(VIDEO) Between the Lines special on the Limberios case

Feb 7, 2013


Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer and special prosecutor Dean Henry joined the "Between the Lines Live" program by telephone on Thursday (at about the 20-minute mark in this video) and offered some pretty interesting explanations for things that seem inexplicable.

Henry repeatedly threatens to "terminate" the conversation, but he took numerous questions from Register managing editor Matt Westerhold and reporter Emil Whitis during this program with guests Mike Limberios and attorney Dan McGookey. Many of Henry's answers seem non-responsive, but it's good that public officials from Sandusky County were finally willing to speak publicly about the death of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios 11 months ago.

Watch the program below:

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Has anyone EVER wondered why McGookeys came back to practice in Sandusky Ohio?

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Feel very sad for Mike. Much more sad in the fact he has to rely on Judge McG and Dan to help, but, the whole issue goes much further... Seems Erie politicans are play card with those over there to unseat some folks... THIS IS A FACT , and they are using this childs family as pawns!!!!! Its terrib;ly sad, the boy did NOT kill himself, yet politics has erupted!!!!

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very inept cops...
typical of Norther Ohio county CITY police forces... this IS WHY SANDUSKY NEEDS TO HIRE PROFESSIONAL FROM OUTSIDE THIS AREA, AND TRULY PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED LE..... u hire Tiffin, or Hielderburd, or Terra Tech grads.... save families pain and start hiring NYC cops, AND THOSE FROM NYU in forensic police tech CID training


Hey Matt Westerhold,
Why was this kept under wraps? Where was the heads up on this?
See http://www.sanduskyregister.com/...

I had no interest in your local sports but I would have attempted to have you or Emil ask the hard questions if I was allowed to.


"the boy did NOT kill himself, yet politics has erupted!!!!"

I have to agree. It appears that politics trumps any crime investigations.


I am always watching the powers that be in corrupt Sandusky County, Ohio.


I could careless about McGookey.. Those two arrogant county officials that wanted to act all cocky and control the situation spoke VOLUMES to everyone!That is a cover up at it's best! Hats off to both reports for asking the common sense questions that everyday joes have been thinking! Sandusky County FAILED the Limberios! Now we can ONLY hope that the national News picks it up and covers it and I bet these two fellows won't have the same tone with them like they did today! I am pushing and have been pushing for national news to cover this and see how fast people start moving then! I know Mike & Shannon and they have been way too NICE and Patient with these people! Sandusky County Failed. So you guys need to take it up a notch and go to national news and see how fast things get done! It should NOT take this long "if" sandusky county had their proof! Time to make Sandusky County feel the pressure! And to speak that way in front of a grieving father and so that a family can hear how nasty you spoke to them. Knowing you were on tv and acting that way? Where is the professionalism in that? Now that is just DUMB!


And Henry even used the terms killed and murdered.. So where is the problem here? Are the witnesses related to people in sandusky county? Are their families employed at any county offices? What gives? I hope these guys realize this is not going away.. Keep fighting Mike & SHannon!


Today I gave the people located in Sandusky county the phone number for Chanel 11 WKYC news in hopes that ONE of them connected with this calls them and fills them in on this mess. I also told them to contact Westerhold for info. I hope they do it. They need the news to get a hammerhold on the people in Sandusky county holding up the truth.


You can make the calls yourself wired..... don't try to act like a hero you did nothing but provide information that is easily available on the internet.


Wow...I am extremely disgusted to know that I LIVE IN SANDUSKY COUNTY and those are the arrogant people we have "protecting and serving" us! Unbelievable. They can't and won't turn it over to someone else because they all know they screwed up! This is appalling. You can guarantee when election time rolls around not one of them will get my vote if their name is on that ballot. Remove them all, bring in PROFESSIONALS from outside the county and then this family WILL get the answers they seek. These witnesses are counting on Sandusky Counties screw up to get them off scott free...I don't know how they can close their eyes at night and not see Jake's face! And to the "officials" ...if this was one of your children I can guarantee you'd have outside bureaus involved so your family could have closure.


Excellent reporting....keep pushing for the truth.


Westerhold is almost unbearable to watch, his arrogance and bias is extreme. If you have what appears to be a suicide with 3 witnesses confirming, there would be no need to keep the shoes, in hindsight to protect yourself against the register it may have been a mistake. The ruling from the coroner was obviously misleading and should have read accident/suicide indicating a self inflicted wound either intentional or not.

Matt Westerhold

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Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment don'tcare. And thanks for watching "Between the Lines," especially given the "unbearable(ness)" of me. I feel that same way, at times.

But, allowing a witness to destroy evidence during an interview shortly after a person gets killed by being shot in the head seems like a serious misstep. It also seems strange that coroner Wukie ruled Jacob's death an accidental "suicide" about two hours after he was killed without Wukie ever going to the crime scene. Wukie made the ruling by telephone, and he seems to have purposely and without explanation refused to allow an autopsy.  

Given those serious missteps, and others, and the circumstance of a social gathering the night Jacob died, it seems readily apparent and abundantly clear, in my opinion, that Jacob Limberios did not commit suicide.

The lead detective, Sandusky County sheriff's deputy Sean O'Connell, appears to have shared that opinion at one time based on emails sent from his county email account. Here are a few excerpts from those emails that I hope will help you see that what you perceive as my extreme "arrogance and bias" is really simply an effort to get the best most accurate information. It's the information that seems "unbearable," to me, anyway. 

From: sean@co.sandusky.oh.us (Nov. 8, 2012)
"(Name removed) states he put the gun back down and Jacob picked it up – This is where the lie begins…. If I had to make an educated guess, the gun went off as (name removed) was playing around with it while Jacob was on the phone in close proximity of (name removed), which explains the blood splatter on the shoes… I will keep you posted…."

From: sean@co.sandusky.oh.us (Feb. 4, 2013)
"I do know that (name removed) had blood splatter on his shoes from being in close proximity of Jacob at the time when the unfortunate gun went off.  (Name removed) when interviewed by deputies and voluntarily threw his own shoes away as it was a grossly reminder to him of what had just happened." 



The 3 witnesses explicitly stated that it was not a suicide, more than once each, while being interviewed by Captain Meggitt shortly after the incident.

Kottage Kat

Thanks for being tenacious, please DO NOTgive up, or give until JUSTICE 4 JAKE. is obtained.
My prayers continue


my oh my

No one can answer yet why and how O'Connell left Fremont Police Dept and walks into SCSO and becomes a Detective....Really how does that work?


If O'Connell wrote those emails to the Register, he should be fired. The shoes, as I read it, were thrown away by the witness, and not orchestrated or at the direction of the investigator, as implied. This is a terrible situation, however we don't always get the answer we want, even if we really want it.

swiss family

I have to say, that was an outstanding interview... I was very critical of Mr Westerhold when he had the 3 priests on his program, and did not ask what I thought were obvious and intense questions, and so I did not have a very good opinion of Mr Westerhold's interviewing skills, BUT this interview and the way he bit into the Sheriff, and the attorneys, flimsy statements was amazing and very well done. My heart bleeds for this family and the community should be outraged that the family is made to feel out of line for just wanting to know what happened to their son. I hope that they get the answers that they seek, and I hope the community remembers the smug attitude of the people who hold the answers and the way they refuse to cooperate