City blows snow removal?

Matt Westerhold
Dec 27, 2012

A long-time Register employee arrived at work earlier today expressing a thought he's shared almost every year about this time. 

"I see nobody told the city of Sandusky there was snow on the way," he said. 

As I look out to the windows down at Jackson and Market streets, it indeed does appear that nobody mentioned to city workers that it snowed. The employee and others who drive into town from other parts in the county swear that every community does snow removal better than Sandusky. Given the city government's inability to get just about anything right it's difficult to argue against the point. And seeing the ice crusted city streets below the news building nearly 24 hours after the snow began falling gives validity to the criticism.

But I'm not sure. My commute does not go outside the city. Perhaps I'm just too familiar with the snow-filled streets in Sandusky.

What do you think? Is the city's snow removal substandard? Are other area communities better at tackling this task? 







The Bizness

I live in the City and I think they do a pretty good job, my house is not on a main street and I heard the plow go by a couple times this morning around 5 or 6....I don't see what more I could ask for.


Some people will never be happy no matter what the city does. No complaints compared to other areas I have been to recently.

Dwight K.

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Dwight K.



I seem to remember so many comments on how the city needs to cut employees on every article talking about the financial problems in the city government. Looks like we are all thinking twice now that it's inconvenient to us.


HelloHello has it correct. You can't complain about reducing the cost of government and then complain about lack of services.

Either pay more taxes to get what you want or shut up.

I on the other hand would like to cut services even more. We are spoiled and lazy.

BW1's picture

it's a matter of WHICH services and personnel are cut.

Keeping public roads passable is a core responsibility of government.

Operating a marina in competition with local businesses, at a huge loss, is not.


If the city can spend $21,000 on panic buttons for city hall, we can get the snow blowed off the streets. It seems the city has money for everything else but what they are supposed to have money for.

G George I du kno

I think they have done the best they could considering the resources. I think we have more streets than anyone else in the county and many more budget issues. It obviously didn't bother Matt on his way to work because he didn't think about it until someone told him and then he had to look out the windows to see what they were talking about.


I too think the Sandusky road crews did a great job, as did all the local road crews. Just another hit to City services by the editor of this newspaper. I would like to see him do any of the jobs in this town that he chastizes on a steady basis.


They have been down our street at least three times: twice to plow and once with salt today. I don't think they are doing such a bad job. We are between Perkins and Milan Roads, far from the center of town, a run way between to major roads. Not a bad thing at all. I don't know about the center of town, but if they are hitting us, I can only imagine they are doing Columbus Ave and major streets thereabouts. Not bad at all.


I agree with HELLOHELLO~
Everyone wants to cut the working guy then when we need them it's a different story. The streets in Sandusky are pretty bad. They did go down my street once which is very unusual. Would have been nice if they would have gone down again when people went to work and moved their cars because there is ALOT of snow left. Perkins streets are all cleaned up, no snow on the streets at all. Oh well, I guess we will have to just wait until it melts.


I agree with HELLOHELLO~
Everyone wants to cut the working guy then when we need them it's a different story. The streets in Sandusky are pretty bad. They did go down my street once which is very unusual. Would have been nice if they would have gone down again when people went to work and moved their cars because there is ALOT of snow left. Perkins streets are all cleaned up, no snow on the streets at all. Oh well, I guess we will have to just wait until it melts.


SR~why does the double post happen all of the time? It tells me I need to use the word verify to post and when I do there is a double post~won't let me edit one of them either.


I can always tell when I leave Sandusky and drive into any of the neighboring communities by how clear the streets become just after the snow begins to fall. Other cities and townships seem to not wait as long to start plowing as Sandusky does.


I have always wondered about those who go out in a blinding snow storm that isn't done yet to shovel or plow their snow? When it isn't done snowing and blowing, why would you want to do that? If it is still snowing and blowing, it will only undo what you just did. That is like racking the falling leaves before they are completely done falling.

Sometimes it is best to let the storm pass just a bit before going out and plowing the streets. No one really should be out in a blinding storm anyway, so let the storm settle before going out in it before you blow, especially when you lack manpower and money to do the job.

Just my humble opinion and I know I am stuck with it.


People shovel/rake before the storm/leaves are finished because accumulation is difficult~Buuuuuut I did learn the hard way this year~I tried to keep my yard free of leaves so they did not blow into other neighbors yards(not my leaves to begin with BTW~neighbors trees) and NOONE besides a couple people raked and they came to my yard over and over again! I suppose it still would have been really bad if I would not have kept it up because I HAD A MESS!
A snow plow just came through my street~he tried very hard to get the snow from in front of my driveway but the neighbors snow covered car that has not been moved at all made it impossible~so it's not always the hand full of workers faults.

