel bad if anyone else has a dog that barks like that to protect its property


Would more comments help? I don't know. Obviously people feel all sorts of compassion over the dog situation and there are people for and against it, I don't think too many people can be against the situation with the Limberios death, it's clear there were mistakes made. No controversy to that. The controversy lies in Sandusky County and the good ole boys network that seems to be protecting each other. All of the information has been put out there but it's getting nowhere. An independent source needs to investigate this. Not the family, not the media and not another person from the county, it was wrong starting from the very day of the shooting and the Coroner not viewing the body or sending it for an autopsy. I think Mr. Westerhold that there are not a lot of comments because you don't have 2 opposing views like you do with the dog. It's clear that Sandusky County messed up. I realize comments and hits to your website probably equals dollar signs and papers and advertising sold, but don't stop reporting about it because it doesn't get comments. Keep it coming. Let people read the facts. Let people read the responses or lack of response from the county.



Woody Hayes

No agenda?


i see it like this.. people are easy to comment on an idiot cop plying with his gun thus proving his ignorance than they are to comment about idiot kids playing with guns... something about chastising a dead person gets people all uneasy... should the cop have called someone better suited for the situation? absolutely. should the kid have not put himself in a situation where his death was caused by disrespecting the powers of a loaded gun in a room full of morally questionable people? absolutely... but it's just so much easier to talk about the dog than to say a person made some questionable judgement calls that resulted in an untimely death. the number of comments doesn't have anything to do with who cares more about what, but instead of what's easier to talk about.

i do realize that my comments will take some heat, but that just goes to show my point. no one wants to be outed for speaking for the other side of the story when it comes to a human death... no one wants to be "that guy" when it comes to defending the stances on suicide or murder... especially when it's a local issue.


Amen, vA.


I actually agree with you.


Mr. Westerhold could care less for this family. It is sad that he is taking advantage of a grieving family to promote his hatred for law enforcement. It seems like Mr. Westerhold is always attacking our hard working law enforcement and smearing their reputation. He has made a vicious and dangerous dog a victim and the hard working police officer fighting to keep us safe the bad guy. His arrogance and hatred is terrible. I respect law enforcement and will defend them!

Advocate For Animals

I think quite a few in law enforcement have done a fine job themselves in smearing their reputation. They've created their own big black eyes.

The dog WAS a victim of a cruel and inhumane thoughtless cop who lacked common sense and the proper training in dealing with a large breed dog.




I agree with Advocate For Animals, law enforcement is doing a pretty good job of smearing their own reputation all on their own with Ms. Hansen's dog here in Sandusky and running the Limberios family around the truth about how their son died in Sandusky county.

This is the classic definition of the good ole boys club where we have a group of people covering up their wrong doing.

It is bothersome that you as being a part of the law enforcement community or at least a supporter actually believes it is ok and even advocates these cover-ups.

There isn't any excuse in the world that justifies Henry running the Limberios family around.

There isn't any excuse for a cop driving up to a house, getting out of his car, and shooting a dog in its own front yard with the owner inside the house not knowing the dog got out of the back yard just 3 minutes earlier.


so then maybe it's not the columnist having a vendetta against the local law enforcement agencies... maybe, just maybe, it's prudent and justifiable news coverage of what the people in the local police departments are doing. after all, if the city and county employees weren't doing anything wrong, there'd be nothing to report on... so where people who blithely and blindly follow the letters of the laws and those that enforce it see it as biased news coverage... it just might be the fact that the people of the paper of just covering what happened to the dismay of those involved. sucks to be them i guess.


I find it pretty pathetic that the majority of the comments on this article somehow ended up being about the dog that was shot in Sandusky, and that there are people debating about that story under this article - an article about a man who lost his life and left behind a family. I am definitely an animal lover, but this is a little ridiculous. You all are proving Matt's point that it seems as though killing an animal is getting more attention than killing a human being - someone who had a small child and a ton of family and friends that really care about him. This article's comments just go to show why this case is stuck where it is... I pray for the Limberios family that this case gets the attention that it deserves, and soon. A year later is too long to wait for answers. Thanks again to the Sandusky Register for covering this case and keeping in the spotlight. I'm sure someone that is related to one of these "officials" from Sand. Co. is on the paper in their area, which is why there probably hasn't been any coverage in the papers there.


Our Law enforcment officials work tirelessly to protect our lives. They are goood people who care for our society and fight criminals. I am tired of Mr. Westerhhold attacking these individuals and defending criminals.


