Seven words Border Patrol Agents should never use

Matt Westerhold
Jan 23, 2013

Maybe it's George Carlinish, but Border Patrol agents should not use the word "wetback." 

Agents and every law enforcement officer of any stripe also should not use words like: Nigger, retard, faggot, kike, slut or bitch. 

That’s seven words they should never use. There are others.

Journalists, and most other people also would be wise not to use the words, but police officers, a taxpayer funded community service armed by the government, should excise them from their own personal vocabularies. 

Register reporter Jessica Cuffman is following up a story she reported Saturday headlined “Agency profiles ‘wetbacks.’” It detailed a lawsuit in Erie County Common Pleas Court that appears to document instances in which the Border Patrol Sandusky Post commander used the racial slurs "wets" and "wetbacks" in communications and emails with subordinates at the federal agency.

The local Border Patrol has been out of control for years and accountable to nobody for its actions. Federal officials have done nothing to address abuses that occur.

Since the Border Patrol is a federal agency, Cuffman emailed a copy of the story to U.S. senators Sherrod Brown and Robert Portman, and U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, the area’s federal representatives. Here are the questions she posed for them:

1. Is it appropriate for Border Patrol agents, particularly the agent in charge of the local office, to use the term "wetback" when referring to a Hispanic person? 

2. If it is inappropriate, what would be a suitable course of action or discipline for agents who use this term? 

3. What action or study should be undertaken to identify the tactics and alleged profiling used by Sandusky Bay Border Patrol agents?  

4. If, as the lawsuit alleges, Border Patrol agents use racial profiling to identify possible suspects, would your office take action to address this issue? 

We're looking forward to receiving responses from our federal representatives. In the meantime, please feel free to share how you might answer the questions, or how you believe Kaptur and the senators should answer them, by commenting below. 



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I apparently offended someone . FINALLY , SHEESH


It's as simple as this.... Now that the border patrol has been baptized with the title of "Department Of Homeland Security" they are free to do as they wish without any kind of recourse! I also find it funny that anyone asks Sherrod Brown for anything lol. He is nothing more than an Obama YES MAN and that's it! He is WORTHLESS otherwise!!

wiredmama222 did you get those words in without triggering YOUR bad word meter from going off? LOL

Answers to questions:
1. No, it is NEVER correct for any officer of ANY jurisdiciton including the border patrol to use such language of such type when referring to anyone.

2. Any officer of the BP found to be using such references of any kind will be placed on administrative leave and sent to a training course on dealing with the public: IE: how to deal with the public and/or the art of verbal judo (that is actually a course given to police personnel) and public etiquette.

3. All emails will be scrutinized by supervisory personnel of a different department manager to see if it contains such vile and contemptous phrases. A higher ranking officer will follow and evaluate a lower ranking officer not assigned to Bay Area for a period of one week. Should that office notice any "profiling' going on, that lower ranking officers will be removed from Bay immediately. Should it be noted, members teams will be split up and/or removed and dismissed as officers of this department.

4. If, in the course of this lawsuit, it is found that the officers included in the suit are found to be guilt of said profiling, they will summarily be dismissed as border patrol officers and replaced with men and women who know the rules of the border patrol. Without exception.

That would be my stand as these people are part of the DOJ and should understand their own rules and regulations. They are supposed to KNOW the law and not be abusing it. They are not on a mission to slap people down, profile and be abusive. We have met them in AZ and the one's here are MUCH different than those in AZ. I can promise you that the one's here think they are GODS. Not the ones in AZ, they think they are cops. I don't know where they got the one's working here but they are terribly cocky.


Yeah Matt...yet how many on the S.R.'s paper have deleted others & self here? If you can't take it don't give it out. Was avant-garde on this. Imo. your standards are serverly lacking, but hey its your paper & my Marine Corps.


"Asian carp"


what's weird is though, if we say things like N*gger, ret*rd, f*ggot, k*ke, sl*t or b*tch, they won't stick around long

first time i tried to post i got this....
"Your submission has triggered the profanity filter and will not be accepted until the inappropriate language is removed."


What's weird though is "what's weird is though..." Is that Ebonics ?

Matt Westerhold

Technically, you are correct, beepx22. The systems in place might  remove your comment but you could agrue for it to be restored because you did not intend, or use the words in a racist way. I think that's part of the point. 



objectively speaking i agree, though either way people will be offended (not myself, it's difficult to offend me) In this new Politically Correct World, one can never be to careful as to what to say with out ruffling someone else's feathers.


If I said you had a lumpy butt , would you hold it against me ? ; ))))

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Please, some of us read this while eating our lunch.

Good 2 B Me

Hold a lumpy butt against you?


Yeah, Matt. One could "try" and use the "Dispute Comment Moderation" link. I find it as useful as expecting the "one month's rent" for advance security deposit on an apartment, when I leave said apt. In other words, one will never see that again, no matter what.


Actually , I just had one of my comments put back up after I disputed it . It was the only comment that I made on this article that really mattered to me anyway . The rest were just for fun . My thanks for the reconsideration : )


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I had commented that Republican was a derogatory slur for a white person and that WAS removed . Let's see if it is again . Maybe on some the only way to get it off is if someone hits inappropriate under the comment . I know that on the Reflector that I purposely wrote the "F" bomb and had to eventually tag it as inappropriate myself .


It appears to me as "the article should not have been written" and "now Matt is trying to defend it".


I have to respectfully disagree . This has been fun and enlightening .


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Duplicate post


Duplicate post


WOW , What with the posting ? I only clicked once .


Well , I had my fun on this one , so I'll be movin on to the next bigger better thing . Peace out , brothers from other mothers ; ))))


What does Ruffus think


lol i always see that posts have been moderated and it just makes me wish i had seen them before they were 86'd... for a nation so crazy about the freedom of speech there really seems like there's a ton of thins we arent allowed to say... it should really be the freedom of speech just as long as you dont hurt someone's feelings.


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Operation wetback, A nationwide immigration operation in the 50's.
As for racial slurs, They are a sign of ignorant people spouting stupidity. That also goes for those who claim racism at every turn cheapening the accusation even further.


Westerhold and Deertracker, a match made in Hell......could they? are they? maybe? THE SAME PERSON?? Hmmmmmm.......Matt needs to pat himself on the back, but that would look a little strange, so Im betting Deertracker is his alter ego....