Erie County Resident

It's not only Sandusky it's the whole county.
I drove home from The Ohio/PA line area during this crap last night. The road crews were all over the place working their butts off until I hit the Erie County line on Rt.2
As soon as I went past the bridge by the rest area out by Vermillion the road turned to no road. I didn't see one plow/salt truck after I came into Erie county.
Rt.2 was like driving across a plowed field. Completly packed snow/ice with chunks missing like a bomb field.
Granted none of the roads were good but at least the other counties had a slight handle on it.
I don't think Erie ODOT got the memo, or ignored it as usual.


Makes you wonder how much money EC has for plowing too, doesn't it? What did THEY set aside for a storm like this and why are their guys not out? Did they cut back so badly on people as well that they don't have the manpower either? I cannot help but wonder if they didn't cut back too much either?

Or did they wait until the worst was over and then go out and clear it all? Just a thought.


I do not like to criticize people that plow our roads due to they put in long hours but I went to the mall today and our roads were terrible.I could have closed my eyes and would have been able to tell you when I crossed over to Perkins Township. We had plenty of warning on this storm coming and we did not even have the blizzard conditions they were expecting. I am sorry but my opinion and the good thing about living in America you do not have to agree with me but it was a lousy job!!!


I live close to two major highways. Of which I get both ODOT and Turnpike Maintenance crews going by consistently. They were both out continually and all night getting the roads ready for morning rush (Trust me, I was cursing ODOT in my head while trying to shovel since it all ends of in my driveway). However on my way into work this morning on the west side of sandusky the roads were TERRIBLE. Monroe looked and felt like a country lane (I think Strecker Rd was better). Tiffin/101 was a disaster and was more bumpy than George Street. Only on my way home from work was the roads getting better. Sandusky always has problems clearing the roads, every year it is the same thing. I am beginning to think it might be the equipment.


Go to Ottawa County, roads were great in Erie County.


Blablablabla omgosh its snowwwwwww wahhhhhhhhhh the roads have snow and are bumpy boohooo hellooooo slow down and stop whining about it lol sorry but it is winter


I really don't care if they plow. I have four wheel drive. I'll tell you what really is irritating is salt. Just leave it alone. It will all melt in June so no sense in throwing money away.

Rusty of Sandusky

Matt, you should be concerned about the rampant typos and grammar mistakes that have plagued your newspaper for years before you start ragging on the city employees. Fix the amateur appearance that your award winning newspaper projects on a daily basis and THEN maybe you can question how well or poorly the city does ITs job. Does anyone ever read the articles before they go live on the web site? Spell check can only do so much, you know. It may be comparing apples to oranges, but I'd give the city a higher grade than the Register when it comes to each doing its own job effectively. (And I am none too impressed with the city). Quoted from the most recent JOKE of a column Ask Eda: "You’ve only discussed dating and yet you’re ready to walk him down the isle (sic)." -- What/when is it, fifth grade/sixth grade vocabulary level that includes the difference between the words isle and aisle?
Can't put out a professional paper, but you sure can criticize everyone else for not doing their jobs to your {standards}.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment Rusty, but a typo or a misplaced word doesn't cost city taxpayers a dime.

The city housing scandal cost taxpayers about $4 million and put 60 residents out of their homes, for years. That money was stolen and nobody was ever held accountable. 

Nuessegate probably cost city taxpayers $1 million, or more, and nobody was held accountable.

You likely wouldn't know anything about those expenditures, however, had the Register not reported on them, and Matt Kline would still be the city manager.

There is always a broom and a rug available for most governments. 

Again, thanks for your comment. There's certainly room for improvement in almost any endeavor.



I have to agree with almost every comment on here and I wonder why it is that no one (for future reference no one is two words not one)...not one person EVER brought up that someone ISN'T being held accountable for these losses? Why is that? It seems that with the loss of all this money, someone, somewhere should be screaming bloody murder about it, but no one seems to be the least bit bothered in our government about retrieving a dime for any of this? It never occurred to me before, but isn't that something the City Commissioners should be considering or the County Commissioners should be considering, whichever the case may be?


Criticism of the Register is off-topic here, and it would wiser not to have responded.

Imperfections in the editing just replact the stress that the entire print news industry is under. Editing costs money. I'm just glad we still have a pretty good daily paper.

To the point about the cost about scandals - It's a legitimate role of The Press to make us aware of shady stuff, but a bit hypocritical (perhaps that word is too strong) to complain about the cost when the press is making money on reporting that, in some cases, arguably makes the costs worse.

To the point about hiding dirt under rugs - Without defending the practice, it's fair to point out that private enterprises have MORE dirt, MORE rugs, and and they don't have tell the public where they are, much less explain the bulges. So keep peeling back those rugs, but please take care to spare us from tired righteous indignation and denounciation of government in general; it adds no freshness.


I left for physical therapy at 6:30 a.m. and thought the roads were fine all things considered. Have Matt talk at all the streets on his way to work. That should melt them all. Him and Darkhorse, and donutshopdude, could do the entire county with all that hot air.



Thanks for your vote of confidence. My bill for snow removal will be sent at the end of the month to the city.