Live election coverage starts at 6 p.m.

Matt Westerhold
Nov 6, 2012


We'll be first to compile the results from all the local elections, and we'll tell you about it as it happens.

Be part of "Decision 2012 Live" from 6 to 11 this evening and be first to know who won, who lost and how voters turned out for local issues. Results from across the region, the state and nation all are at tonight. 

The news team will call races as soon as they are callable. and we tell you first. The program's interactive chat room all allows viewers to talk back, share their views and ask the questions they think still need asked. 

Register managing editor Matt Westerhold will be at the anchor desk with "Decision 2012 Live" election night candidate interviews with everyone from Erie County sheriff Paul Sigsworth to Erie County juvenile judge Robert DeLamatre, and everyone in between. Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter, county commissioners Pat Shenigo and Bill Monaghan and independent Erie County commissioner candidate Dick Brady, and others, are all scheduled on the program. 

All local candidates have been invited, so there might be additional guests added to the schedule. Register reporters will have remote reports from election offices, campaign parties and party headquarters all evening.    


Get Wednesdy's special edition of the Register at a newsstand near you for complete election results, reaction and a look at the road ahead.  




I bet you couldn't drag FANTOZZ there with a team of horses. She knows that the people are fed up with her forgiving certain prosecutors DBA Kevin Baxter, and her own office for the 10's of thousands she allowed to be stolen and hired an outside firm to see how much was taken. Yea she is just what we need taking of county finances. Hey Jo Dee do you need a 5 spot for a cab to go to the unemployment office?


Well, at least they were all "invided".

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the heads-up on the typo. It's been fixed. 


NOTHING good on TV tonight!


Fix the freaking spam.