Excerpt: Keeping secrets in Limberios death probe

Matt Westerhold
Feb 2, 2013


Someone knows exactly how Jacob Limberios died.

There were at least three other people in the York Township home March 12 when Jake was shot in the head. They gave witness statements to Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer and his deputies, to Overmyer's brother-in-law and employee sheriff's Capt. Mike Meggitt, and later again to William Kaiser, an investigator for county prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt.

Two of the witnesses also underwent polygraph examinations after talking with Kaiser. The validity of the results have been thrown into doubt by credible experts, however, another troubling development that calls into question just how easily truth can be manipulated.

But the missteps by county officials started from the very beginning, the very night Jacob Limberios, 19, died.

County coroner John Wukie within hours declared Jake's death an accidental suicide, an incompetent and irresponsible ruling he's never corrected despite the obvious mistake it represents and despite mounting evidence that strongly suggests Limberios was not holding the gun that fired the fatal bullet.

Wukie refused to order an autopsy, and instead chose to bury any evidence from the body — which might have helped explain how Jake died — rather than secure that evidence by way of an autopsy.

A sheriff's investigator at the scene also allegedly threw away blood-spattered clothing that one witness was wearing when Jake was killed, trashing that evidence away and burying it, too.

The sheriff's investigators also failed to retrieve the fatal bullet from the ceiling of the home, or review any trajectory information that would explain why the bullet ended up in the ceiling or how the blood spattered on the witness' clothing.


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And yet these are the people we are to trust with our immediate safety. When seconds count.....


These Sandusky County 'officals' should now face the other side of the law. At most, the only employment they should ever have again, should consist of asking people if they want fries with their meals. And then I would check the bag.


Keep passing their levies. Sheep.


....I meant that if any of these inferences are pertinent...


Well it seems to me that the Barney Fife C.S.I. team of Sandusky County comprimised the crime scene. The witnesses are willing to take a lie detector test, but county officials are not willing to open their doors to recieve a personal subpeona? And try to file a C.P.O.? We all want answers to what happened. Lets look at the ones who "won't talk."

Rod Farva

Time for a new sheriff in Sandusky county, among other officials


How about Sheriff Sean O'Connell and lead Detective Sergeant Zach Zender?

Come get me Greg


Seems there are more unanswered questions than answered ones. Why is that? Why are those who have the answers "dodging" those who want answers? They should be the ones who are the most "forthcoming" would one not agree? The sheriff is responsible for his staff, the coronor for the body and the DA responsible for getting to the bottom of this mystery and yet all three act as though they are "guilty parties". Are they? If one does not wish to be under suspicion, stop acting guilty.

I think these parents have waited far too long for the answers they seek, far too long for getting the TRUTH about the death of their son and far too long for their day in court. This is not only shameful, it goes deeper than that. If this case is this screwed up, how many other things have gone this way? Are there others that are questionable? Is this the tip of an iceberg that is large and as ugly as can be?

Only these men can say for sure. Someone better start talking. Perhaps the AG of Ohio can make them do that. Or perhaps the FBI? But someone better....before they are dead and gone themselves and the truth dies with them.


I think the public deserves some clarification from the Register and Mr. McGookey. Are you accusing the Sandusky County Sheriff of botching a murder investigation or are you accusing someone of covering up a murder investigation? The accusations are different with the latter being much more serious because it includes criminal activity, not just incompetence. So tell us, Mr. Westerhold, which is it? If you don't believe a criminal cover up is going on, the public deserves to know this.

Throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks is called "yellow journalism" and is committed by those who want to merely entertain and not those who wish to acccurately inform the public of the facts. Simple question - Is any public official being accused of criminal activity or just incompetence? The public deserves your best estimatiom of the truth.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment jas, although I don't know how you define 'stuff' in the context of throwing it against a wall. The column is based primarily on documented information reported in stories about the death of Jacob Limberios and the subsequent investigations. I'm not sure how simply reporting and commenting on documented information sensationalizes that information, but you're entitled to your opinion.

