City inks deal with Mother Nature

Matt Westerhold
Oct 30, 2012


Note: This is a tongue-in-cheek blog entry. It’s a spoof designed to bring attention to a persistent concern some city residents have expressed.

Sandusky officials announced this week they’d reached an agreement with Mother Nature to assist with removing dead city-owned trees from tree lawns across Sandusky.

Some residents have grown frustrated by the lack of response previously from the city when they called to ask that dead or dying city-owned trees be removed.

“I thought I was on a list of some kind to get something done with these two Maples,” a Pearl Street resident, who has been waiting since 2005 for the city remove two dead trees from city-owned property near his home, told the Register.

Under the agreement with Mother Nature, the city will turn over all tree removal services to Mother Nature. Mother Nature, in turn, promised to bring down all of the dead trees during the next decade using powerful winds.

There are no provisions in the city-Mother Nature contract to protect dwellings or other structures that could be harmed by falling, wind-swept trees, or any other provisions to pay for the cleanup after Mother Nature does her work.

"Residents should call their insurance company for more information,” said one city official, who did not want to be identified for this spoof blog post.   




T. A. Schwanger

Good one Matt. If you were a betting person, which tree removal system would you bet on as being faster?

Phil Packer

Anyone can bring a tree down. Removal is the hard part.


I'm sorry to argue with you, Mr. Westerhold, but "tongue in cheek" usually means what's being said isn't true. And as near as I can tell, your report is accurate in just about every sense of the word!


Got to love it! We are on our own when it comes to trees waiting for Mother Nature to do the job because there is no help coming from the city.


The insurance company told me an "act of mother nature" isn't covered so I am on my own in cutting up this darn thing that landed partially on my roof. Darn it! And we were hoping to have the city do it! Darn, darn, darn. Guess I will call the chainsaw man. Another $300 ...accchhhhh. lol


You need a new insurance carrier. Our insurance covered tree removal and we don't even have one of the most "name brand" carriers. Shop around.


Doppleganger's right. My insurance company covered tree damage, including the tree removal, when I was "victimized" by one of the City's many deliberately ignored liabilities (for which, of course, the City itself denied any blame or responsibility). Granted, it's too late for this time. But I agree: You need to shop around!


Heck, with the backing of the SR, Mother Nature could run for, and get a seat on the City Commission. No experience needed, just exposure and sympathy.


Yea, you would think that HUGE Forestry dept. of 2 employees would have all the dead trees removed by now.


There are 453 people on the forestry's waiting list to do something with their trees, so it will be years before they get around to you unless your tree is classified as an emergency.


Darkhorse: Some of us have already been WAITING for years. Literally.

Too bad the City wasted $28,000 on a useless police chief search/investigation. That money could've gone a long way toward hiring an outside contractor to take down the 453+ trees on the list so at least the Forestry Department can start anew and up to date!


Sam is exactly right. It continues to get discouraging when you think about what could be done with all the wasted money. All the city can do is make up excuse after excuse of why they can't get anything done in this town.