VIDEO: Between the Lines Perkins Township Fiscal Officer debate

Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 14, 2011


(With Mobile Clip) Perkins Township fiscal officer candidates Diane Schaefer and Jane Gildenmeister visited the Register officers for a debate on Oct. 13.

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Consider me looking out for the best interest of citizens who desire a very open and honest government who must answer to the people. There are too many secrets that the powers that be hold back. Perhaps I should refer to them as the Good Ol' Boys?

Does anybody remember former managing editor Todd of the Sandusky Register?

I am gathering much information on former trustee Pascoe and others. I will be using archived news accounts from the Sandusky Register as one of my sources. I will attempt to provide some privacy to people that may be mentioned in the news accounts.

Here is one worthy for comments. I will quote from the Sandusky Register, April 18, 2003 and it can be found on page A5. The news article is "Trustees wont talk about new clerk"

Perkins Township trustees on Sunday appointed P..... H...... -K..... as the township's new clerk.

Trustee Tom Pascoe said Thursday the board felt H.....-K..... was "the best candidate overall." He would not elaborate, except to say he couldn't remember when she was interviewed.

She was the only candidate offered the position, he said.

The decision to appoint H......-K..... was made at an unexpected meeting at 8 a.m. Sunday; on Saturday morning, trustees changed the regularly scheduled Tuesday morning meeting to Sunday.

Trustees did not return repeated Register phone calls Wednesday. H.....-K..... has not returned phone calls made by the Register since last week.

Do the people of Perkins Township want to go back to the days of old? Was the public invited to that Sunday meeting? Was the Sandusky Register aware of that Sunday meeting?

Where was the public input in selecting a new clerk? Perhaps it was a secret? Behind closed doors? The present candidate Jane avoided many of my questions. I asked questions to Jane and awaited an answer before I was going to ask Diane about the online minutes. None of my questions were answered by Jane. The video debate started at 7:00 p.m. "Funcoast" waits until the end of the debate to answer as to why my questions went unanswered.

7:57 PM funcoast: We are not evading your questions. I asked at the beginning of the debate to ask questions that pertain to both candidates. Jane addressed it as team building, not hiring additional peopl to a team.

Why is "funcoast" answering for Jane?

Those were the dark days of Perkins Township when Pascoe was a trustee. A corrupt police chief allowed to stay in office to destroy evidence perhaps? He should have been put on paid leave. Secret behind doors land purchases?

Do the people of Perkins Township want to go back to the dark days of old when the Good Ol' Boys were in power?


What is the word on "My Oh My" Myosky? He is the Perkins Fire Chief. When is he going to retire?

Much more information  is coming on Pascoe. Pascoe was one of those who circulated candidate petitions for Jane.






I took the following comments by Jane from the candidate forums.

Oct 09, 2011
05:58 PM

Jane Gildenmeister says

I believe in life-long learning & continuing education. I'm a graduate of BGSU, a business major, & LEADS (Leadership Excellence & Development Sandusky), licensed insurance agent & income tax preparer. A brief listing of my continuing education includes Terra State Community College, EHOVE, and Firelands: Small Business Management, Business Finance, Marketing, Accounting Practices, creative writing & computer software programs. Seminars: the Sunshine Law, Ethics, Accountant's Role, Promoting Teamwork and Collaboration, and Time Management. Workshops: customer/client service, leadership & communication skills, and successful management techniques.

When elected, I will build and lead a cooperative & effective team

"When elected, I will build and lead a cooperative & effective team."   Jane evaded my questions about what she meant. Build? Lead? How? Funcoast doesn't have a clue. Funcoast refused my questions.

Any readers out there know what Jane meant? How does a township fiscal officer Build and Lead a team? The only way that I know of is for a township fiscal officer to hire and lead assistant fiscal officers.

Assistant Fiscal officer
1. Q. If the fiscal officer feels that the duties of the township are such that he is not going to be able
to do all the work himself, may the township fiscal officer hire an assistant fiscal officer to aid
him in keeping the books?
A. Yes. The township fiscal officer may hire and appoint one or more persons as the fiscal officer
finds necessary to provide assistance to the township fiscal officer or deputy fiscal officer. The
township fiscal officer may set the compensation of those persons subject to the prior approval
of the board of township trustees. Those persons shall serve at the pleasure of the township
fiscal officer or, in the absence of the fiscal officer, the deputy fiscal officer. The township
fiscal officer may delegate to an assistant any of the duties the fiscal officer is otherwise
required to perform. The appointment of assistants under this section does not relieve the
township fiscal officer of responsibility to discharge the duties of the office but shall serve to
provide assistance to the fiscal officer in performing those duties. The compensation of an
assistant appointed under this section shall be included in the estimate of contemplated
expenditures for the township fiscal officer's office that is submitted to the board of township
trustees for approval as provided in section 5705.28 of the Revised Code. O.R.C. 507.021.


