Cirigliano offers no justice to Nuesse, or taxpayers

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


He rendered an opinion, but he didn’t even write it. Retired judge Joseph Cirigliano did exactly what he was hired to do as the hearing officer for the Civil Service appeal in the firing of Sandusky police Chief Kim Nuesse. He ignored the obvious and went along with the agenda. That's my opinion. Are you surprised?

Gosh, I wish I could write what I really think about all this … but my words are not nice, my attitude is bent.

 His Honor told all of us, “It’s none of our business,” when we asked him about his opinion.

 Well, yes it is, Sir. Yes it is.

 We’re the taxpayers who paid you an estimated $100,000 to preside over the Civil Service hearing. It’s our business, and your arrogance is unacceptable, in my opinion. 







I second that opinion Matt. Cirigliano shows nothing but contempt for the citizens of Sandusky that paid for this.....................His behavior is unacceptable.  He states in his opinion police are held to a higher standard.  Wonder why judges and attorneys aren't held to the same satandards?


Wa Wa.  He didn't decide what I want so he is corrupt.  Nice attitude. 

Julie R.

I don't know of anybody that was surprised by this decision but what I'm still wondering is...........Bailey did an excellent job in Nuesse's defense (not that it did any good) but why did he not object in the beginning to the city picking the hearing officer-----especially when it was Baxter's good old butt buddy Cirigliano? Something just doesn' t smell right here.....but hey this is corrupt Erie County so what do you expect?

Julie R.

Wasn't this same judge involved in the Huron River Greenway case? Wasn't it said that the property owners went to Court armed with deeds in hand that proved they were the owners to the property thinking that JUSTICE WOULD PREVAIL------but it sure didn't?

And just think-----everyone thought the whistleblower Elsebeth Baumgartner was nuts when she tried to expose the double-dipping RETIRED JUDGE SCAM  that was going on..........

Oliver Hardy
Julie R, you are correct about the old judge and Greenway.


Julie R.

Thank you for that information. 

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the Lorain County law firm of Baumgartner & O'Toole also involved in the grant  or something for Baxter's Island Express? It seems to me I read that somewhere. Wasn't Baumgartner & O'Toole also involved in the case of the whistleblower Elsebeth Baumgartner? It seems to me I read that she made accusations about something illegal they did but I can't remember where I saw this.  I see that  Dennis O'Toole was the attorney for the Erie County MetroParks in the case against the Huron River Greenway and he specifically requested Cirigliano to handle the case. One thing for certain----Baumgartner & O'Toole, Kevin Baxter and Cirigliano sure are connected. That's why I find it hard to believe the city of Sandusky got away with hand-picking Cirigliano to be the judge in the Kim Nuesse case.

Also, did you know that the wife of Dennis O'Toole is an attorney in the same law firm as K. Ronald Bailey?

Boogie Man

Matt and the Judge share a joke about Matt and KB's girlriend who once worked at the Register as a reporter.


I guess I wonder if anyone out there thought the case would be resolved in any other way? As soon as I saw that Mr. Cirigliano was chosen as the "judge" over Ms. Nuesse's case, I knew it was all over but the costs to the taxpayer (and Ms. Nuesse.) Simply, there is no real justice in Erie County.

Smart people know that if you are charged with anything in Erie County, it is best to go find a "pit bull" lawyer in another county, someone not easily threatened by the prosecutor's office. I can remember talking with a local lawyer that indicated that anyone confronting the local legal establishment would be villified by having their clients rights conveniently overlooked. Surely this would spell doom for anyone wanting to do lawyering in Erie County. Let's face it, if you can't get work release for a client with a DUI, your business suffers.

My thoughts should not be a reflection on Mr. Bailey or his efforts. I have a very high regard for him, but I'm sure his reputation brings him a lot of legal business from outside Erie County, where he doesn't have to play silly (and illegal) games with the locals. 

The people of Sandusky should pool their meager resources and hire someone to file a taxpayer laysuit against the city and their Mickey Mouse "legal" team. Maybe, once the city has to pay four-fold for their liability insurance, will they get the hint that the people will do what is needed to assure proper justice for all.