Are you KIDDING me? Have you not read anything about this case? The law enforcement officials are the CRIMINALS in this case!! They have protected no one but themselves and hurt an innocent family. I have nothing but respect for the officials that do their jobs, and that is the majority of them, but Matt Westerhold is not "attacking" anyone - he's stating the facts. The facts being that these officials did not do their jobs and were too lazy to do a real investigation. Who were they caring for? THEMSELVES. If you need more proof:

Read some of that, and tell me who the criminals really are. It's definitely not Jake, and it's definitely not his family.


just don't get shot 10 minutes before the donut shop closes or last call of happy hour......

just kiddin. lol.

Peaceful Streets Project - Sandusky's picture
Peaceful Street...

I think Matt's point is, it's all relative. No good can come from an institution of violence that abuses a monopoly of force and coercion to maintain peace.
More innocent people are assaulted by law enforcers on a daily basis than all of the non-costumed gangs combined.
No more will the thin blue line trump Justice and Freedom.
"For the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

nosey rosey

I'm more concerned about what was done to an innocent animal than I am when immature "adults" play with guns and someone dies.


You no what was done to that innocent animal... The parents have no facts or answers to what happened to their son (HUMAN)! That is a huge difference!Duh! And you can't say immature adults playing with the gun. If you read the 97 pages it clearly states Jake warned those other "adults" it might be loaded... So make sure you READ the court papers before posting your ignorant replies please! Fact remains a human died and no answers and dog dies (with video) showing what happened!


the facts remain that even though they were warned that the gun could be loaded, they still disrespected the gun. so, whether or not the death was a suicide, or an accidental discharge, there really aren't any comfortable points to be made about a person losing their life.

i mean really... lets take the opposing side to this argument. everyone was warned that it might be loaded right? why not remove the gun from the situation? why was it still being messed with at that point? why didn't the boy leave? why not remove yourself from the situation if you see people immaturely acting irresponsibly with a possibly loaded weapon? put it along the same lines of a complicity to a crime if someone is just along for the ride in a robbery. they didnt steal anything. they didnt drive the get away vehicle. they were just in proximity. makes them guilty of the crime by association right? they had every chance to remove themselves from the situation, and yet, didnt.

point 1. saying those things was pretty rough, even having not known the person killed... which means im not likely to make any more comments on that situation. im sure plenty of people feel the same way, which would be why the comment numbers on those threads are down.

point 2. having said those things i've probably angered a few people, and like i said above, even though some people could be thinking along the same lines as what i posted above, no one wants to be "that guy" that has to come out and say it. which means comments on those types of threads would be low.

point 3. lack of comments doesnt always mean lack of interest. like i said before it's easy to take either side of the arguments on the killed dog... it's easy to talk about. people dont like cops, people do like cops. people dont like dogs, people do like dogs... pretty easy lines to argue about. but when it comes to the death of a young person that seems to not have done anything wrong his entire life other than be in the wrong place in the wrong time... it's hard to find any opposing sides to that... even if we are talking about the botch job of the officials handling the case, it's just a bit too touchy for people to find opposing sides to argue about, and it's those arguments that generate banter, thus raising the comment count...

so for all of you sheeple that think the coment count translates directly into the interest of the column, shame on you for being that naive. and for those of you attacking the people that report the news instead of asking why that kind of news is even being reported in the first place... dont kill the messenger man. if cops stopped screwing up, mat wouldn't have anything negative to report about. but since the local PD cant seem to help themselves in that department, please, keep reporting.


How do you know he (Jake) disrespected the gun? How do you know he wasn't leaving when he was shot? My point is this. We know what happened to the dog there is video of that. 3 witnesses (teenagers) have changed their story of that night and Sandusky County closing a killing without doing a proper investigation and his Parents have no facts to what happened to their son. Where the poor dog owner has answers to what happened to the animal she loved. These parents have every right to no what happened to their son and have their questions answered.


MamaC, learn to swim, because the point went way over your head.

it's not about who has more information on which topic, it's not about what we know. people are upset about the amount of interest shown between the two stories, how can so many people comment about the shooting of the dog and not on the botched investigation, and it's not always the amount of comments that reflects the amount of interest.

those points about Jake were a bit rhetorical... i didnt really want an answer or an argument about them... they were to show how bad of a person you'd look like if you were to be the one to fight the opposing argument in that situation.

again, you completely missed the point and chose to only look at certain parts of the post. im not going to argue about a dead kid. just not going to do it, and im sure the people that cruise this website feel the same way, which would explain the lack of comments involving those articles.


So glad we were able to destroy any dog that bothered our livestock on our land. So glad our dogs (that stayed on our farm) hurt trash that were trying to steal. In America each need to be responsible. Sadly people are not.