There doesn't seem any need for a clarification in this instance. The opinion column/blog states, that in my opinion, there were serious 'missteps" during the initial investigation. It does not make any accusations as you suggest. Please let me know if you have any further questions, or call me at 419-609-5866 if you feel something has been reported inaccurately.

Thanks again for commenting at sanduskyregister.com.


Just wondering why the Register is going to motor routes out in Perkins Township?

Are you replacing the students who deliver papers after school so you can move to early morning delivery?


I have wondered why an autopsy wasn't done at all from the beginning? Nor why THREE people did not get a lie detector test instead of only two? That seems odd as well. Was the third excused, or did they refuse?


Start with one corrupt county and expand to the other corrupt counties of corrupt Ohio. Take a look at the qualifications of the Sandusky County, Ohio sheriff.


Investigate felony crimes such as homicides, robberies, burglaries, narcotics and sex crimes

Homicide Investigators Training

Victims of Crime Training

Internal Investigation Training

Sandusky County Republican Party Central Committee

My comments: A Republican Ohio Attorney General will investigate a Republican sheriff. Like the Democrat OAG Cordray was going to investigate the Democrat corrupt machine running in corrupt Cuyahoga County, Ohio? Get rid of politics in crime investigations.


@jas...It appears the SR is covering a story that is now happening. It does not appear they are "making" things up, nor does it appear they are accusing anyone of anything. It is simply stating things as they unfold. If there is any inference at all, it comes from the facts being offered.

The sheriff and the coroner simply did not do a thorough investigation into this matter when it happened and the family is making that pretty clear. Someone "jumped the gun" at a decision made without all the facts. It appears a word was taken as fact without much investigation being done, a sloppy investigation at best. Had an autopsy been done, none of what is going on now would be necessary. Had the police done trajectory investigation, etc, been done, this wouldn't be happening now. Instead, they took the words of the three people there. Discarded the bloody clothes of one of the people and made it appear that all was just as someone said and been done with it.

If it were YOUR child, would you take someone's word for it? I sure wouldn't. Not knowing my kids as I do.

So don't be too upset that they want more answers than they got. Perhaps you see this as full blown accusations, but the paper isn't making them: the parents are, which is their right until proven wrong (if they are).
In this case, the sheriff, the coronor, and the city attorney need to speak up and defend their stance. So far, they have been pretty silent. It makes them look awfully guilty.

Why should the paper and Mr. Gookey have to speak up when those three involved say not one word as yet in defense of their position nor answer a single question asked of them? That is not only unreaslistic, its downright unfair.


If Sandusky county had done an autopsy, chances are none of this would be happening. They should be ashamed of themselves!


It's tragic what happened with the death of the young man, and worse, something stinks to high heaven about the investigation.

In the printed Register Westerhold's full column mentions the word conspiracy a few times. Sorry Mr. Westerhold, but your newspaper and all the rest of the media have taught us that there are no such things as conspiracies.

Stuff just "happens."


Frankly, it's time you eat crow on this and smell the coffee brewing because you can't have it both ways. Either conspiracies exists or they don't. You can't cherry pick which topics we're allowed to question the government on. This applies to federal and local governments, including all agencies and investigative bodies.

Consider horrible events like 9/11, it begs for real investigation and the truth to be told. Yet the mainstream media you're part of makes fun of and dismisses serious questions about that and other sensitive topics. The MSM labels bloggers and citizens who question the "official facts" as wackos wearing tin foil hats. We're expected all the time to believe and accept the government's position on everything. Don't expect us to believe any conspiracy exists in this death case until you fess up and admit the media is complicit in allowing the the truth to be buried in other cases.

You've helped indoctrinate the public that conspiracy theories shouldn't be taken seriously. Give us reason why we should take you seriously now?