VIDEO: Watch Between the Lines with guests Bob Haag and Tim Schwanger

Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 17, 2011


Check out this week's edition of Between the Lines with guests Bob Haag and Tim Schwanger, who talked about changes to the structure of city government.

The full show is below (not mobile compatible). Use the time bar on the player to skip ahead.


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Or, if you're in a hurry or on a mobile devise, see a quick clip here:

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Great Job Tim and Bob.  Look forward to the change proposed. 


FINALLY.....Tim is PAYING for something. How much is this going to cost? Glad this won't cost the citizens anything. What will Bob's role be once Ruth is manager?  


Would Bob and Ruth Haag still be championing this petition if Ruth was chosen as the city manager by the current Commission?  Probably not.  Also, their basis for changing the selection process of City Manager is flawed.  They want to shift the power from the Commission to the voters.  Well, I hate to break it to you but the power is already in the hands of the people, we vote in the Commissioners whom represent the people.  Part of this representation lies in every decision they make, including the City Manager position.  If you don't approve of the Commission's decisions, vote someone else in every 2 to 4 years.



Why are we attempting to hire a person who is being eliminated at her present job.  She has been terminated effective 12/31/2011 according to reports from Hillsborough, NC where she is the assistant town manager.   They are eliminating her position.   Why? Why? Why?


So Tim & Bob are oppossed to the commission giving our new city manager a three year employment contract. However they want the voters to approve a four year term for their new "elected" city manager "without any term limits". This is totally unacceptable to me, if we are to elect a "local manager" they should be subject to the same term limits as the commission.


It looks as if Hillsborough is eliminating her current position, along with 5 other vacant positions within the City to balance their budget in 2012.  While she currently occupies the position, I think it is safe to assume Hillsborough understands she is in the process of taking the City Manager position in Sandusky.  This gives HIllsborough the unique opportunity to lower their payroll without actually laying anyone off.  I don't believe this is any way related to Ard's performance as Assistant Manager in HIllsborough.


I just keep coming back and watching this. What a joke.

Tim....."I want everything my way and free"

Bob...."Ruth should have the job"......first time "Ruthless"