VIDEO: Jody Lynch and Nick Fee talk about triple homicide

Matt Westerhold
Jan 3, 2013


His sister, his niece and his nephew were killed Sept. 8. The deaths of Heather Jackson, 23, Celina, 3, and Wayne, 20 months, shocked the community and local police and prosecutors. 

The man accused of murdering them, Curtis Clinton, was released from prison in February after serving 13 years for killing an 18-year-old Fostoria woman in 1997. He was also identified as a suspect in a brutal rape reported to police five days prior to the killings of Jackson and her children.

Jody Lynch and Nick Fee, Heather Jackson's mother and brother, grandmother and uncle to Celina and Wayne, were our guests on "Between the Lines Live"at 1 p.m. today at 


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Gag order to up hold his this guys rights ? That's a laugh , what about the rights of the three four people he took the rights away when he played Judge and Jury ? This guy deserves no more then he gave the kids that he killed , this country is so interested in the accused rights , that they forget the right of life for the ones that he cold heartedly killed
As far as he is concerned they should forget the trial and just take of this once and for all .
If I had my way , he would be hung in Washington park .


have to agree with you on this one. hang the lawyer that got him off the first (?) murder he committed too. he's a violent, murdering psychopath. no use for him in any society.


Why we in America need to liquidate all upper third tier criminals.


thoughts and prayers are with you Jody and Nick,we will never forget your babies <3 <3 <3

Julie R.

This is one case I would actually pay to watch. I would pay just to sit right in the front row and watch that evil monster get the needle.


While I hate to admit it, I agree with you on this one.

EXCEPT! I think it would be better for him to be fried. Screw the going to sleep punishment. Let a few kVA zip through his body for a bit. Make him all "nice and toasty" on the inside!


Please let Nick have 5 minutes with this parasite....


Of all the crimes committed in this town, this one has to be the worst. I would love to see nick get his 5 minutes alone with this guy, but somehow, Margaritaville, I don't think it would take 5 minutes.

I just pray he doesn't get a plea bargin or a deal of some kind. I fear that more than anything. That he makes a deal and gets life in prison and walks out of that courtroom with his life intact. That would be a miscarriage of justice.


Amen wire But you know I still think he should hang. for this '. To fry him or have him go into a deep sleep before death is not going g to be justice , justice would be if he were to die just like his victims and nothing less will do
I am tried of my hometown being a battle ground for people that don't care about anything but themselves and are willing to kill some helpless kids or a mother of children .
I am not for or against the death penalty , I base it on the crime that was done and if that person or person ever did it before and if so , you would be doing the world a justice by taken them out in the same manner they took someone else .eye for an eye and nothing less


I would hope it would take longer than 5 minutes. He deserves to be tortured.