There is a lot of news about the new Perkins Township Complex that will be built with millions of taxpayer funds in Columbus Avenue. What happened to the plans of the former land where a township complex was supposed to be built? That land was in a flood plain and was not feasable. The Sandusky Register began writing stories about the new Strickfaden Park. Your former trustees bought that land for a township complex.

Refer to an earlier Sandusky Register news story dated June 11, 2003. The headlines were "Perkins issue $1 million bond for new home"

The 20 year bond will fund the relocation of township hall from its home at 5420 Milan Road to Bell Avenue.

The bond will also fund a Hull Road firestation, which is expected to replace the 4510 Milan Road fire station.

How can this be? The Sandusky Register keeps writing about Strickfaden Park for "FEEL GOOD" news to the clueless. Did the Sandusky Register print a bunch of lies about the township complex being built on Bell Avenue?

Somebody made a lot of money from that purchase of swamp land.

If I were younger, I would start up a newspaper that would tell boths side of the story and give you the entire truth and hold nothing back.

I have much to write about former trustees.




Matt Westerhold seems really fixated on that $20 that was paid to former fiscal officers since about 1993.

I do believe that the land purchase on Bell Avenue was done illegally behind closed doors without public input. Also that $25,000 that Diane mentioned  being paid to a former fiscal officer was illegal in my opinion.

There was an online debate in 2007 when 3 candidates ran for trustee. One of the candidates was former trustee Jerry Baumgardner. I am very troubled by what Jerry had to say about property purchases and additional compensation for the fiscal officer.

Q: How would you handle a purchase of property? Public hearings before purchase?

Jerry Baumgardner  As residents of Perkins Township, you elect trustees to make decisions and conduct business on your behalf. Public hearings are held for zoning changes, but not land purchases.

Q: Would you have agreed to give the Fiscal Officer the $25,000 per year for the cemetery sexton position?

Jerry Baumgardner  When we hired the Fiscal Officer, it was the decision of the trustees to have a full-time Clerk/Fiscal Officer to better serve the residents and the township employees. The additional salary was a result of the increased duties of the Fiscal Officer.

Land purchases done in private without public input?  $25,000 extra for a former fiscal officer for a full-time postion?

Matt Westerhold worried about $20 that was in place since about 1993?

Matt needs to get a clue.

What do the resident lawyers have to say about land purchases done without a public hearing?





No comment from the resident lawyers?

Take a look at ORC 121.22

"2) To consider the purchase of property for public purposes, or for the sale of property at competitive bidding, if premature disclosure of information would give an unfair competitive or bargaining advantage to a person whose personal, private interest is adverse to the general public interest. No member of a public body shall use division (G)(2) of this section as a subterfuge for providing covert information to prospective buyers or sellers. A purchase or sale of public property is void if the seller or buyer of the public property has received covert information from a member of a public body that has not been disclosed to the general public in sufficient time for other prospective buyers and sellers to prepare and submit offers.

While I agree that the discussion of purchase of property can be done in executive session, the public and other land owners must be made aware of the pending land purchase. "A purchase or sale of public property is void if the seller or buyer of the public property has received covert information from a member of a public body that has not been disclosed to the general public in sufficient time for other prospective buyers and sellers to prepare and submit offers."

The question is were other property owners allowed sufficient time to offer better land at a better price than the flood plain?

"in sufficient time for other prospective buyers and sellers to prepare and submit offers."

Now there is a good story for Andy Ouriel to do some investigative reporting about the secrets in Perkins Township.

Let's see DeWine make a ruling on that swamp on Bell Avenue.



Presently I am going over some older news stories that the Sandusky Register published a few years ago. Recently most of you have seen the news that Firelands Hospital bought the former Perkins Township hall on 250.

Currently I am reading a Sandusky Register news story from July 24, 2003.

"Perkins hopes to cash in on U.S. 250."