Until then, it's "ju$tice" as usual in Erie County.

Oliver Hardy

Julie R,

Some comments on the SR news blogs compelled me to check out some things to see if any common players like rent-a- judges and certain law firms are involved in getting desired results in court cases. For example, I find that Cirigliano was also involved with the Greenway court cases.

Look at the Nuesse case. The city wants a "desired" outcome so they hire rent-a-judge Cirigliano and outside law firms. Had the BCI came in to do an investigation at no cost to Sandusky taxpayers, the city was not guaranteed "desired" results. But by hiring a private judge and private lawyers, the city is guaranteed the "desired" results that they want.

For the time being, I am currently not researching the Island Express matter but checking out a couple of area school systems after former Clyde-Green Springs Schools superintendent Todd Helms is accused of stealing nearly $300,000. Note that State auditor Mary Taylor's office conducted the special audit. Now if a private rent-a-judge and private law firm had been used by the Clyde-Green Springs school system to check out questionable misuse of school funds, Helms could have covered up the missing school funds.

I believe that Elsebeth Baumgartner made accusations about theft of school funds at the Benton-Carroll-Salem School District. Now I am only starting out to see if any rent-a-judges or outside law firms were used by some school officials at BCS. Right off I see a rent-a-judge was involved (Richard Markus) and the Baumgartner & O'Toole law firm.

It seems to be common to use rent-a-judges and outside law firms to get "desired" results in court or in private investigations. Look at the Nuesse case. How convenient for the city leaders. They waste taxpayer money for "desired" results and then have the nerve to ask for an income tax increase when the BCI could have handled the case for FREE.

In the Nuesse case, you have certain people involved and some of these people are scary and dangerous. I will elaborate later on these certain people.

The North Country Gazette in New York state did publish a chronology of events about Elsebeth Baumgartner. I will only post the information related to BCS and the use of a rent-a-judge and a certain law firm.

"Winter-Spring 2000
Board meetings become volatile due to BCS’s financial crisis. BCS Board goes back on their word and hires Burns as superintendent. Harassment of Baumgartner family members escalates and more evidence is discovered of illegal expenditures. By May meetings take on circus atmosphere and Board passes an illegal public resolution authorizing the employment of Baumgartner & O’Toole to file a public grievance against Elsebeth Baumgartner for complaining about thefts and abuse. Board pays almost $5,000 for a complaint form that should have been obtained for free. Board member Kellen Smith assaults Elsebeth
Baumgartner after May 31 Board meeting and promises her that he, Charles Burns and Mark
Mulligan will “stop her” and “shut her up."

September 17, 2001
Letter from Washington DC dated 9-14-01 arrives at Baumgartner’s residence from acting Interim head of Washington DC Public Integrity Office. The letter tersely explains that because of homeland security, their office will no longer be able to investigate claims of public corruption.

March 7, 2005
Ohio Visiting Judge Richard Markus adjudicates sanctions hearings against Joe
Baumgartner for alleged “frivolous activity” that allegedly occurred during the civil
case that had just been prosecuted against Elsebeth Baumgartner in Ottawa County."

There is some very interesting reading in the above link. Pay attention to some of the names in the timeline of events. I have only recently started to read about Elsebeth Baumgartner and her problems with the legal system. It is a shame that the events of 911 occurred. The attention of corruption within Ohio was focused instead on national security against more Islamic attacks. 911 was almost 8 years ago and a lot has happened since then. Had 911 not have occurred, a federal probe into Ohio would have commenced a few years ago. The Nuesse investigation would have been properly handled and not made into a dog and pony circus with some old "rent-a-judge" and out of town lawyers.

bill ney
There are currently a few people not sleeping very well. They are those who must: 1. Either agree with Cirigliano and praise him for a job well done (and then    the real $$$$ court case would begin); 2. Agree with him by a majority vote, and say nothing; 3. Disagree with him by a majority vote and say nothing; 4. Or, Disagree with him and in harsh, vocal words, tell this community that   Cirigliano's unbelievable decision is a public insult and supports the hundreds of allegations of collusion within our elected and hired public community.      So, what are the names and telephone numbers of  this appointed group, made up of residents and responsible citizens, who will NOW either support their neighbors, OR fear the consequences of doing that?

