NRA: Don't read this

Matt Westerhold
Dec 23, 2012

But most people cannot look away. They can only watch and grieve for those families, for those parents whose lives will never again be normal.

For now this tragedy is embedded in the American consciousness. For now. Perhaps the images of those beautiful children and courageous educators will stay embedded and we won't forget. And as a nation, maybe, just maybe, there will be forward movement that begins to address this persistent problem; this persistent debate.

The National Rifle Association weighed in on Friday, suggesting the solution to the epidemic of mass shootings should be addressed by placing armed guards at every school door. If it's a war you want, it's a war the NRA is willing to back.

The founding of the nation came from the end of a musket, and the fascination with weapons is natural and has grown. There is little need to regulate the very clear right of law-abiding citizens to own weapons. Yet there is still a need.

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Most people would agree that private individuals should not be allowed to develop their own arsenal of nuclear weapons. By way of the NRA's logic in it's support of semi-automatic weapons and 60-round magazine ammunition, that's a violation of the Second Amendment.


The Big Dog's back

Patricia Maisch looks like a grandmother, but she is being hailed as a hero today for helping to stop alleged Tucson shooter Jared Loughner by wrestling away a fresh magazine of bullets as he tried to reload.


Would have been easier and quicker and maybe saved more lives if she were armed and shot him before he emptied the clip and had to reload.


There are lots of heroes who put bullets in the heads of scum bags too, with the guns they conceal.


Laws only exist for two reasons, and NEITHER of those reasons have anything to do with decent people. Seriously, do you actually NEED a law that says murder is illegal to prevent you from killing at random? Yeah, me, neither.

Laws ORIGINALLY existed solely to provide for punishment. Now there's another and rapidly escalating component: Laws exist to permit others CONTROL over you.

I'm not going to argue with the former (much), but the latter is a very good reason we're in some of the trouble we're in!


Totally agree (except things like speeding tickets). Most people do not need laws to prevent them from doing awful things, and unfortunately, the people who need to be prevented from doing these things don't give a d*mn about the laws we have now or the laws we're going to make. No law would have made this kid, or any of the ones before him stop and say "maybe I shouldn't do this, its against the law". No law can actually stop people from doing anything, and if they can't get guns, they'll get creative and use something else. If theres a will, theres a way, right?

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So laws aren't deterrents sam? Well, there goes the death penalty as a deterrent.


Has the death penalty ever been a deterrent? In my opinion no.



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So, are any laws deterrents?


Some are. Some aren't. I'm not planning on robbing a carry-out today, but I will probably catch myself speeding again.


If the death penalty would be used within a reasonable period of time (maybe a maximum wait of a year or two at most), it would be a deterrent. But when a guy lives on death row for twenty years, hard to show any real consequence for such heinous crimes.


As a kid I enjoyed playing with and making explosives, BEFORE Al Gore invented the internet : ) I made a SAM (surface to air missile) in grade school with basic products from the drug store. My dad hauled dynamite in his bicycle basket from the hardware store for blowing stumps out.

The real problem is society, loss of basic morals. I still believe the gruesome video games desensitize people that plan these sort of massacres as well as teach them tactics.


If the gun wasn't there, he wouldn't have gotten it in the first place. Responsible gun owners prevent others from getting their guns - so stop spreading lies that we need more responsible gun owners - there isn't such a thing in reality. Ask Japan and Australia if gun control works. They will say yes it does.


Many of the people who go on these shooting rampages also wear black combat boots, black cargo pants, black trench coats, etc. Maybe we should also ban this style of clothing, since it is clearly linked to shooting sprees.


Matt: What are you smoking?


FYI ~ CSPAN National Rifle Association Briefing 2:30 pm ET


Same old stuff.--- Most of the harangue has been repeated.--- Look in the mirrior.


I would say the liberal media might be missing the boat; NRA memberships have soared to over 8k new a day. Thanks to Obama and Pelosi knee jerk reaction to this tragedy gun sales are out of sight. I exercised by second amendment right yesterday and the gun store was packed. No not with hillbillies but with everyday people and sportsman.
The media love this type of tragedy, ohh- looky see how evil guns are. Look at some CDC facts. What kind of self- righteous parent would ever let their kid near an automobile? Vehicles are kid killers and God forbid you should let your teen ride with another teen driver. What kind of good parent would ever let their baby near a pool or body of water? Bicycles, forget about. Think of all the injuries and lives that could be saved if we banned all these evil killers. Sure we have laws, helmets, airbags, “smart cars” but that doesn’t prevent some idiot with no license from crashing into you or some lazy parent not buckling up their kid in a car seat.
Want to feel all safe and trust the government to take care of you, move to the UK where they have some of the toughest gun laws; sure worked for them with big brother and cameras everywhere? Stabbings are common place. Looks like samurai swords are too deadly for people to own? Maybe we need Australia’s law, where you can’t use a firearm to defend yourself, what happened after that law was passed?

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United Kingdom, 138 deaths by gun.


Australia hasn't had a mass killing in over 15 years - that's what happened after that law passed - go check it out again because you obviously have bad information. They still get to hunt though. ANd it only took ONE mass killing to put them into action and get the problem solved.


Has it been so long ago that we forgot we lost three innocent children lives in our own community by the hands of two adults? There were no guns why would making any gun illegal? Murderers are not going to follow the rule of thumb (law). We just leave the doors open to more murder and crime when we leave ourselves unprotected. The police cant be everywhere. Try instituting positive policies in the school system, allow principals or vices to carry and conceal, train them to defend just as our police are trained. Put security doors with pass code card on the classrooms rather than spending millions making fancy new schools. If the school system took some of the money I have seen spent on football fields in Erie County, we would have the most secured school in the country. Leave the guns in the hands of law abiding citizens, they are NOT the ones to worry about.




NRA=Not Really Apathetic


You people can smear all the lipstick on this pig you want.

It won't bring back those twenty kids and or put a smile on their parents face.

We are becoming a society where life has little or no value.

This is a country where a couple of oilmen can get a brain fart to start a war based on a lie, cause over four thousand deaths and over thirty thousand wounded, and half the country has no problem with that.

Twenty kids die and half the country could give a spit and spends the day trying to convince the other half they are crazy. They think we should borrow more money from Japan and China to turn schools into prisons.

Randy_Marsh Clinton came up with the cops in school thing, Still dont like it?

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So rand, are you willing to pay more taxes for this?


Actually I would rather be taxed for somthing like this instead of buying solar companys and paying off campaign donors. But everyone knows those in washington would just hand it to their buddys instead of actually doing anything decent with it. So you agree with the NRA now that you know that clinton tried this in 2000?

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I don't agree with nutty organizations. Wouldn't you know it: it turns out crazed school shooters have no qualms about shooting at armed guards, who, it also turns out, aren't necessarily effective at stopping gun-crazy madmen. After shooting at the guard, Harris and his partner, Dylan Klebold, stormed the school and were able to kill 13 people. After that, they killed themselves, effectively disproving the notion that "the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun." Columbine had a good guy with a gun, and the bad guys with the guns killed a bunch of kids and then stopped themselves.


Armed guards in schools are decoration. They are so bored and when something does happen, they are caught "off guard". If I were to rob a bank or kill school kids, the first thing I would do is take out the good guy who had a gun. This is pointless. The element of surprise always wins over tedious standing around doing nothing.