"Trustees will move township hall and fire department; plan to pay $870,000 for land on Bell Avenue and Hull Road"

That was in 2003 which was 8 years ago.

Interesting, isn't it?

I have much to talk about the secrets of Perkins Township, former trustees and of course the powers that be.

So if this Bell Avenue property was acquired to move the township hall to that location, why did the present trustees buy property on Columbus? I see no mention of a Strickfaden Park at all in 2003. Where did the idea of that park come from?

At least "Funcoast" is not stopping my questions or my comments. I am done with the room chats. I am also done with the candidate forums since most of  the candidates refuse to answer questions.  I will provide questions and information right here. If anybody has some secrets to share, feel free to contact me. I am open.

On July 16, 2003, the Sandusky Register published a news story that  the trustees overpaid themselves in 2001. Perkins Township received 7 noncompliance citations from the State Auditor.

And Matt is still worried about $20?

I have a wealth of information to share with the readers.

Hey Sandusky people, why don't you annex Perkins? The people will not mind. They are too complacent and do not have a clue with the "FEEL GOOD" news by the Sandusky Register.

Where is "Taxpayer" when needed?

 "Trustees will move township hall and fire department; plan to pay $870,000 for land on Bell Avenue and Hull Road"

How much of that $870,000 is paid off? Somebody made a lot of money at the expense of the taxpayers. Who will pay for that 10% interest debt on that swamp? How many more years at 10% interest?  Ask Pascoe.






Candidates for office are very concerned about their townships and cities that they plan to serve. So concerned are these candidates that they often attend meetings. Jeff Smith the candidate for Sandusky City Commissioner mentioned going to the Sandusky City meetings off and on for 4 years and more recently, Jeff mentioned being very active in attending meeting the past 3 or 4 months. That shows to me that Jeff is very concerned about Sandusky and active in attending Sandusky city meetings.

I studied the online minutes of Perkins Township. Since Jane has a habit of evading my questions, I will no longer be asking her direct questions.

In all those township trustee online minutes, I could not find Jane's name anywhere. In those minutes, the names and questions of concerned citizens can be found. I do not see Jane's name listed anywhere.

Most candidates who run for office do not wait to be approached by someone to urge them to run, the candidates make their own choice because they want to contribute their time and efforts to make a better township or city.

Years ago, there were some very troubling actions by past Perkins township trustees. Former managing editor of the Sandusky Register, Todd Franko  wrote a lengthy commentary on April 20, 2003.

He titled the commentary "Perkins Township bosses their own worst enemies"

It is a rather lengthy commentary where he criticized former Perkins township trustees. Todd goes on and refers to the trustees as "Baumgardner and Co."

Almost all of the news archives of the Sandusky Register that I have read so far blast the trustees for their withholding information or evading the newspaper's request for public information.

Pascoe was part of this team of trustees. Pascoe was one person who circulated Jane's petition. Jane evaded my questions as have the former trustees evaded the questions by the Sandusky Register in years past.

To quote Todd   "Baumgardner and Co.'s moves have forced their lawyers into not-free legal work against us, they don't provide what the laws tell them to do, they've changed meetings to weekends for who knows why, and they duck the largest circulated newspaper in their community. And that's just last month."




I often use the term "powers that be" in a broad sense. I was concerned about who the two groups of people were who approached Jane to run for office.

The words "clique" and "faction" come to my mind.

That is not to say that all people who support Jane belong to a clique or faction. Some of these supporters are not political activists or research local political history as I do. And as Diane Schaefer mentioned on the candidate forums, some voters do not have the time to research and gather information on the candidates due to busy lives with jobs and children. If you see Jane's signs in their yard, don't hold that against them. I don't. Every voter has a right to vote for their candidate or issue of choice.

In my research, I do see that Jane has some McClung supporters and of course former trustee Pascoe. I have always liked history, especially local history and newspaper archives.

People seem to forget that their past questionable actions can be looked up in written word.


I have posted 10 comments and 3 days later there are no rebuttals to my comments from Jane and Company. Jane has evaded my questions and replied with "FEEL GOOD" responses to Matt's questions.

I am for very open and transparent government for the people. Diane Schaefer has been posting many comments using her own name. Thank you Diane for being so open by responding to my questions and also posting your comments. Many of your comments provided answers to other questions that I had planned to ask you.


