Buckwheat still dead

Matt Westerhold
Nov 24, 2012

Excerpt from the Between the Lines column in the Sunday Register: As the city of Sandusky's labor contracts get set to expire at the end of the year, not one city commissioner has called for concessions or fiscal restraint in contract negotiations. It's not clear whether the city has even set up a negotiating team or reviewed potential concessions or manpower changes.

It's also not clear whether the ICMA report on police operations, or, more importantly, the draft version of the ICMA report, will be considered if contract negotiations ever do happen. That document, especially the draft version, is a road map to reform and fiscal restraint, but the majority coalition is determined to ignore it.

And, as the city's most expensive employee in history finishes up her first year as city manager, city commission has not arranged any performance review to determine whether Nicole Ard is meeting the job's expectations. It's not likely commission could even do such a thing in a competent way, anyway.

But the labor contracts are the single-most costly expenditure for city taxpayers. The majority coalition appears content to skip out on any critical review of pay raises or manpower levels. Working people deserve pay raises, and the city should have a critical eye on manpower levels if that's going to be accomplished in a responsible manner.

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Robert E. "Bobby" Hutchins (March 29, 1925 - May 17, 1945)



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the title was not killing Buckwheat, it was Buckwheat Dead, America Mourns. I hope you are never a witness where your observational (or reading) skills will be needed.


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