VIDEO: Watch Between the Lines with guest Shaun Bickley

Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 10, 2011


Guest Shaun Bickley, who was involved in a dispute with Kelleys Island police, appears on Between the Lines with Matt Westerhold on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

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T. A. Schwanger

Is this Shawn Bickley or an imposter? Never new he owned a suit.  LOL


This show has I don't like cops written all over it.

Mr. Big

Fair, unbiased and knowledgeable dialogue by Mr. Westerhold as always. *rolls eyes*  I can't figure out which one of these guys is the bigger fool.  Shawn, you might as well toss that coin - I doubt you'll be getting out of any tickets in Erie County anytime soon.

Brick Hamland

I have never had an opinion as to Mr. Westerhold until I watch him in this video. I don't know if he is really as dumb as the questions he asks or he is really smart and he is just tyring to lead bickley. My favorite part was him saying all the police officers had the same report. It cannot be because all the reports are accurrate, but only because they came together and agreed what to say. Maybe the reports were accurate and true. Bickley admits to being a complete jack wagon inside the jail, what does he expect from the officers. I hate guys that think they can do whatever they want when they are around cops. I don't particularly like cops, but they have a job, and when you complicate their job they should arrest you. Bickley wasn't going to save the Russain girl, he had no business getting involved. Glad he got arrested and glad Westerhold made this video cause he really seems like a moron in it.


007   where are you?


This is to funny!! I think the intelligence level came out on this video, it was an added bonus to that level becasue of the people in the peanut gallery off camera. POST THE REPORTS, LET THE READERS DECIDE FOR THEMSELFS!!! I had to laugh about this poor russian girl that kept being brought up, what happened to her? The BIGGEST joke of them all is how Bickley "lost" the phone and replaced the phone in question. Talk about covering things up, kinda fishy to me. Bickley needs to work on his acting abilities, the story he told sounded to fake and unbelievable. Hey westerhold here is soemthing for you maybe a cop that deals with drunken people on a regular basis knows when a person is intoxicated or not. The only time soberity test would need to be done, is if they were arrested, not for running there drunken mouth along side Bickley...

Oh and I heard that Bickleys wife will be on in may talking about how they will be having an underage beer drinking contest at the barge parties this summer as a newly added event.


Well said Funny4All


Double jacka$$  alert


I'm not a cop, but your video was insulting.  Your sniveling demeanor is ubelievable. Even by this guy's obvious distortion of the facts, he should have been arrested.  The arrogance of yourself and your guest is a unfortunate example of embellised importance and elitism.  I can see you acting in the same disrecptful manner as your self important guest. Thanks for the memory


 I am beginning to see why the paper is run the way it is...  This explains to Bryan Jones coverage...  I will never read this paper again, the lack of respect for our public servants.  Mr. Westerhold, how about the next time your in a meeting I walk into your office uninvited and drop a few "Fbombs" as you like to call them.  Regardless, I refuse to read this excuse for a paper any longer, it is truly sad that people like this are running the "media" today.  I will be canceling my subscription and deleting my account.  You disgust me Mr. Westerhold, you really do.


Shaun is a good person. He may like to stir up a hornets nest when he feels like he was wronged, but if you know him, then you know that he respects professional  law enforcement officers who do their job within their scope. The officers in this situation were not professional and Shaun and Jane had no problem letting them know that. In the end they were arrested.....for what again?? Still trying to figure that out.

Julie R.

Considering that Shaun Bickley's father was a Huron police officer,  I don't why anybody would say he doesn't respect the police.  


It was obvious from the video that Mr. Bickley thinks he is above the "rent a cops" as he referred to them(not really a show of respect). He apparently thought he knew more about the situation than the police who were dealing with it and insisted on injecting himself into the situation. 

He and his wife got exactly what they deserved. Mr. Westerhold is a cowardly suck up, his performance was more insulting than Bickley's . No one is coming forward because he is lying about the situation. Go ahead and sue, it is an easy process to take your phone and see if the video was erased, it still exists on the harddrive, you have to know that.  95% of all cases are pled out. I think it says something that 5 months later the charge wasn;t further reduced with him gettin a lawyer trying to resolve the issue. Apparently even Erie County woulnt drop the case, and also to Mr. Westerhold for your increadible ignorance as to why they don't believe Bickley.....are you serious, should we automatically believe all of the accused, he has an incentive to lie.  He admitted to enough to be charged, you don't have the right to shout the F bomb at the police in a situation like that, you do not have the right to interfere with the police. 


WOW! It's amazing how people come to their conclusions. Yes, none of us were there, but how can anyone say what happened for sure. I do find it odd that the cops had a HUGE issue with Mr. Bickley taping the whole incident on his phone and told him repeatedly to stop filming. BUT, after arresting him and taking his phone, the video mysteriously disappears?  If Mr. Bickley was drunk as some of these bloggers say(again, they weren't there), why wasn't he arrested for public intoxication and or given a breathalyzer or blood test?  Something doesn't add up here. And you bloggers don't really seem to be on here to add some depth or perspective, most of you seem to be Bickley stalkers that are just out to add fuel to your fire.Brick Hamland, if you don't know Mr. Bickley personally, and weren't there, why would you be so glad that he got arrested?Fun4All, maybe you need to watch the video again. Mr. Bickley lost the phone long after the incident. It was already proven the video was "gone" on the old phone. Did everyone forget that the cops original problem was the fact that Mr. Bickley was taping the whole incident. The cops repeatedly told him to stop, which he didn't. Hey Confused--if you don't like the paper, don't read it and don't post on everything. This is great!  I need to take a day off work more often!


Yes, that was Bickley's version.  Take the phone to a computer tech, have them recover the video or at least verify that it was erased and then you may have a valid argument.  For some reason I don't think Bickley will have that done, which is very telling.