Buckwheat still dead

Matt Westerhold
Nov 24, 2012

Excerpt from the Between the Lines column in the Sunday Register: As the city of Sandusky's labor contracts get set to expire at the end of the year, not one city commissioner has called for concessions or fiscal restraint in contract negotiations. It's not clear whether the city has even set up a negotiating team or reviewed potential concessions or manpower changes.

It's also not clear whether the ICMA report on police operations, or, more importantly, the draft version of the ICMA report, will be considered if contract negotiations ever do happen. That document, especially the draft version, is a road map to reform and fiscal restraint, but the majority coalition is determined to ignore it.

And, as the city's most expensive employee in history finishes up her first year as city manager, city commission has not arranged any performance review to determine whether Nicole Ard is meeting the job's expectations. It's not likely commission could even do such a thing in a competent way, anyway.

But the labor contracts are the single-most costly expenditure for city taxpayers. The majority coalition appears content to skip out on any critical review of pay raises or manpower levels. Working people deserve pay raises, and the city should have a critical eye on manpower levels if that's going to be accomplished in a responsible manner.

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car 54

Safety services will be paramount. Any delays can leave the city bean counter with sticker shock.


You mean that Dr. Cornel West isn't "Buckwheat"?




You mean the black Einstein or so he thinks!


Matt, why should you be surprised that the City Commissioners are not doing much of anything? It seems to me that the ICMA report is the jurisdiciation the next police chief and NOT that of the commission. Their function should be only that it gets done, nothing more. As for Ms Ard, I would be surprised if some of these commissioners are CAPAPBLE of rating her as two or three want her gone according to word on the street they way they speak of her. What a shame.

The leader of the pack needs to be more 'FORCEFUL' in the meetings and at other times. Perhaps that is what is needed for this council.

Council isnt a part time job anymore. They can't do business out of chambers by phone or just by emails. They need to do it at the table. What is needed is a more active council and some of these council people just plain need to go. They are too 'backstabbing' to be there with their own adgendas in place. (another word on the streets) They just don't know many of us know about it. What a shame.

Swamp Fox

Mr. Westerhold you owe the community an apology, for many black Americans the term "buckwhat" is racists and a spoof of a man being killed with the recent violence in the city is in poor taste at best. I fail to see where the video is related to your column? Your publisher should consider discipline for your lack of journalism judgement with this article.


oh geez, here we go..


First off, Its "Buckwheat" A little rascals charachter. Second, The part was played by William "Billie" Thomas, Jr and later Eddie murphey, Both african americans that seen no problem playing the charachter and was even proud of that part. Not everything is a "Code word" for racism. Third, In todays world making a scene about a charachter that is almost 80 years old and the later version which is 30 years old shows just how far people are willing to reach to make a mountain out of a mole hill. BTW, The Original "Buckwheat" Was treated the same on the set the same as the whites which was odd for that time But Hal Roach would have it no other way.


Well said,I am so sick of this racist crap.You are what you are.I was assigned to a NationaL GUARD UNIT from Boston in 52, and one guy said to me"Do know what a Good Dego is"?Heck I didn't even know what a Dego was.He said,"A dead one"If you were catholic you were a fish eater.It is time to grow up,school is over.You want to holler about something worthwhile, do something about your freedom going done the drain.Now the senate is going to vote on following your internet posts.


SWAPFOX...It's simply just a word until narrow minded intellect like yours' pushes it further. YOU owe the world an apollogy for pursuing the negative. Crying, whining, and hatred is not a good response to achieve ANYTHING. It's YOU who shows, promotes, and continues racism. GROW UP


That sums it up !


Staff takes their orders from the City Commissioners. If they don't direct, then staff treads water until they do. Everything seems to be on hold and nothing gets addressed until it is in crisis mode and it is right upon us. Last time they had started negotiations was a year before the contract was to expire. Ms Ard has a habit of crash managing things. She waits and waits and then the problem is right on her before she decides to take any action. I hope we are wrong about her management. We will have to wait it out to see what develops.


Idiots and their idiocy are actually kind of fun to watch. I'd kick back with a little popcorn and enjoy the show if it weren't for the fact that the idiots I'm talking about are SUPPOSED to be running a City, and their idiocy never fails to cost City residents more and more and MORE money...

Why, oh why, can't we get competent people to run for a seat on the Commission? The truth, of course, is a combination of things: The antagonistic local media, certain "civilian" idiot counterparts to the Commission members, entrenched incompetents employed in administrative roles, and a lot of time and energy in exchange for an even greater amount of criticism and a non-existent amount of money. That's frankly why I won't run (I'm not supremely qualified, either, but I'm also not an idiot which still puts me a step or three above some already serving). Any qualified masochists out there, speak up now!


LOL I am not sure anyone would want to admit to that outright given how you have characterized it. LOL


It's absurd to think that the ICMA report is none of the Commission's business. Just my opinion.


