VIDEO: Westerhold, Calendar Girls bare it all (almost) for charity

Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 8, 2012


This week on Between the Lines Live, Managing Editor Matt Westerhold gets into the spirit of a project aimed at raising money for a senior dental program.

He interviews the ladies who posed for a special calendar being sold for $10 at the Serving Our Seniors office located at 310 Boalt St. in Sandusky. All proceeds from the calendar sale go to helping seniors with dental care. Watch the program below.


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Julie R.

Instead of Magic Mike, it's now Magic Matt.

Way to go, Matt!

car 54

Wow, these old chicks are hot!

Peachy Keen

I just threw up a little in my mouth.


Feeling gratitude
No more ads and robocalls
and no Full Monty


Matt-- too hilarious!!