Let's take a closer look at Jane's comments. I will provide the video times.

01:40 "In 1999, I was a candidate for Perkins Township Trustee...."
Sounds to me like Jane is still running as a candidate for trustee instead of a fiscal officer.

01:45 "when several people approached me recently about running for the office, I carefully researched...."
Why didn't Jane run because she wanted to and not wait for the "clique" to approach her to run? Since Pascoe was one of the circulators of her petition, Pascoe was one who talked Jane into running. Vote for Jane and you get Pascoe and others pulling the strings of the "puppet" in office. How did Jane do her research? Did she ask Diane what the job of fiscal officer entails? Don't put a puppet into office who will be influenced by the powers that be.

01:58  "with my experiences and my talents, I feel very qualified for the position...."
How are Jane's experiences and talents qualifications for office? Preparing taxes is not a qualification as a fiscal officer. I checked the online minutes. Why wasn't Jane active in attending the township trustee meetings until only recently? You would think that somebody who is interested in Perkins would attend the meetings for a long time like the watchdogs did in Sandusky. Jane only became interested recently when several of the "clique" talked her into running. Don't trust anyone who didn't desire to run until being "approached" to run by some who caused problems in the past for the taxpayers of Perkins. Secret purchases of land behind closed doors is one example of wasted taxpayer money.



@ Diane   You are the best candidate. You are very honest and open. Jane is very evasive. I work hard to keep honest people in political office. You were responsible for putting the meeting minutes online. A present trustee promised to put the minutes online in 2005 and he didn't keep that promise but you did.

I have read the dishonest Sandusky Register news articles about you and others. The Sandusky Register has been responsible for removing good and honest people from office due to their dishonest reporting. Yellow journalism might be a good word for it.  Honest and incorruptible people are voted out and corrupt or incompetent people are voted in due to the yellow journalism tactics of the Sandusky Register.

I get a lot of confidential information on the powers that be in the area. I also have past Sandusky Register news articles about the shady practices of past trustees in Perkins. Former Sandusky Register managing editor Todd Franko was a great editor who sharply criticized former trustees for their lack of transparency and shady tactics. Pascoe was one of the trustees at that time.

While I may applaud Matt Westerhold at times, he has an agenda against you as he did with Dwelle. Dwelle stood up to a corrupt police chief. Westerhold, former trustee Marie and others targeted Dwelle by writing false information about him. When Dwelle ran for election, I figured that Dwelle would win by a landslide because of how he handled the McClung problems and also would not allow the powers that be intimidate him. Dwelle kept his campaign promise to bring ACCOUNTABILITY back to the trustee office. Dwelle was voted out of office by the clueless voters of Perkins. I found out later that it was the reporting of the untrue stories that the Sandusky Register printed about Dwelle that was responsible for his defeat. The voters believed everything that the SR printed. You might criticize me for this and I agree that many voters are too busy with their lives to be informed but I have to state it. Some voters in Perkins vote the way the SR tells them to vote. I should have helped Dwelle when I had the chance. Newspapers are very powerful with their yellow journalism. The Cleveland Plain Dealer supported many of the convicted corrupt politicians by writing "FEEL GOOD" stories about those crooks while printing false news about the honest candidates. The powers that be told the Plain Dealer what to print by destroying the reputations of honest political office holders and candidates for office. The corruption in Cleveland flourished and grew and the Plain Dealer was responsible for it. The Plain Dealer endorsed and help keep or elect corrupt or incompetent people to office.

As I stated before, Westerhold does some good by trying to expose corruption in the area. But he is too naive by believing the information fed to him by the powers that want to maintain control in the area. Matt needs to look to both sides of the issues and also do follow up stories to the false information that was printed in the news.

I know that previous trustees allowed a former fiscal officer to get an extra $25,000 for doing extra work for recording the deeds of the cemetery plots which only brought in about $10,000. That $25,000 was illegal compensation. If I recall correctly when you ran for office, you declined that $25,000. You could have claimed it like the prior fiscal officer but you didn't because you knew it was illegal.