It isn't absurd, its simply stated that the report was made to be implimented for the chief of police to use, not the commissioners. Why would it be important for the commissioners who think THEY have any business gettting in the way of that report? When written, it was to see that the police department change things. How does that include the commissioners in any way, shape or form?

Mutley, there are times when I wonder what you think and how you arrive at your opinions? There are others when I wonder why you express them out in the open? What makes you think the commissioners have any reason for getting involved in what obviously is the domain of the police chief? I would think they would want to see the police department, through their chief, get ahead considering how much damage has been done to that department of late. They cant' even find a new chief without having two of them throw a wrench in the works.


wiredmamma222 says,"Mutley, there are times when I wonder what you think and how you arrive at your opinions? There are others when I wonder why you express them out in the open?"

Back at ya!

Have you read the report?


No, why would i WANT to when it was done to give to the chief of police to make the department more efficient. But if you like I will make sure I get a copy. Then I will get back to you. Apparently you have and think that makes it special.

Why don't YOU run for commissioner if you think it so special??

car 54

Darkhorse-- SamAdams. Why don't you run for a city commission seat? It's easy to have all the answers from the back row.


I don't run (and won't run) for the reasons stated above. In short, I'M not an idiot! (Or a masochist, come to think of it...)

The truth is I've actually thought about it fairly seriously. But then I see what the Commissioners go through, and what they're stuck working with (Commissioners NOT at the end of their term, some of the City's administrative officials, certain disproportionately loud and influential citizens' groups) and realize that one of me (or like me) isn't enough. And I'm disinclined to spend four years beating my head up against a brick wall. Sadly, I'm betting I'm not the only resident who feels that way, either!


Oh, I don't know. I swore I would NEVER do it again, but after seeing how some of them do, I couldn't do any worse. And I have been through this once. I have nothing better to do with my time and I guess I am a masochist at heart and a sadist as well if you want the truth. If I am brave enough to tempt fate on here, why not there?

They beat me up enough on here, they can beat me there for four years. What the heck. I wouldn't mind it.


I fail to see the correlation between a Saturday Night Live spoof on death and the labor contracts expiring but maybe it's just as simple as that.


Me too!

Swamp Fox

"A self-described "progressive liberal" elected official (as opposed to a conservative liberal, I suppose) called a black conservative tea party activist "buckwheat" in a public Facebook discussion recently.
The liberal, Ohio state Rep. Robert F. Hagen, says he didn't mean the term as a racist insult -- and to emphasize his remarks, used a four-letter word and the sexual slur "teabagger."

The term "buckwheat" is sufficiently known to be racially derogatory that the Federal goverment has determined its use violates federal employment law, for example, EEOC v. Elmer W. Davis Inc., No. 07-CV-06434 (W.D.N.Y. consent decree filed Aug. 10, 2010).

When the character Buckwheat was popular and being stereotyped, white performers also used "blackface" which was accepted, would it be today?

In what context was the video "Killing Buckwheat" used in relation to this article?

Randy_Marsh & Just For Liberty, to ignore racism is to allow it.


Lets talk wayan brothers then, They did white face, How is that not racist? But god forbid you point that out or maybe Obama is half white? Please making a mountain out of a mole hill. Lets ignore the ignorent as people say and let racism die with them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w... If you want it to keep going by all means keep it alive by showing the divisions of us instead of embracing what brings us together. Have fun racist!

Swamp Fox

A newspaper editor using a video titled "Killing Buckwheat" brings us together?


with all due respect, bringing up things that show differences in us have a tendency to point out differnces instead of decreasing them. If you point out to me that my skin looks like milk because I am white, it points out only that I am more white. If you make a snide remark and call me a "honkey" or "cracker' that is just as much a slur as what you consider to be the comment buckwheat (unless I am a duck or a cracker). However, each of us needs to get past these slurs and stop taking them in the context in which they USED to be meant and start thinking of them in ways that mean what they were MEANT to be used or in another fashion.

I don't think Matt Westerhold meant a racial slur, any more than you would by using what I suggested (unless you are a bioget). The truth is the more senstive you are to this, the worse you make YOURSELF feel.

You cannot go around demanding that people stop youing a word YOU see as a bad word because it USED to mean this or that, but not so much any more. Those days are more and more behind us.

Focus more on the good than the bad and you may find you will be happier all around

Merry Christmas

Swamp Fox

What does the video have to do with the article? The problem I pointed out that terms that were once considered harmless can now be racists to many people and should an editor of a newspaper use better judgement?


Probably, but when has that EVER happened?


For shame Mr. Westerhold. For shame.

I have followed these comments for about over 2 years and I have seen many comments deleted because of the word Buckwheat.

For a test, let's see how many of my comments get deleted using the word Buckwheat.


Why is Black Friday called Black Friday?

Because a bunch of Buckwheats stand in line.