VIDEO: Between the Lines with guest John Jacobs

Oct 19, 2011


(With Mobile Clip) City commission candidate John Jacobs appeared on Between the Lines with Matt Westerhold on Wednesday.

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WHY should anyone support you? You never bothered to reply to my questions or those of Sarah Weber.

"FEEL GOOD" answers to Matt's questions perhaps?



looking around

A master of the english language he is..............

pow wow

    Hey John, Medowlawn School is in Perkins.  Please don't insult Sandusky, buy a city map.


And I do believe, the Sandusky Register endorsed John when he ran 4 years ago!


Housing issue? Upgrading housing? How to grow plants? Gardens? Meadowlawn? How will all this help Sandusky?

Communications? Why the lack of communications from certain people when crime prevails?

John is giving "FEEL GOOD" answers to Matt's questions.

I agree with John in that Sharon Johnson is an asset to Sandusky.

Matt lost his train of thoughts? Really? Matt did support a corrupt police chief. We all have been hoodwinked by certain people. Matt refuses to admit that he was hoodwinked by a corrupt police chief. Matt seems to have an agenda against two people who refused to be hoodwinked by the corrupt police chief.

Hotel in Sandusky?

Police department? How about some people stop with the "I saw nothing or heard nothing" answers when the police try to put a stop to crime?  Some criminals can be dealt with if only the people would cooperate with the police instead of EVADING the questions from the police.

What happened to that federal probe about the upgrading of housing? Somebody made a lot of money at the expense of the taxpayer.

Sandusky officials said a criminal investigation into shoddy home repairs is ongoing, but they know nothing about the progress.

The scandal could top $3 million in losses for the city.

The Office of Inspector General is still analyzing data from the city’s housing scandal, which ran from 2004 to 2006.

It is now 2011.

@ 01:28 Matt says "So the Register had some influence"

@ 22:34 Matt says "You read it in the Register"  Why should anyone believe what the Register prints?

Is the "best police chief" still the best police chief even though that police chief is in prison? If you read it in the Register is it really true or is it an agenda with false information?

I am NEUTRAL with John as a candidate.