St. Mary and the SBC: Ask your questions at noon today

Matt Westerhold
Feb 7, 2013


After 64 years in the Sandusky Bay Conference, St. Mary Central Catholic has opted out and joined the newly formed Sandusky River League. 

Why now and what does it mean? 

Find out by asking the men at the center of the decision, Denny Faber, the school's longtime athletic director and school principal Mike Savona. Faber and Savona are the guests at noon Thursday on "Between the Lines Live" at 

The program is live and the chatroom will be open for viewers to ask their questions.  



Ok SR. They are leaving the SBC because they are much better in sports than the other SBC schools. That better for you? Get real.


I can smell the Perkins in this comment from here.


Congratulations to SMCC on joining the new SRL.


Where is the video on this?


what a snob you are Jerkins2060. Enjoy your tax hikes coming your way!

Truth or Fiction

No one likes change. It's unfortunate as I believe SMCC was competitive in all sports with the exception of football, the one sport that size does matter.

It's a roll of the dice as the new league is unproven and will require of SMCC longer travel (cost) as well as smaller revenue (gate share - crowd attendance). I hope it works - good luck!