Correct me if I am wrong Diane. You stated that you went over some older Perkins public records and found many things were not right or perhaps were in violations of ethics laws or against the ORC laws. You did this before you decided to run for office. You saw some illegal or not proper public records. You did this all as a concerned citizen, kind of like a watch dog like the Sandusky watch dogs. You didn't get paid for your time. You decided to run to be of service to Perkins, you were not approached to run, you decided on your own. You saw that $25,000 extra compensation that you refused to take. I am guessing that the former fiscal officer received nearly $60,000 in compensation. Why didn't the the Sandusky Register write about that? Instead they go after you about some $20 that was established in 1993. I do read other township public records and that same $20 is being paid to that fiscal officer. If that $20 was so illegal, why didn't prior audits show that the $20 was not proper?

I also realize that you were ordered to provide paper records to the prosecutors for the McClung trial that must have taken hundreds of hours of your time. When the SR demanded public records from you, they wanted them NOW. You were busy with the McClung trial and that I understand. I don't care what Marburger had to say. Marburger must understand that public records must be complete before being handed over. Incomplete public records will only cause misunderstandings. There was one instance where the SR did receive some incomplete records and then wrote some very false news about you that you were holding back information. Marburger will agree with me that only COMPLETE public records should be turned over when a public request is made. Pay no attention to DeWine. Many of his staff lawyers do all of the work and make decisions and many of the lawyers are wrong. DeWine is just a figurehead who relies on the work of his staff. Many OAG opinions have been over ruled as being wrong. There are a long list of overturned OAG decisions.

Look at that same $20 and the minutes of Eaton Township.


Now to address the "want it now public records"   Take note, Marburger and SR.


“Public record” means records kept by any public office, including, but not limited to, state, county, city, village, township, and school district units, and records pertaining to the delivery of educational services by an alternative school in this state kept by the nonprofit or for-profit entity operating the alternative school pursuant to section 3313.533 of the Revised Code.

The key word is KEPT. That means COMPLETE public records, not incomplete public records that are still being worked on.

Copies will be made available upon request within a reasonable period of time. (R.C. 149.43 (B) (2)).    It doesn't say "WANT IT NOW"

@ Marburger and SR

Public records must be accurate and complete before they are presented to the public for inspection. Incomplete records would only confuse the public and newspapers.


I mentioned former Sandusky Register managing editor Todd Franko. He left the Sandusky Register several years ago. Some may wonder what happened to him. Todd Franko is presently the editor of The Vindicator which is in Youngstown, Ohio

"I was the nosy kid in class who asked a lot of questions," he said. "I love to know what's going on, and I love to share it with others." Todd Franko

We need more nosey reporters and editors who ask a lot of questions to both sides of any issue or story. That is the only way to get a clue to what is really going on and share that information with the readers.


Wow Diane!   I am very impressed with your comments. I sure wish others who hold public office would be as open as you are.

Not a peep out of Evasive Jane.  Don't trust any "want to be" public official who refuses to answer some questions. I already have a problem with some of the county officials who never return my calls or cut me off once I do make contact with them. I will be working very hard to remove these county officials once they seek re-election.

"Petition circulated by former trustee and insurance agent - I questioned him as to why the claim for the 'stolen night vision goggles' was not reported to the insurance company. He claimed that the insurance company would not pay. I verified that they would have paid IF reported in a timely manner. This particular trustee did everything he could 4 years ago to prevent me from doing my research during the summer of 2007."

@ Diane,   You are referring to Pascoe. The reason why Pascoe tried to prevent you from your research of public records is because Pascoe feared that you would uncover the "Secrets Of Perkins Township" and the past actions of the "clique" and the powers that be. It is interesting that those stolen night vision goggles would have been paid for by the insurance. Perhaps Pascoe feared that the insurance company would have launched an investigation that led to Pascoe's pal, McClung. Pascoe saw to it that the residents would pay for the stolen goggles, instead of the insurance company.

@ Diane   In the summer of 2007, you were a private citizen, a Perkins resident. Pascoe had no right to stop you from viewing public records. That is how Pascoe and Company operate. Only the "clique" is allowed to get their way, the heck with the residents. The "clique" is an exclusive group that doesn't involve the rest of the residents. The "clique" only needs the residents for their votes and tax money.

I have a lot of news about how Pascoe and his comrade trustees would do many unethical things behind closed doors. There was a SR news article from May 21, 2003 explaining how Pascoe and Company would go into executive session and refused to give a reason as required by law.

