Politics is rotten

Matt Westerhold
Oct 28, 2012

But the Democratic Party mailer, in my opinion, wrongfully and deceptively suggests the Register's editorial board favors Erie County treasurer JoDee Fantozz, the incumbent Democrat, in her race against Republican Jeff Krabill, by quoting statements made by a Krabill political foe and attributing them to the Register. 

It's deceptive. It's underhanded. It's intellectual property used entirely out of context to deceive others. It's sleazy. Chris Redfern is the chair of the Ohio Democratic Party. He's also a candidate for the 89th District statehouse seat being vacated by fellow Democrat Dennis Murray Jr. – his safe seat – the one Redfern was first elected in 1999.

All politics is rotten.


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Re:"It's deceptive. It's underhanded. It's intellectual property used entirely out of context to deceive others. It's sleazy."

All is fair in love, war, and politics.


Simple reason not to vote Krabill---- He appears to be a "run for some political office until I win" type of politician.

Second, he tends to make moves to benefit only himself--recall him stepping down from the Sandusky School system so he could benefit from tax abatement for his still unsold condos on East Water Street.

Licorice Schtick

For conservatives to complain about campaigning dishonesty is the height of hypocrisy.

Their policies benefit the 1%, so they need to lie, cheat and steal to win 51% of the vote. The 99% only need to get the truth out.

The wealthy wage a never-ending war on the working class, but if they dare fight back, THAT they call it "class warfar."

Get the truth out.


Phil Packer

Why do we put up with it? Because, that's just the way it is?



Swamp Fox

Stop the presses, its a shock, "Westerhold endorese "Krabill and Shenigo", great news for Jude Hammond & JoDee Fantozz.......

Kimo is your comments directed at the Erie Co. Democratic Party or Management of this newspaper. could go either way.....


Well Matt, remember that email conversation you and I had regarding Redfern after you deleted my comment?
Turns out I was right about him didn't it?


Politics, almost by definition, is sleazy. But if quotes attributed to The Register actually were made by somebody else and merely PRINTED in the paper, then shouldn't you (and Mr. Krabill) be going after the Fantozz campaign in a real and material way? Last time I checked, libel was still illegal, EVEN in the heat of a campaign!



The republican party is "lily white"?

"Weapons of mass destruction" was/is one of the most costly political fabrications of my time............

If it ain't the truth, it's a lie.........

Swamp Fox

Kimo, "lily white" never said the Republicans were, the article was about the Dems, Krabill is a Republican, Shenigo is an alleged Democrat. Weapons of mass destruction, Clinton claimed it as did Bush in Iraq, this administration claims Syria processes them, whats your point?

Tsu Dho Nimh

I received the mailer that is being discussed on Friday. I found it to be offensive and negative. The party focused on being nasty about Mr. Krabill and not on the qualifications of Ms. Fantozz. It was enough to sway my vote, but not in their direction.

Mr Bean

You lay down with dogs---you get fleas!


Politics "are" rotten. Unless you were using bad english to be clever...


HAHAHAHA..... What does it feel like to be beaten at your own game? HAHAHAHAHA




AS far as I'm concerned Fantozz should have bowed out after her inattention to her job allowed taxpayer money to be stolen. Though I would not have voted for her regardless. I've talked to Jeff and other than being guilty of wanting to serve his community, he is the best choice for the job. I don't look for the D or R after a candidates name. I vote for who I think is best qualified. Some races are easier to pick than others, and in a lot of cases the positions that there is just one choice, it is usually the best. Sigsworth for Sheriff is a perfect example. I could go on but won't, but will close with O is not my choice.


Matt you sir are a moron. You say things on here that are far from the truth many times. The way this paper has been run as of late is a joke. I think it is very funny that you are upset because someone took your words out of context. As the word goes. "KARMA" How many times have you took someones word out of context? Happens to you and you cry like a little girl. Really, you support Shenigo? We couldn't tell that in the last few months. I am a democrat and when it comes to Shenigo or Hammond I will vote Hammond. At least he has stayed true to his party.


"Politics is Rotten". And the pot calls the kettle black. You can always tell who this editor is backing.


Talk to an attorney if you think you have been wronged.


; )


Cry me a river ...

Darwin's choice

Fantozz needs to stand up or she will lose this race if she hasn't already. She won't even debate and defend her postion. I am not a fan of Krabill but the ad Fantozz sent out was down right dirty. Fantozz needs to look in her own backyard before throwing stones at someone else. Her track record is not the best. One thing a taxpayer doesn't like is an elected official who waste taxpayers' monies.

Just Thinkin

WHOA, Hold the press, When you guys do a story on gun crimes, you never portray the gun as a tool but the cause and you never ever stick up for gun rights, What,? lies are OK to publish as long as it's not about you. Lets be fair and honest Guns and gun owner's get the same respect and have the truth told about them,as your whining about in this story. It's not fun defending yourself nor your hobbies against lies is it? Maybe they told some half truths or out right lies, but so does the SR on many stories about guns,remember glass house owner's and the stone story, Just thought I'd comment on why you need to be fair in all your stories,


I have pretty much decided to vote for myself.....Will you vote for me.....


I will




For anyone interested in seeing past the GOP cloud of deliberate misinformation, here is a list from Politifact (the independent watchdog) of statements made by Romney deemed to be 100% false, Google:
PolitiFact All False statements involving Mitt Romney

The list fills more than one page, and of course, doesn't include the list of his statements rated "mostly false", which is an even longer list.

Darwin's choice

And, speaking of rhetoric.........http://youtu.be/fZgQhnNRSuw

Darwin's choice

And, here are statements that are also 100% true......http://www.ntrc.info/biden.html