Gunner talks Perkins Schools today at noon

Matt Westerhold
Jan 24, 2013


Perkins Schools Superintendent Jim Gunner is the guest today at noon on "Between the Lines Live." 

The interactive chatroom will be open for viewer dialogue and questions. 


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Ask Mr. Gunner why he doesn't live in the community he represents and will not have to pay the tax burden he is adding to us for the next 30 years?

Ask Mr. Gunner ,with the change in millage last year, why the school need new operating funds? Weren't funds removed from the operating side from this switch?

Ask Mr. Gunner how much money Perkins Schools has in the bank from the funds received through open enrollment?

Sorry, I will no be able to participate today due to work considerations.


I sure hope Mr. Gunner emphasizes Perkins Township is a great place to live !


Then why doesn't he live here?


Ask Mr Gunner why he cant just move the back to the operating budget he took out and moved to a differant acount.

Ask Mr. Gunner what the loan from Citzen bank is for?


How much was paid for a failed windmill which was installed to "save the district energy costs"? Is this technology being considered for the new school? Is inside millage going as expected?


ONe more good question SAMIAN, Why Mr Gunner dont you live here?


Remember Perkins this was the same Gunner that changed his mind about coming to Perkins when he first took the job. However, your leaders begged him to come and promises have been made--including not having to move into the district. Soon he will be asking to retire and be hired back.