The taxpayers of Perkins sure did get swindled out of $1 million for their new complex on Bell Avenue and the new fire station on Hull Road. I have enough information about the shady dealings of past trustees to write a book. I would call it "The Secrets Of Perkins Township - The Secret Deals Of Past Trustees"     Perhaps the Sandusky Register could win a Pulitzer Prize to uncover the dirty secrets of Perkins. They have my email address and I will provide some information. Their archives have plenty of good information about the shady tactics of past trustees.

@ Diane   Those people that you mentioned having Jane's signs in their yard are in the "clique" that I have mentioned.  I read the comments of other people. Some person mentioned the word "McClungies"  I like that word.  McClungies AKA as the "clique"

@ Diane    I know that you post a lot of comments on Have you considered writing letters to the editor? Never mind. The SR wouldn't print your letters since they decide which letters to print if it fits their agenda.

I must have about a hundred older SR stories that deal with the secret tactics by the past trustees. I wish that I had time to post them all. When I give the dates to the old stories, the readers can go to the Sandusky Library and read the old news on microfilm. That is one reason why I give out the dates. I will even give out the page numbers that the news piece was on.

I do enjoy reading Todd Franko's past commentaries about the past sneaky trustees. To quote Todd  "The Baumgardner Boys are only making themselves look like idiots---which they can do. But they're costing township residents information and money, which should scare township residents, especially when this is on top of a $1 million budget blunder, not reconciling their own books and having to hire state officials and a private company to do their work."

Do the Perkins residents want to go back to the days of secret deals? The same "clique" that was responsible for that $1 million blunder that Todd wrote about are now trying to put their "puppet" into office. That same "clique" that were responsible for all those secret deals behind closed doors. You were fooled once. Learn from history. Don't let the "clique" fool you twice by voting in their "puppet" into office.



@ Andy Ouriel

You wrote an earlier story about that $20 extra compensation for the fiscal officer. To quote your story "The prosecutor's office had been reviewing a separate but similar matter in another township, said Sandy Rubino, Erie County's chief assistant prosecutor."

The prosecutor's office had been reviewing a separate but similar matter in another township?

That other township would have to be in Erie County but I was unable to verify if this was factual.

Which township was Rubino referring to, Andy? I want the facts. Don't be like Jane and evade my question.


Duplicate post


I did find a news story that the township in question was Vermilion. I did not verify the minutes or facts at this time since the minutes are not online.


Jane has to remember that the fiscal officer position is not a public relations position, it is a financial position.  Today I saw a Jane sign in former trustee Baumgardner's yard. I have been exposing Pascoe and now I will expose Jerry. People seem to forget their history or refuse to acknowledge it. This is where I come in since I possess a vast amount of past news stories.

"Spark's fly between Perkins trustees and former clerk/treasurer" is the headline. The SR news piece is dated June 4, 2003. The former clerk/treasurer is NOT Schaefer. I try to provide some privacy to the former clerk/treasurer that is mentioned in the news piece.

The news story mentions that this former/clerk hand delivered a letter to the trustees during a work session. The letter mentioned Ohio's Open Meetings Act and this former clerk wanted to be notified of any meetings related to township expenditures.

"Chairman Jerry Baumgardner later threatened to have ********** removed from the meeting if she didn't confine her remarks and questions to the three-minute public comment portion of the meeting."

"Referring to Ohio's Open Meeting Act in her letter, ********** asked to be told of meetings in which budgetary matters, the sale of township property, contractual agreements to purchase property or improvements were expected to be discussed" "We'll take the matter under advisement," Baumgardner said

What part of Ohio's Open Meeting Act does Jerry have to take under advisement?

What is the Ohio Open Meetings Act?
The Open Meetings Act requires public bodies in Ohio to conduct all public business in open meetings that the public may attend and observe. This means that if a public body is meeting to discuss and vote on or otherwise decide public business, the meeting must be open to the public.



I see that the campaign letters in the reader forum of the Sandusky Register print copy are starting to appear. The "clique" of Perkins which include Pascoe, Baumgardner and Company are trying very hard to install their "puppet" to be in charge of watching over the Perkins taxpayer money. The "clique" has indoctrinated Matt Westerhold in that the present fiscal officer must go. Matt is not going to acknowledge that the "best police chief" is behind bars on both federal and state charges. I have to only wonder why Matt will not admit that McClung did wrong and broke the law. The McClungies AKA the "clique" are very angry and upset that one of their own is in prison.

