Opinion: Brady won debate

Matt Westerhold
Nov 4, 2012


Excerpt from the "Between the Lines" column in today's Register: One prominent Democrat said after the debate the right choice for Erie County voters was obvious.

"I watched it and what I saw was two guys and Dick Brady, the man who should be elected commissioner," he said.
Incumbent commissioner Tom Ferrell, the Democrat in the race, seems congenial, laid-back and confident. A nice guy.
Republican challenger Steve Kraus is a fresh face and a fresh voice. He has the ability to speak in soft tones and make his point swiftly, soundly and oftentimes at a perfect pitch.
Huron city councilman Brad Hartung, who like Brady is running as an independent in the race, was ill Tuesday and could not attend the debate, which is available for demand viewing at sanduskyregister.com at the “Decision 2012” icon. Watch the debate or see other debates and read past election stories the online election guide. 
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In this race, Brady should be elected. He's immersed himself in the issues for months, head down and digging deep with a critical eye at the business of county government. When he looks up, he's likely to say, “It boggles my mind.”
From $147,000 write-offs at the county auditor's office and $146,000 in thefts at the county treasurer's office to $3 million accounts unaccounted for at the county court clerk's office and the $1.8 million annual debt servicing fees for the county's giant landfill.
It's mind-boggling.
Taxpayers are victimized when leaders fail, and failed leaders are oblivious to the obvious, sometimes intentionally oblivious. The business of county government is broken. Ferrell ignores that and Kraus doesn't yet see it, clearly.
But Brady gets it. He's rolled up his sleeves and wants to get at fixing it. The best vote in this race is a vote for Dick Brady.
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How bout that

Who was that prominent Democrat? Perhaps Pat Shenigo?


The write offs happened under Shenigo and Ferrell's watch and under Paul's watch before Jeffrey even came on board. Jeffrey walked into a mess and is slowly digging out.

car 54

Shenigo has spent thousands out of his own pocket to the Register for his paid ads. Spending your own money is legal, so the campaign financing is not reflected in true numbers in Sunday's paper.

Taxed Enough Already

just remember the title of the article said OPINION. That's all it is. I listened to it live and I personally don't think he won at all...but again...OPINION.

chung lee jr

Knowing the problem and having a solution are two different things. Dick Brady grasps there is a problem but has not taken any position on a solution for our problems. At least Mr. Kraus has a dynamic and ambitious solution to our problems......what has Brady done, other than grandstand by trying to get Steve Kraus disqualified and has been a hothead. Personally, I would enjoy to see Brady implode by outspending Kraus by a more than 10 to 1 margin and lose miserably. It is time to let the average guy win and not a millionaire who is not in touch with the people in Sandusky.