Limberios, lawyer at 4 p.m. Thursday

Matt Westerhold
Dec 12, 2012


Nine months after the death of their 19-year-old son, Mike and Shannon Limberios are still fighting for answers from Sandusky County officials.

The couple’s son, Jacob Limberios, died in March under mysterious circumstances. His parents have been pushing for a full investigation since, but Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer, coroner John Wukie and prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt have stonewalled those efforts. We're going to inquire if they will be guests on the program next week. 

Mike and Shannon are the guests on “Between the Lines Live” at 4 p.m. Thursday, joined by their attorney, Dan McGookey. Reporter Emil Whitis will also weigh in on the story. 

The program happens live at , and is also available later for on-demand viewing.


indolent indiff...

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Could this be a homicide? Why isn't this being investigated? Why is the investigation being stonewalled?


well EdO if they find it something different than what they first ruled, it shows their total and complete incompetence in the first investigation. How sad huh?


Hope the Limberios family gets the answers they deserve. Just can't believe the way that they are being treated. Terrible...just terrible. As if losing a child is not enough...May God keep give you the strength you need to continue this battle!!You deserve the truth.