VIDEO: Watch Between the Lines with guest Terry Lyons

Matt Westerhold
Sep 16, 2011


Erie County Sheriff Terry Lyons was our guest on Between the Lines this week. We also talked to Ashley Bethard from Funcoast and Merry-Go-Round Museum executive director Vicki Vandenbout.

Watch the program in the player below and use the time bar at the bottom to move through the program

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Why did Lyons avoid the questions from a viewer who posted questions?

Lyons needs to change his photo on the Erie County Sheriff's site to an updated one.


This site is in need of repair really bad


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Why couldn't Lyons answer the questions? Sounded like a politician to me!

What is he going to do about crime in Sandusky?

Why did he dance around the simple question as to whether the police/sheriff etc.. can be photographed while arresting someone?He wouldn't even state what the sheriff department policy is. Said it was a federal thing. HUH? So he has no policy?

Lost my respect for you. No vote from me next time!

Julie R.

Lyons also danced around the question as to how he could knowingly sell property that didn't even belong to the 2nd deceased owner in its entirety at a scam invalid sheriff sale through a scam invalid partition action and a flat-out FRAUD preliminary judicial report that falsely stated there were no defects in the title. 

He danced around the question by saying he had to do what the court of Roger Binette ordered him to do. Yeah, right.