Happy Julie Farrar makes stupid statement

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


"I would like to applaud my fellow commissioners and (city manager) Mr. Kline and our staff, because this commission was never obligated to help those people at all," Sandusky city commissioner Julie Farrar said after learning that just half of the homes damaged or destroyed through city corruption of a 2004-06 federal housing rehab program had been repaired this year.

The sheer lack of accountability in that statement is mind boggling.

Here's what I'd like to hear from a city commissioner, any city commissioner:

"This city should never again allow the bureaucracy at city hall to abuse residents the way some of these residents — 47 homeowners — have been abused. I am ashamed of the incompetence and corruption that led to the $2 million this is costing taxpayers, and, even more so, for the $1 million in damages this city brought down on these fine residents. Some of them have been waiting five years for their homes to be fixed and for this to be resolved and the city has done a poor job at every turn."

But happy happy Julie Farrar lives in a La-La land where westenders and renters in the city don't count and don't get to care. And where leadership means giving lip service to the challenges the city faces and where every leader practices patting other leaders on the back with the good firm hand of an elitist or elitist-wannabe.

Whew. It's worse than I ever imagined.

Bark. Bark. Bark.

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Oliver Hardy

After about 6 attempts to comment and post links to previous Sandusky Register news stories concerning CHIP, I kept getting the follow message:

Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted.

Maybe I should post messages to sell Viagra?


I agree.  When I heard Julie utter those words that the city was under no obligation to fix the houses, I felt embarrassed for my city.  Talk about open mouth and insert foot. I have news for Julie, the housing mess is the fault of the city for not supervising the work and making sure procedures and policies were set in place and now we are paying for the work to be redone.  Julie's statement was like throwing salt into the wound. Is this the kind of leadership we want at the commission  table?  What was worse was that no other commissioner came forward to correct her statement and the rest of commissioners let it slide.  

40 Hour Worker

I know Julie Farrar is not up for re-election in November but it's asinine statements such as hers that should make voters more aware of who they are electing into office this coming November.  The majority of the current city commission is a disappointment including Farrar.  I seriously hope the voters of Sandusky make wise, informed choices come November.


She's way out of her league here........She didn't do a whole lot to change the schools,  She could have maybe if she involved herself in recreation only. Play games not politics Hon............You'll go farther. Just  an old friend.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

I once sent an email to Ms. Farrar.  The response I got was shocking.  She totaly side stepped the issue and instead cried and whined about how people were "beating her up over the clothes she was wearing".  I am no fashion critic and had paid no attention to the fact that she was wearing a Cleveland Indians jumpsuit at the meeting, I was simply commenting on the asinine and ignorant comments she had made at the meeting.  I do not even think she read my email. 


Pretty sad that we have a commissioner that is more concerned with what people thing of her clothes that the stupid comments that come out of her mouth.



Oliver Hardy

Maybe if Ms. Farrar would dress appropriately for the public meetings, then there would be no remarks about her clothes.

Good topic that you started, Mr. Westerhold. The readers may be interested in a Sandusky Register news article about CHIP from November 17, 2007 which stated: "Attorney Michael Murman, who specializes in ethics law, was brought in to conduct the investigation, Icsman said. Murman could not be reached for comment on Friday." There is that duo team of Icsman and Murman again for an "investigation."

From another Sandusky Register news article from December 4, 2008: "On April 1, the Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development issued a subpoena to city officials to turn over "any and all documents" relating to the Community Housing Improvement Program. ......the government confiscated 30 boxes of files later that month............Both federal and city officials confirmed an investigation is ongoing, but officials couldn't give a timetable when charges might be brought."

I am sorry that I cannot post the links to the two SR news stories at this time because I keep triggering the SPAM filter which will not accept the SR links. Odd that the SR SPAM filter rejects its own links to past stories.

Captain Gutz

Did she mean that the city was never obligated to institutethe program in the first place, or that they were never obligated to right the wrongs?

If the former, I see no problem with her statement.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

The link to the video below shows what she was wearing that day....

But that is nothing compared to what she said.  Listen to her, listen where she gets her "facts" from and ask yourself "Is this the type of person we want or need to run the city and lead it into the future?"





bill ney

       This editorial opinion by Mr. Fitspatrick makes the perfect case for Sandusky  to finally evolve into a the best type of local government which would truly represent all citizens, including those whose voices are ignored, and who do not count.

       Strong Mayor, Safety-Service Director, 5-7-9 Ward/Council  Members. That's the lineup that works in the vast majority of city's across this nation.

What Sandusky has now is the system which works best for the alleged "Good Ole' Boys" network. This is how they can manipulate and leave out the poor, the neglected,  those who cannot speak for themselves............PLEASE Find the people who can accomplish this change in government. I can't, way too old. Have lived in three states. In each city, local government had ward council members representing every square inch of that city.

                                      Thank you


Sorry Julie,  It looks like its your turn to get attacked.  Shameful...but this handful of people and the SR have done the same thing to many others.  Just try to grin and bear it.   Like they say....consider the source.  Good luck to you girl...you'll need it with this pack of wolves.

Julie R.

I don't think this sounds like a stupid statement. It sounds more like Julie Farrar actually believes that her and her fellow commissioners really DO think they should be applauded!


Nope. It's like trying to teach a hog to sing, a complete waste of time and just annoys the hog.

bill ney
COME BACK TO US. DON'T LET THE BAS.ERDS GET YOU DOWN!!!!! Many of us know you have been "gagged" by the law, and, therefore, advised to adhere. C'mon, give us something.

Stick with the Neusse legal actions she has, not her as a candidate.  Avoid the conflict of being accused of "endorsement." That will happen no matter what opinion you present. But say somethng.