VIDEO: Between the Lines with Donna Hansen

Jason Werling
Feb 27, 2013


Donna Hansen, the Sandusky dog owner who's dog was shot by a police officer, was our guest on this week's program.

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It didn't seem that the officer tried to use the snare at all but went right to his gun. Also, where was the animal control officer?

dorothy gale

My thoughts exactly.

Bada Bing

people need to stop making bad comments about the girl...bottom line is the cop didnt need to kill the dog,he could have turned on the lights and sirens and the dog would have been scared enough to back away....
what the heck is the deal with the sandusky police dept

Advocate For Animals

You're absolutely right. No matter what anyone's personal opinion is of this girl or the dog running loose and not having dog tags it does not excuse what this cop did especially when he had other alternatives.

As for that postal worker, I hope she sleeps well at night. I also hope if she has children none of her children ever have to experience the loss of a pet in such a heartless, cruel manner.

Sandusky Register Reader's picture
Sandusky Regist...

Ok so if I were to call and complain that that cops dog has charged me and then another person makes the same complaint it will be ok for someone to shoot his dog on sight, right!


Let me get this stright. If "Justice" charges you, and you call to complain. Then another person makes the same complaint. Then I can come to the conclusion that you and the other person are making your call from Jail... "Justice" is trained to go after law breakers on command of the LEO (Law Enforcement Officer)...Than both you and the other person must both be law breakers, and are under arrest....


Or better yet when an officer is severely injured because another dog in the same type of situation attacks them and they DON'T use force against them because of all the slack they're getting right now happens we can all just sit back and say well they should have taken their gun out and shot the dog, end of story, right?

Erie Sniper

This cop was never attacked by this dog. So there can't be another "same type of situation" when "an officer is severely injured". This cop got out of his cruiser and immediately put his right hand onto his sidearm. His initial intention was to shoot this dog no matter what happened. The dog was backing away and the cop gave chase so that he could shoot it.

dorothy gale





Being a cop in must be tricky. Some get killed by scum. Others try to do what is best for the majority.Others get called racial names. Either way too many *itch about cops. Good luck to you in L.E.


Bottom Line is the dog should have been restrained, chained. or leashed . She was unsupervised. The owner broke the law more than once.

I feel bad for the dog and the officer ( they don't like to shoot dogs ) no matter what people think.

Wondering the outcome if the dog had went after a little kid? Same "let's protest" BS ?

Advocate For Animals

You can spout all the what if's you want. In the end it does not excuse what he did.

You want to complain about laws being broken? I suggest you sit in the muni courtroom sometime and watch one repeat offender after another be set free with their jail time and fines dismissed, especially if they are unemployed. It seems only the employed, tax paying citizens of Sandusky are required to follow the law and be held accountable for their actions.


Do you actually think everybody who posts on here lives in Sandusky? Seriously?

It doesn't excuse the fact that NO ONE came out to see what Lucy was barking about until AFTER the fact.

Where the hell was the precious owners before then? I had big dogs, I know the deal. But I kept them confined. She was careless with her dog's safety. Period.

Advocate For Animals

It still does not excuse what he did. You have to be completely lacking in humanity to defend his actions!

I could care less where you live! You're the one who keeps spouting off about laws not being followed. Since you seem to sit so high in judgement of others perhaps you can take this talent of yours to a courtroom and make your condemnations on the rest of the lawbreakers who are being let off the hook.


So then you condone the fact that there was NO ONE around there to restrain the dog. They wouldn't even come out of the house.

This dog was a perceived threat with negligent owners and would have been a different outcome if a little kid had walked by. Then everyone would be praising the officer. Point of fact you don't have a dog loose or not check on it when it barks... There are such a thing as different barks ( tones)... being such an animal lover YOU should know that.

If you're such an advocate maybe you need to be in the shoes of someone who's ever been attacked or bitten. You seem to lack the common sense, though.


She hasn't paid the fine from the last dog at large and she plead not guilty to the dog at large charge?? And she never got out of her yard, she always caught her? The last time she was out long enough for an officer to respond.


But she is the victim..NOT...the only victim is the dog and the poor mail lady!!


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dorothy gale

An animal control officer issue. The dog should have been caught and taken to the pound. If it was determined to be vicious and dangerous then it should have been HUMANELY EUTHANIZED. In the dashcam video we see absolutely no evidence of the officer attempting to catch the dog; it actually appears as if the officer had only one plan in mind, and that plan was to kill the dog.


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Rod Farva

Boo hoo


Personal information????


