Shenigo vs. Hammond debate could be contentious

Matt Westerhold
Oct 23, 2012


Maybe the foreign affairs topic put a drag on the last presidential debate, but the issues will be local at 7 p.m. Wedenesday when incumbent county commissioner Pat Shenigo sits down with his opponent, Jude Hammond for the second of three county debates.

Hammond has ripped Shenigo for alleged mismanagement of the county. Shenigo has fired back, pointing to management letters with state audits of the Margaretta school district recommending tighter controls over school district finances.

Next week, Erie County incumbent commissioner Tom Ferrell Jr. debates his opponents, independents Brad Hartung and Dick Brady and Republican Steve Kraus at 7 p.m. Oct. 30

Viewers at are encouraged to submit their questions during the debatre in the interactive chatroom. 

The Erie County juvenile court judge debate with Judge Robert DeLamatre and his opponent Beverly Newell Hancock is available for demand viewing here. All of the debates will be available for demand viewing at the Register's "Decision 2012" guide to the election here. Also, be sure to get the print election guide in the Oct. 30 edition of the Register. 

Erie County treasurer candidate Jeff Krabill is the guest at 1 p.m. Thursday on "Between the Lines Live." His opponent, incimbent treasurer JoDee Fantozz declined to debate Krabill. Perkins Township representatives also will be on the program to talk about the tax levies on next month's ballot.



Of course Fantozz refused. She always runs unopposed and this time she would have been asked some very specific questions such as why she forgave $200,000 in back taxes owed by Baxter and allowed him to sell the boats from the failing line and keep the monies, and how all the money was stolen from the treasures office that Fantozz was in charge of and had to hire an outside firm to find out how much was taken. Yea JoDee I think if I were you I would have declined to appear also, but rest assured you can start packing your bags as the county cannot afford you and your lack of ability to be treasurer any longer!!


Krabill is definitely not the answer. Not impressed with him as a school board member either.


WHEN IS Obama going to pay up? He owes Sandusky and Erie County Money too!

google me

If Krabill is not elected it will be interesting to see what position he runs for next year. It seems he runs for a different position every year.

Julie R.

Wonder how many other fraudulent transfers of property were authorized by Jude Hammond during his tenure as the Erie County auditor that caused serious defects in the titles.


Ask Hammond about his plan about all the vacationland bulletin boards suddenly becoming campaign signs... seems unethical to me as he is the chairman of the board there also.... (probably another of the jobs he plans on keeping if elected)