I think it is the responsibility of the Register to provide the names and numbers of those who decide this on the Civil Service Commission. If not, please contact the City for those names and numbers and make your feelings known, either way. My personal opinion is that this reflects Sandusky as being the most corrupt City in Ohio, and the residents will not pull their heads out of the sand and address it. Your Firelands forefathers  are rolling over in their graves from shame.


I am not from here, but have lived around the area almost all my life...

I REALLY can NOT wrap my head around all of this.....I DO believe that there is a major conspiracy going on in Sandusky....Have had a brush with it in the early 90's.........But this deep, and this INVOLVED, is just..............................I have no words, other than, OMG!!

You people who live in Sandusky, need to get educated about your "leaders", and take a stand!!!! Say that you will NOT take it anymore!! Put these "mafia type criminals" behind bars, where they belong!



Who died and appointed you Judge, Jury and the Voice of the people ? You are the least objective person I have ever heard from on this subject and you keep trying to shove your personal opinions down everyone else's throat. I sure wish I had a job like yours so that my personal opinion could reach thousands in an attempt to influence their opinions. Why don't you try being a little more objective and professional because your "idea" of objectivity is so transparent it isn't even funny. You have already tried to bury the judge, prosecuting attorney, and any other commissioners you don't personally agree with with your pen and your personal opinions.

Oliver Hardy

FYI from Sandusky's web site:

"In response to the many questions asked of the Commissioners by the citizens of  Sandusky concerning the cost of legal fees to defend the allegations made by Kimberly Nuesse as the result of her discharge as Chief of Police, the City is covered by a policy of insurance for the claims brought by Kimberly Nuesse; and the legal fees for defense of both her civil service appeal and the suit she recently filed in federal court have been paid under the policy of insurance.

Click here to view the summary of the insurance policy.
The summary is NOT the actual policy, but a BRIEF overview of the policy."


While you may believe that "everyone" who stands in awe at the apparent legal corruption in Erie County bases their opinions on the musings of Matt Westerhold, there are many literate citizens who can study and form their own opinions about such topics.

Mine are formed from over twenty years of unfavorable contact with our fine system of ju$tice. Therefore, when I read about events related to Ms. Nuesse's case, nothing really surprises me.

If my fellow "watchdogs" will remember, a very similar case reared its ugly head with a little girl named Connie Litz in the 80's. Being a civic activist (or anyone who believes in a fair system of justice) just makes you a target for those willing to use the color of law to keep the facts from surfacing.

No, fedupwithwesterhold, Matt Westerhold doesn't form my opinion of events related to this or any other case of corruption in Erie County. He just confirms what I already know.

Oliver Hardy
To hilltop, Are you referring to the incident about the female Sandusky Fire Department Captain who was ordered by a former SFD chief to ignore fire code violations at Cedar Point? One of these violations involved the sprinkler system at the IMAX theater at CP. When the female SFD captain asked for the directive in writing, the former SFD chief reprimanded her for not following orders. There was a sexual discrimination lawsuit filed later by this female person in U.S. District Court in Toledo.


Julie R.

I second "hilltop's" motion. Matt Westerhold didn't form my opinion about the Nuesse case, either.  He's just confirming what I already knew about this repulsive corrupt County..........and the only words to describe it is YUCK, YUCK and YUCK!


Yes, that would be the case.

God Bless her, she did so much to get her life back on track after that "event".

However, in the interim, they ruined her life and made her out to be a "nut case" in the press and locally. Sounds a little like another very unpopular female from our area, doesn't it?

When the facts are "right" the response becomes very, very personal.


mat t: and his gang need to pack up and get out of Sandusky, go back where you came from woman hater