Absolutely nothing against LE until this one BTW


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Has this lady called the Post Lady yet? Since a gun was involed our old buddy matt can bask in his glory!


Westerhold is playing this lady like a puppet. You can almost see the strings. He keeps leading this lady right down his path to his agenda!!


15 min. of fame is almost over, will be on Springer next week.


Donna had a legitimate point about the neighborhood. If it would have been in a "rich" neighborhood, it is unlikely that it would have played out that way. And how might her child think about the police now, if she knows an officer shot their pet dog?
We do need animal control in this city, 24/7, for this type of situation and cases where animals are abused or abandoned.
DickChaney, your first name is a perfect description of you and your pals here.

Rod Farva

Different in rich neighborhood? Give me a break. Would it have been different if the dog was white too?

Pastor Ron

Takes some real nerve for her to sue the city considering she has not paid her fines from the last incident and is not pleading not guilty on this one? Sorry honey is is not about rich and poor but about actions. I doubt very many people in nicer neighborhoods have had their dog roam the neighborhood more than once and no doubt their dogs are licensed.


Ok, so for all you unknowing idiots out there, #1 The dog warden WILL NOT come into the city for a dog call. Years ago the City of Sandusky had an officer that dealt with dogs. They no longer have that luxury and the "county" dog warden is not obligated to come into the city. So get off your damn high horse on that subject. #2 Want to know the REAL reason Jeese (owners boyfriend) didn't come out when the Cops were out there with his loose dog???? Because Jesse had a warrant out for his arrest and he didn't want to go to jail. Oh yeah, that's right people, fine upstanding citizen that he is. He was too worried about himself to save his precious dog. Did anyone mention the courtesy this officer gave Jesse by not hauling his butt in to jail, but he went out of his way to call the judge and recog him? Hell no. And #3 NO ONE can say how threatening that officer or anyone else felt if you were not standing in front of that barking and growling animal. You all know that animals and well as humans are unpredictable when threatened. The mail carrier was so scared she could barely talk. AND, they did know that this particular dog was unlicensed because they have Been on several calls for this same dog running loose. A miracle this dog has not attacked anyone prior. Tell me, have your ever been in the ER and seen the trauma of a dog attack?? I have, not pretty. That officer did what he felt he needed to do to protect himself and protect and serve this community. He took an oath to do that! And obviously that is an oath he took very seriously. I pray that you judgmental people never have to be faced with a life saving decision, because you all think you have the right answers. God help us all! Please stop all this nonsense and ugliness. It is unwarranted!


Why do people feel the need to talk about people~has nothing to do with a dog getting killed unjustly!


Lord have mercey on them people. They say if they were not poor and instead rich peoples it wouldnt of happened. Most rich cant afford a dog. To busy paying taxes for everyone that needs a little help. Like Metro or Food Stamps. " Which theres nothing wrong with "
But I sure hope these people have jobs and not living off the locals.

Besides the dog she has 3 cats. How much does it cost to feed a dog that size. Cats I know are cheap to feed. Just let them out and they can go into all your neighbors garbage. Using the bathroom in their lawn of course before they let them back in. At least our Lakes not on fire. Cleveland still wins.

Kottage Kat

Katz cheep to feed
Not if yo keep them indoors
Just spent 25.00 on 3 not so
Cheep kats
Fussy buggers they are



I'm sure K Kat also takes her cats to the vet for regular check ups. Also not cheap.


This is another typical example of Mr. Westerhold's arrogance and obsession against law enforcement officials. Mr. Westerhold should be ashamed of himself.


Diddo to freedom12.


This is not newsworthy at all. This dog was a danger to society and once again a cop was doing a great job defending our communities. Mr. Westerhold however is trying to destroy this officers reputation and damage the police department. What is the reason behind his hatred for law enforcment?


hey matt, nice how u wore that heart during the interview. nothing like showing ur normal bias against the pd


Lady or not a Lady get a life!!


How will the girl think of police after listening to her mom and old matt bashing them?


The dog was acting like any other dog would act when someone approaches their property. Barking. Not attacking. And yes, I do think if it would have been a dog that had gotten loose on the Chausee, or if it would have been a less "notorious" breed, shooting the dog would not have been considered. I'm not saying the owner should be off the hook, I just found the overreaction to be sickening.


Just imagine if the this dog would have hurt somebody, Mr. Westerhold would be the first one to attack the offciers for not doing enough.

BULLISDEEP's picture

Where was the kid at during this .
She said they let the dog out,then it barks to get back in,Boyfriend
lets dog out ,then doesn't hear all the barking and gunshot .
She also said that he told her it got loose ,so why didn't he go get the dog ?