NRA: Don't read this

Matt Westerhold
Dec 23, 2012

But most people cannot look away. They can only watch and grieve for those families, for those parents whose lives will never again be normal.

For now this tragedy is embedded in the American consciousness. For now. Perhaps the images of those beautiful children and courageous educators will stay embedded and we won't forget. And as a nation, maybe, just maybe, there will be forward movement that begins to address this persistent problem; this persistent debate.

The National Rifle Association weighed in on Friday, suggesting the solution to the epidemic of mass shootings should be addressed by placing armed guards at every school door. If it's a war you want, it's a war the NRA is willing to back.

The founding of the nation came from the end of a musket, and the fascination with weapons is natural and has grown. There is little need to regulate the very clear right of law-abiding citizens to own weapons. Yet there is still a need.

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Most people would agree that private individuals should not be allowed to develop their own arsenal of nuclear weapons. By way of the NRA's logic in it's support of semi-automatic weapons and 60-round magazine ammunition, that's a violation of the Second Amendment.



The US spends BILLIONS of tax dollars to maintain overseas bases and gives away BILLIONS of dollars to foreign countries. It is time to close most of those bases and bring our troops home. Build or revitalize the bases in our country and use some of the money saved to provide security for our people, both at our southern border and in our schools. It would also help the economy overall because the money would be spent in the US versus abroad.


Unfortunately we live in a society where we need to protect our children even when they are in school. Educators are responsible for educating children and safety should be the responsibility of security professionals. It is time to put security professionals (law enforcement, veterans, armed professionally trained individuals) in all schools. Schools encounter many situations where trained security professionals are needed ie, irate parents, intoxicated parents, gangs, drugs, weapons, etc. Rarely do I support paying additional taxes but I am willing to pony up to create a safer environment for children.


I am more apt to go along with the NRA than panic-striken parents wanting to put an end to all gun ownership. There has been little mention of the real problem (mental illness) and the fact that all the shooters of all the shootings had issues of mental illness. Having cops in schools is not a bad idea for many reasons; I just wonder if we will be able to afford that in every school everywhere.

The Big Dog's back

I haven't seen any legislation to take away all guns. Enlighten me.


It's called the UN Treaty on Small Arms. Google it. And note that by SIGNING such a treaty, Obama would actively be committing treason since it would supercede the Constitution. By design, as it happens.

The Big Dog's back

Puhleeze sam, not more right wing nuttery.


Dog doesn't know how to use Google or he would not say half the idiocy he spouts.




How many of us raised our sons with toy guns? How many of us think that violence is entertainment? How many of us are going to watch the made-for-tv movie of this horrific tradgedy?

People who are determined to kill will find a way, pure and simple, whether it's other people or themselves.

Until we are all willing to live peacefully, there will be no peace. It's our choice.

The Big Dog's back

I agree we will always have incidents. But we can try to limit the number killed in these incidents by enacting some reforms.


Okay, Big Dog, I'll bite: What reforms would you suggest? Please be specific, and indicate how each would have successfully worked to prevent Aurora, Newtown, et al. I'll wait.

Dr. Information

expect no answer sam. Just like every other liberal out there. They finger point all the time, but when asked to fix the problem.....POOOOOFFF.......they disappear.


Kind of simple really - no access to guns. Those incidents would not have happened - try to argue with that. Do not argue with why guns are legal - argue that no guns would have prevented the incidents.

Dr. Information

So whats next ban baseball bats.....they murder innocent people each year also. Ban gas cans and gas and cars....kill innocent people each year. Guns are legal, and they always will be. Your point is irrational, moot and has no water. Take away all guns.....Bahahaha........yeah, like thats going to happen.

And a person who wants to kill will kill no matter if there are guns or not. This kid would of just bashed his mothers face in with a bat or hammer, went to the same school and tried taking out as many as he could with a knife or axe or whatever.

You silly liberals always blame the inanimate object instead of looking at the real problem.....the person.


Cram it, Matt. You saw how Emil's article garnered quite a few posts in three days and now you're trying to one up him by starting another discussion. Emil asked people questions. You didn't. All you said was "Don't Read This". That's like the book back in 1970 that Abbie Hoffman wrote entitled, "Steal This Book".

Nice try, Matt. Emil kicked your ass.

The Big Dog's back

The head of the NRA was on Meet the Press this morning and claims the solution would be to arrest more drug dealers. Really?? Adam Lanza, Jacob Roberts, Andrew Eddinger, James Holmes, Wade Page, Jared Loughner, Hui Choi were not drug dealers.


So do not arrest drug dealers and go after law abiding citizens seeing they are the only ones going to be punished with a new law.

Rich Close

Do you ever post anything of substance, Dog?
Why don't you address how many people were murdered by your Obama's Eric Holders illegal act to provide guns internationally to the worst drug cartel in Mexico. If you were a TRUE American you would stand up and shout for JUSTICE to those who were murdered by this illegal and treasonous act, how about it BD, should Eric be accountable along with Obama or are you strictly a registered Democrat who ignores what is just and right?

The Big Dog's back

Gee, we have a boatload of treasonous people to try 1st don't ya think? Bush Cheney, Rumsfeld, Lindsey Graham, John McCain. The list is never ending.

Rich Close

Just what I thought, nothing to say or contribute.


I'll contribute - you are right we SHOULD arrest the person that started the program - his name is G Bush.

Dr. Information

@ Big that all you do is spill left wing BS. You can't even stick your initial posts. You just move down the isle and post some other BS. What controls do you want. Explain. If you can't defend what you are posting then just pipe it little puppy.


while we're trying for treason, let's not forget Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder... You're right the list is never ending.

Dr. Information

almost posted this beep, but you beat me to it. Just understand the liberal mindset.....everyone that is a Republican is a killer a man of treason...etc. The Dems are harmless, do not wrong and when they do they just blame Bush.


Something to think about is a person doesn't have to get in to a school to shoot up a school. Also, look at the problem with suicide bombings. If the person wants at it bad enough he's going to find a way.


Good article, Matt.


First, remember that Columbine High School had an armed guard when discussing this. Schools have multiple entry points and many windows. My questions are:
1.) Why did this killer get into a car and drive to another community to get to an elementary school?
2.) Why this school? Are there schools in the community that he lived?
3.) Why a school at all? Why not a mall, sporting location, anywhere that large numbers of people congregate?
4.) Will we, as a society, continue to blame our schools for every problem?


The armed guard at Columbine was not initially present:

The Big Dog's back

He WAS present! They shot right by him.


Not true. He stated that he was not initially present and went back to the school and engaged the two assailants. That's when they shot at him.