BTL on the road at SHS

Oct 8, 2012


"Between the Lines" is on the road this week at 7 p.m. Tuesday in Room 300 at Sandusky High School with supporters of the Sandusky Schools levy on next month's General Election ballot.  
Guets include Judy Corso, levy campaign treasurer and co-chair; Brigitte Green-Churchwell, co-chair; Denny Muratori, assistant superintendent; Craig Hofer, co-chair; and Dr. Eugene T. W. Sanders, district superintendent and CEO. Plus, members of the committee and supporters of the Sandusky Schools will be in the audience. 
Also, be sure to check back here for announcements in the near future about the Register debates with Erie County commissioner candidates, judicial candidates and others. 


car 54

I like BTL going on the road. Great move!


What about the treasurer's office debate? What qualifies Krabill to be a treasurer?


GREAT IDEA!!!!! Something different and new. Glad to see this. Getting out of the "hole' are we, Matt? LOL! Then Jason can get out of the corner!!!! Finally!