Take the letter of Jane Ashyk of Huron for example of outside meddling. When did Huron become part of Perkins township? The "puppet" needs all of the help that she can get. You will not see Pascoe, Baumgardner and Company writing letters in support of their puppet, Jane. I wonder why?

Jane Ashyk wrote a "FEEL GOOD" letter in support of puppet Jane. What does Jane's skills at Erie MetroPark have to do with finance? Was Jane in charge of finance at the Erie MetroParks? If so, how many millions did the lawyers get?  How can Jane the puppet bring people like McClung, Myosky and others under control? McClung and Myosky are now gone. What would Jane do to bring the department heads under her control? The trustees are in charge of the department heads and not the fiscal officer. The department heads are required to give complete and correct financial information to the fiscal officer. If they refuse, they should be fired by the trustees.

"Excellent customer service" my butt!!!  I can't even get EVASIVE JANE to answer my simple questions.  How can Jane the puppet "offer new ideas and the flexibility to adapt to an ever- changing work environment"???   Will Jane change the law that the fiscal officer must abide by?

I dismiss Huron's Jane Ashyk writings as just another "FEEL GOOD" letter. Jane Ashyk should pay attention to Huron's problems and not Perkins.

Then there is the letter by Connie Jackson of Perkins. Connie wrote another "FEEL GOOD" letter. What does Toastmasters have to do with being a good and honest fiscal officer?  What kind of "wealth of knowledge and experience" will puppet Jane bring to the job? Has Jane ever been in charge of a budget other than her household? Who cares when Connie met Jane at ErieMetroParks?

Does Connie think that the fiscal officer stands up in a township meeting and give lengthy speeches like some PR person?

How can Jane be "honest, efficient and reliable" if she cannot answer some simple questions? She sounds like a Pascoe-Baumgardner clone.

I will not allow the powers that be and the "clique" to get in one of their own to watch over the money.

I will not allow Pascoe, Baumgardner and Company to take control of Perkins like they did a few years ago. VOTE NO TO PUPPET JANE

I am open to questions, comments and emails.


No questions, comments or emails from anybody? No debate or arguments? Why is everybody so quiet?

Alright then, I will continue on. Looking back to April of 2003, a new clerk was selected on a Sunday. Did I say Sunday? Yep, that was on a Sunday where the locals had no public input or say so in the selection of the new clerk.

There was a May 28, 2003 Sandusky Register news article that discussed Baumgardner and Company and the new clerk. How does the new clerk get to work only one day a week while the trustees pay $35 per hour for the services of Local Government Services Division of the State Auditor's Office? I thought that the appointed clerk was picked to take on the job running? One day a week for a clerk, now called a fiscal officer? I am not going to try to explain it because I would be writing a very lengthy comment. But I will quote part of the news article.

"Trustees also voted to continue its agreement with the Local Government Services Division of the Auditor of State's Office.

In response to a question from **********, trustee Chairman Jerry Baumgardner said the township pays $35 an hour for the services which will continue until P***** H****** K***** the new clerk is trained.

K***** works one day a week"

There it is folks. The new clerk works one day a week and the trustees pay $35 per hour for somebody to do her work.

WHY isn't the clerk in the office five days a week? She would learn the job much faster.

If history repeats itself, and Evasive Jane, the puppet of Baumgardner and Company gets elected, will the Perkins taxpayers pay for outside help to help Jane out? That is the question.

Hey Sandusky Register, if Chuck Hoefert gives up his column, can I take it over?


"Trustee Tom Pascoe said Thursday the board felt H******-K***** was the best candidate overall"

April 18, 2003

If Pascoe thought that a clerk who works only one day a week and needs additional help at the rate of $35 per hour to do her job, why didn't he pick a clerk who would work five days a week to learn the job faster? Pascoe and Baumgardner didn't offer the job to a senior accountant who worked for a CPA nor was the position offered to a bookkeeper who worked at Corso's Flower and Garden Center. What were these two trustees thinking?

Jane Gildenmeister

I want to thank the people of Perkins Township for exercising their right to vote. And a special Thank You for your votes cast for me. I met many wonderful people while campaigning; I am proud and honored that you have elected me to serve our township and community.

I want to sincerely thank my campaign committee for their hard work and dedication. A big thank you to my friends and mentors who supported and guided me along the way. My heartfelt thanks to my husband Dan for his encouragement and belief in me.

I'm looking forward to fulfilling my campaign goals as your Fiscal Officer.

Thank you. - Jane